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The Saturday night slot at fashion week is always one of our favourites. The second day vibe is more chilled, everyone is getting into the swing of the season and the rest of London are relaxing outside in the sun. And what better way to join the party than by heading to a gathering hosted by Tinie Tempah, complete with a banging playlist, some of his closest friends – oh, and some new season styles?

The wheels of the LFWM Mercedes-Benz sports car fleet screeched as the best of the men's fashion scene arrived at the Old Truman Brewery to see the What We Wear SS18 presentation.  Having made his debut last season to much acclaim with a sleek and sporty collection that matched his own impeccable style, Tinie Tempah is back for more with Bring Your Game.

Locker room benches and courtside seats flanked a basketball court in the middle of the room where groups of guys dressed in sports luxe athleisure threw a ball about, scoring three-pointers, while spectators looked on, chatting between themselves over a beer. At the sound of a whistle, the models swapped in with another group, joining the watching crowds.

Seeing the clothes up close allowed us to appreciate their design even more; what first appear as a range of sports-inspired separates reveal themselves to be beautifully created fashion pieces. T-shirts and shorts are made in technical fleece fabrics; button-up jackets hug the form in buttery soft mohair and tracksuits get a glamorous shine. Each outfit was finished with What We Wear  branded socks, along with gold rimmed glasses from Cutler and Gross and a remake of the iconic Converse One Stars, that added that extra special something to the whole collection.

The line between models and guests blurred further as the evening went on, demonstrating the collection's greatest asset: wearability. Coveting teal shorts with a luxe shine finish because you can see how great they look on someone playing ball and laughing with friends is a far cry from staring at them on immobile models looking intensely into the audience – with just one simple shift, that often difficult-to-negotiate glass ceiling between real life and high fashion has been broken down.

By the time we left, there was no clear distinction between who was wearing the clothes and who was there to see them being worn – models were dispersed throughout the room chatting to friends, Insta-famous onlookers were shooting hoops and Tinie Tempah was wandering through the crowds, saying hi to friends, family and fans alike. As Aston Gohil amped up his playlist, it was clear that this party wasn't going to be over any time soon. Not only has Tinie Tempah nailed the art of the follow-up collection, presenting a series of designs that are as versatile as they are aesthetically pleasing, but he also got that Saturday night vibe of fashion week just right.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Tasmin Dacres | Fashion Week Photographer | @tasm0n_d

G FrSh. You're back. Tell us where you've been?

I've just been recording, living life and being Alfie.

'Alfie' - speak on this word for us.

Alfie was a nickname that one of my friends gave me because of my relationships with women and how I generally live my life. Alfie is the character in a film from 1966, staring Michael Caine which was remade in 2004 with Jude Law. It's interesting as I had never seen the films before but there's definitely a lot of similarities between the the character and I. Saying that, I relate more to the Jude Law version of the character because I think he has more of a conscious regarding his actions.

Disturbing London - tell us about working underneath this management company.

It's ideal and a match made in heaven. It's a place where you have to fight for your position within in the company as everyone on the roster is so strong and that makes you very proactive in what you're doing. They are great in letting me do what I want to do; I can just turn up with product and we can all work on it together and everyone believes in my vision to the point that most of the time no-one knows what I'm actually doing but they let it run its course and believe in their artists abilities. Everyone on the roster at the moment is winning; All About She having a top 20 single, Sasha Keeble's smashing it and Tinie Tempah is Tinie Tempah, so it really is the best place to be right now Also being around incredibly talented people like Sonny Reeves just makes you want to be a better musician.

Our favourite track on the EP is 'Sometimes' - can you tell us how it came about?

Basically, girls keep asking me if I miss them and I'm an honest person and I don't miss them most of the time so I told them no. I found that one day it was a nicer way to put it to say 'I don't miss you but I think about you sometimes'. It's pretty much about the mother of my child and the way that we were together for long enough to know that we don't work together but you obviously sometimes consider the rekindling of the relationship from time to time. You don't want to be with the person, you're happy that it's done and you know that you're better apart but on the odd occasion they cross your mind.

