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To mark 110 years since the first Chinese restaurant arrived in London, online food ordering platform hungryhouse.co.uk is celebrating the classic cuisine by offering a 10p Throwback Takeaway menu, a price similar to what an Edwardian Londoner would have paid in 1907. The menu will feature a special selection of Chinese dishes that the nation still goes chopstick crazy over, a century after it first delighted Brits’ taste buds.

On Thursday 8th June, hungryhouse is inviting its customers to visit Mr Chan’s in Clerkenwell and collect a TBT (throwback takeaway) Chinese for 10p. From Chop Suey, an old favourite made with bean sprouts in sweet & sour sauce to Chicken and Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce, each dish on the menu is available to order with the option of Chicken, Beef or Tofu and can be served with plain rice or egg fried rice.

In 1907, Chung Koon, formerly a cook on the Red Funnel Line ferry, landed in London and launched the first ever-Chinese Restaurant, