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It's almost cocktail week! And we know what that means! All of our favourite drinks are out in force creating new wonders in cocktails and alcoholic beverages as well as new experiences for us lucky punters.

One such beverage is Sailor Jerry who is calling all Londoners to channel their inner sailor with free tattoos during London Cocktail Week, 2017. The bold, and smooth as hell spiced rum brand has teamed up with east London tattoo parlour Cloak and Dagger to sling ink on festival-goers who hold the London Cocktail Week pass.

From 12pm – 7pm, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October, choose from a range of designs inspired by the father of American old school tattooing, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. World- renowned for his traditional pieces, Collins’ unique flash-art style started a movement that still inspires artists today. On a first come, first served basis, pick from a range of official Sailor Jerry iconic flash art work designs including a pair of dice, Hawaiian landscape, a swallow or naval star. Show off your new ink by uploading a picture to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SailorJerryLCW17.

Whilst drinking before inking isn’t encouraged, when finished, celebrate your bold flash art by heading to Americana Nights by Sailor Jerry at London Cocktail Week’s Cocktail Village at the nearby Spitalfields Market. Cheers with some badass Sailor Jerry cocktails, all for £6 each for pass holders, from the vintage airstream bar, choose from the Spicy Ginger Ice Tea Punch, the in-your-face Ginger Daiquiri or heat things up with our Spiced Sailor’s Cider.

bad-eyebrow-tattooDo you have an unsightly blotch somewhere on you? An exciting idea when you were a teenager, now not to much? If you want to get a tattoo removed then look not further than City Tattoo Removal who are offering free consultations and removal patches.

As the number of people with tattoos grows and grows so too must be the number of people who are changing their minds. Those living with a now unwanted tattoo are being invited to fully explore their options for tattoo removal by one of London’s most respected laser treatment clinics.

City Tattoo Removal offers a range of highly effective laser tattoo removal treatments and has recently invested in additional state-of-the-art lasers, giving it a full range of dedicated tools designed to lift any colour for beautifully clear skin. The clinic now boasts no less than three laser tattoo removal machines, capable of lifting all removable colours of ink. Many clinics operate with just one laser, which means more sessions are needed to clear the ink from the skin, with some colours not able to be lifted.

M Maclean, Senior Nurse said, “We treat around 130 patients a week who have a tattoo that they no longer want. With over two decade’s laser treatment experience, our team is incredibly skilled and the results speak for themselves. We know that there are many reasons that clients may decide that they no longer want a tattoo and many will have lots of questions about the removal process so all staff are trained extensively in the art of laser tattoo removal. Our free consultation is available without an appointment, meaning it’s possible to discuss removal options and ask any questions before deciding whether or not to go ahead.”

In addition to the free consultation available six days a week without an appointment being needed, City Tattoo Removal also performs a free patch test. This test shows suitability of the treatment and can help to alleviate fears such as whether or not the laser will be painful.

Laser tattoo removal works by having a laser applied to the skin, bypassing the top layer and being absorbed by the ink. Different wavelengths of light are used to precisely target the different colours within the tattoo, allowing for extremely effective removal. The laser breaks down the tattoo into microscopic particles, which the body’s immune system them carries away. Older tattoo removal procedures involved painful skin grafts, while laser removal can be likened to the feeling of an elastic band being flicked against the skin.

City Tattoo Removal’s laser tattoo removal is suitable for most areas of the body we warn you though - it hurts much more than the initial tattoo! To find out more click here.


Do you love sailor tattoos? Then today is your lucky day as Sailor Jerry is offering you 20% off an iconic piece of Norman Collins artwork. Yep, that's permanent skin drawing at 20% off.

Sailor Jerry's London Cocktail Week tattoo parlour at 13 Diamonds will be happy to offer you one of the images above for the discount price and seeing as this time of imagery is much loved by people looking for tattoos at the moment it's pretty fitting.

Until the 11th October, London Cocktail Week wristband holders get 20% off tattoos of Norman Collins’ iconic flash designs.

IF this generosity is making you love Sailor Jerry all the more then you will be pleased to know that they will also have a pop-up Sailor Jerry clothing store on Monmouth Street (next to Seven Dials) where they will be selling both their old and new clothing range, wristband holders get 10% off.