You speak about your daughter on the EP, is this something you've kept private previously?

I've never spoken about her in music before because of the type of music I've put out previously, it probably didn't necessarily fit. Although I mentioned her in a freestyle once. Because Alfie is so personal I had to mention her, especially if you look at my Instagram she's such a big part of my life it would be weird if she didn't cross over into my music at all. She's also a bit of an Insta-celeb If I put up a picture of her, it get's more likes than one of me! People will come up to her in the street, even if she's just with her mum!

We are Who's Jack Magazine - do you have a special Jack in your life?

Yeah I do. My Jack is my right hand man, Jack Frsh, I have a production company with him and he's the director and he directed a lot of my music videos.



imageFor the first time this summer, Veuve Clicquot embarks on a tour of the UK, taking its glamorous 50's style Airstream to key season events and festivals around the country. The 'party on wheels' combines art, design and a DJ space alongside a bar serving bottles and magnums of chilled Veuve Clicquot.

Tinie Tempah’s innate and unique ability to fuse different sounds combined with Veuve Clicquot’s style, touch and twist makes for the perfect collaboration with Veuve Clicquot’s Airstream tour 2014.

Renowned for his unique blend of genres to create his own award‐winning and intoxicating style of music, Tinie Tempah, along with his record label Disturbing London, have hand picked incredible DJ talent to perform at several key sporting and festival events this summer. These include Goodwood Festival of Speed (17th ‐21st June), Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach at Watergate Bay(5th ‐6th July) and Festival No.6 (5th ‐7th Sept)

Tinie Tempah will be attending the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup as part of the Airstream Tour 2014. Held at Cowdray Park on the 20th July, the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup is regarded as one of the most prestigious polo matches and social events of the summer season.

Tinie Tempah, on his involvement with the Veuve Clicquot Airsteam Tour commented: ‘To me, Veuve Clicquot is all about spontaneity: it's about enjoying life and doing so in style. I experienced this first hand at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup in 2012, which combined some of my favourite things: a fun crowd, great energy, and the English Countryside. I'm excited to be collaborating with Veuve Clicquot this year to support local musical talent throughout the UK, selecting some of the top emerging British DJs to perform in conjunction with the Airstream Tour, culminating at the 2014 Gold Cup Final. ‘

For further information and details on the Airstream Tour locations, please visit the Veuve Clicquot UK's Facebook page.

Making waves in all the right places, Disturbing London’s Sasha Keable recently performed her sold-out debut live show at Dalston and has unveiled a short documentary of the days events.

Premiering exclusively yesterday via Hunger Magazine, the documentary showcases moments from her intimate live performance, as well as giving the Disturbing London team, including managing director Dumi Oburota, Tinie Tempah and G Frsh, a chance to share their views on the hotly tipped female vocalist.

Based in South London, the 19-­year-­-old BRIT School graduate signed a coveted management deal with Disturbing London and also recently inked an impressive 5-­album deal with Universal Music subsidiary, Polydor. The vocal powerhouse has also recently unveiled her stunning debut 8-­track EP, entitled ‘Black Book’, and the offering boasts credits from the likes of All About She, Alex Burey and Cinematic. Keable has now returned to the studio with songwriter and producer Dev Hynes (Florence & the Machine, Solange Knowles) and Justin Parker (Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding) to focus on her hotly anticipated debut album.

Defying convention with her edgy fusion of caramel-toned vocals and raw street style, Sasha is immediately set apart from her contemporaries. There’s a quiet ferocity in her voice that commands attention and flirts with the ethereal ambience of her sound.

Sasha is also supporting UK songstress Katy B on her UK tour this coming March, tickets are available here.

Download Sasha’s debut EP, ‘Black Book’ for free here: www.sashakeable.com

Monsta have remixed Tinie Tempah's new hit single 'Trampoline', and it's mental. MENTAL. If you're feeling hot, sweaty and stressed right now, don't click play. If you're in the gym, or in need of a wake up at your desk in this ridiculous heat, do click play.

This was Radio One's Zane Lowe's Hottest Record In The World a couple of days ago. It's getting some love.
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