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northern line reopens at tottenham court road

It seems like an absolute age since the Northern Line stopped running from Tottenham Court Road but as of Monday it'll be back to normal.

The Northern Line ceased to stop at Tottenham Court Road while massive tube investment was taking place to make way for the new Crossrail station that is currently being build in the area. As of Monday you'll be able to jump on and off the Northern Line as you please but so this can go ahead there are going to be issues this weekend with the line being suspended between Charring Cross and Camden on Saturday and Sunday. It'll be worth it though.

It's that time of year again when TFL shyly announce their performance data from the past year. As many of us know the tubes often run anything but smoothly, we don't need a data report to tell us that, but what you might not realise is just how far the tube runs. Or as TFL put it, the Peak Operated Kilometres and the Peak Passenger Journeys.

They've complied the results for over the past few years for the report and now the website Spatial Analysis have used the data to work out how far the tubes travel each day at peak times and it makes for some pretty interesting viewing. The central line wins the longest distance at 13,000km which is nearly as far away as Australia with the Waterlook & City line coming in last at 500km, the distance to Dublin.

Take a look at the picture above to work out where your tube sits and if you want to read the full TFL report you can do so here.

wave and pay on tfl

Issues have been raised over TFL's plans to introduce a Wave and Pay system on London's buses.

The system would allow customers to pay for their journeys by touching a contactless card however the London Assembly has warned that customers without these bank cards should not miss out on cheaper journeys. The scheme is due to be introduced on to buses next Spring with plans to later roll it out to tubes, the DLR, Nation Rail and Overground systems. There are also growing concerns for tourists who may not have a UK bank card if the system is rolled out across the whole system.

Central Line tube delays

If you were one of the thousands of Central Line commuters yesterday that were left stranded after it was partially suspended then read on.

Yesterday the Central Line suffered severe delays for over 6 hours following a defect on a live rail in the Shepherd's Bush area. With many left stranded and struggling to get buses from around 8:15am yesterday with so many people taking to Twitter that it became a trending topic globally.

Don't forget if you were affected you can apply to get your travel money back. Head to TFL to find out how.

Jubilee Line Delays

Computers crashing has been named as the reason that thousands of commuters travelling on the Jubilee Line last Friday evening were left stranded in tunnels for nearly an hour.

Commuters were left with no choice but to evacuate carriages and walk to the next station with many unable to contact drivers via the in train telephone system. According to a leaked report the main computer system crashed and although it was rebooted shortly after it crashed yet again moments later.

The RMT Union boss Bob Crow said of the delays: 'Thousands of passengers relied on train and platform staff to get them through Friday night's emergency. Those arguing to axe those same staff stand accused of gross and criminal negligence.'