 Find further information here.


Angel Mendez-tattoosIt's a strange thought that when it comes to tattoos and Piercings, although on the rise in the case of tattoos, there are no legal guidelines set out for those performing the 'modifications'.

Sure there are cleanliness regulations that have to be adhered to, new needles for each person etc but when it comes to qualifications held by the people doing the piercing and tattooing there haven't, until now, been any issued guidelines to stop just any old Tom Dick, Harry or Hannah from practicing the defacement of bodies or the puncturing of holes!

We found this a bit concerning when we realised and it probably accounts for all the horror stories you hear and see on terrible tattoo sites and suchlike.

But as of now there have been new guidelines set forth to help local authorities and businesses in England make sure practicing tattooists and piercers are up to scratch. The new guidelines will promote safety and consistency across the range of tattooing and body piercing practices, as health risks can arise from improper practice, particularly poor infection control practice. Such health risks include infections, such as the risk of transmission of blood-borne viruses like hepatitis B, C and HIV- all far more concerning than a dodgy mark left on your body!

The guidance has been developed by experienced individuals working with the tattoo and body piercing industry as expert advisors, practitioners or regulators, and has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Public Health England (PHE), Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union (TPIU).

A note to anyone looking for a tattoo or piercing in London though - try to go on word of mouth and reputation and remember that 'the best price' really isn't something that should apply to any form of body modification. There are some amazing tattoo and piercing shops in London and all have a great reputation of happy customers to fall back on.

Good news for all concerned we think!

If you want to check out the new guidelines you will find them here.


sailor jerry tattoos40 years to the day, on 12th of June 1973, the world lost an American legend. Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, an innovator and independent spirit, stamped his lasting legacy on the world with his unique tattoo artistry and straight talking, no nonsense attitude. Each year, this calendar date is celebrated globally by generations of non-conformists who continue to stick two fingers up to run of the mill ink work and raise their glasses to all that is authentic in the world of tattoo, art and music.

This year, Sailor Jerry is going all out and giving 40 of those who share the spirit and soul of Collins the chance to get inked with his iconic flash for just £121. Across the UK, four tattoo parlours in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Manchester will pay respect to the man himself by propping open their doors and gearing up to ink the lucky 40.

Each parlour will have ten exclusive ‘Death Before Dishonor’ flash designs – the first in line will have their choice of all ten pieces but once a piece of flash is gone, it’s gone. ‘Death Before Dishonor’, a term from the Hotel Street days in Honolulu, represents Collins’ uncompromising principle that he would’ve rather died than go against his beliefs. This bold standpoint will be reflected in each of the exclusive flash available on Sailor Jerry Day.

In true Sailor Jerry style, the celebrations won’t end there. In each of the chosen cities, bars specialising in straight up rock ‘n’ roll, will be lining up the glasses ahead of a night to toast ‘The Man’. The soundtrack to these celebratory nights will come courtesy of a DJ set by one of our record-loving cronies playing the best in punk, garage and dirty rock ‘n’ roll by bands who don't give a damn, just like Collins.

Named after Collins’ radio talk show broadcast back in the day on KTRG Honolulu, Old Ironsides will be on tap all night. Bold and smooth, Old Ironsides mixes Sailor Jerry Spiced with pineapple juice and soda water. There will be bar specials on offer and for those inked during the day’s celebrations, their drinks are on Sailor Jerry.

To be in with a chance of being one of the 40 inked on Sailor Jerry Day 2013, simply turn up on the day to one of the tattoo parlours taking part from 11am. The offer is first come, first served so hopefuls will have to be quick in order to get their desired ‘Death Before Dishonor’ flash.

London: 13 Diamonds

Edinburgh: Den Of Iniquity

Brighton: Into You

Manchester: Rain City

To hang out with Sailor Jerry on 12th June, drop a note to rsvp@sailorjerry.co.uk stating which of the cities you’ll be heading down to:

London: Trailer Happiness

Edinburgh: Sneaky Petes

Brighton: Three and Ten

Manchester: Liars