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Next generation utility-wear with an athletic vibe. Dumpty’s SS18 collection made functional, fashionable at LFW2017.

The Dumpty SS18 models stepped out with attitude on Monday morning, showcasing this to a pulsating electronic beat.

This unisex collection, used synthetic fabrics to create durable pieces which appear both functional and highly wearable, with playful cut-outs and asymmetric styling, giving the collection a 90’s kid edge.

White, black and orange provided a solid base to the outfits, while greens and greys occasionally dressed down the utility tone. Pink, a seasonal spring favourite, made a cheeky appearance, contrasted with a black, leather-look jacket to give the look a tougher aesthetic.

The incorporation of high sport socks and mint-green trainers gave the whole collection an athletic vibe, complemented by the slicked back hair and grungy bare-face styling. The casual added branding of “dumpty” stamped across the forehead of each model, an added quirk which spoke to the bold and mischievous personality of the brand.

Zips, Velcro and oversized pockets statemented the pieces, while accessories were alternatively worn with bun-bags fasted across the chest, their straps made from what looked like car seat-belts, an innovative supplement to the practical feel of the collection.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts

Perhaps the most sophisticated show of the weekend, Rohmir not only showcased the weeks youngest fashion stars, welcoming three adorable child models to the catwalk, but was stepped out to a live operatic performance.  

prince ball gown wedding dress

Setting out to capture the passion of classic Italian beauty, Rohmir’s SS18 prom dress collection entitled “Sparkling”, boasts yet another line of timeless ready-to-wear pieces which scream out nobility and class.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress NZ


The SS18 colour palette remained simple, yet sophisticated; with navy and cream, meeting midnight and sky blues. Rohmir favours v-neck or crew-cut necklines, her dresses classically tailored to create a sleek finish which compliments the female silhouette.

Adding to the aura of elegance and glamour, Rohmir’s SS collection keeps its “Sparkling” promise, with beads and sequins studding the gowns and decorating the hemlines, while side-slit skirts and open backs give the collection a touch of risqué.

A stand-out piece came in the form a beautiful white wrap-around gown, one of two pieces decorated from top to toe in delicate applique flowers.

Ruffled collars and flared sleeves were just a couple more standout features of the collection, which was not simply walked, but theatrically performed by its talented cast of models, beautifully made up with 30s inspired hair and classic smoky eyes credit to Kryolan UK and Tony and Guy.

Confidently showcased, designer Olga Roh put on a truly outstanding showcase on every level of detail, earning herself a celebratory walk of the runway in one of her own stunning designs.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Sarah Mildred | Fashion Week Photographer | @Sarah_Mildred

Sidharth Singhis's, contemporary womenswear label, grew out of a remote Village in North East India.

Eponymous to its principles, N&S GAIA prides itself on its sustainable use of fabrics, specialising in natural fibres and pioneering the exploration into upcycling techniques, the ‘N’ and ‘S’ of its name, standing for Nature and Sustainability.

The SS18 collection further develops the designers signature style; free-flowing fabrics and long hems, tapestry-esque motifs and the incorporation and modernisation of traditional Indian embroidery technique, Dakamanda.

Turning from the vibrant shades of rouge, cherry and yellow from his AW17 collection Hybrid, Singhis’s SS palette introduces more delicate pastel colourings in tie-dye effect, the earthy tones of autumn replaced by camel and sand.

The lightness of the fabrics gives the collection an air of fluidity and movement; wide-legged trousers, shift dresses and wrap-around jackets which billow at the hems and create a sense of airiness and serenity which perfectly embodies the multi-cultural expression of the collections home-country, while further encapsulating the romantic connotations of spring.

To contrast the relaxed sentiment of the silk, the pieces come embellished with black-beads and sequins, wide embroidered collars and oversized statement jewellery, which grant the collection a flair of expense and oriental richness.

In anticipation of upcoming trends, we can see in this collection the common threads of pink, yellow and pastel blues which have been favourites across the fashion weekend. Side slits, wide sleeves and exaggerated ruffles can also be recognised as common features of next years’ SS collections.

Overall the SS18 N&S GAIA collection presents itself as an expression of multiculturalism, nature and the calming nature of femininity, from North East India, to South East England, may Singhis's designs sustain you through the summer.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer | @tegan.photography

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.47.58Looking for something sweet? Tried all the macaron flavours on the market and waiting for the next new small cake trend?

Fortnum & Mason is bringing the next big thing in sweet treats to its discerning customers, in the form of the humble yet irresistible canelé. Forget the ‘cronut’, the macaron and even the much-loved cupcake. This mini cake, with its distinctive dark golden crust and soft spongy centre, is the traditional cake of Bordeaux and has been made by French artisans since the 17th century.  and has been made by French artisans since the 17th century.

the canele from Fortnum and Mason

Canelés originally emerged as a by-product of Bordeaux’s wine industry, which took the surplus egg-yolks used to filter wines and turned them into rich sponges. The name ‘canelé’ means ‘ridged’, which reflects the moulds in which they are made.

BABELLE is going a step further: using the traditional recipe and infusing its wonderful texture with flavours encountered through our travels. The very best of two worlds, summed up in a simply irresistible (and, be warned, rather addictive) little cake. A culinary travel in a (few) bites. It may look simple but the flavours are amazing. So are the canelés with a decadent ganache inside… These delicious creations will be gracing the Fortnum’s confectionery counters from Wednesday 25 February. Come and try.

We know that generally come summer your bra is out one way or another, whether it's the straps, the sides, the back... so why not jazz things up a bit? If these new jewelled bras are anything to go by we'll be encrusted on every panel come summer!

Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.05 Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.16 Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.32 Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.40 Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.48 Schermata 03-2457092 alle 16.44.24For the new season spring/summer 2015, 
Daniela Ravaioli – founder and creative aim of radà - decided to propose together with jewels even a short selection of sexy glamorous jewel bra. Realized in cotton or silk or denim and embellished with strass, maxi stones, paillettes and embroided straw, jewel bra by radà are different and sophisticated, always unique and perfect to create the different outfit.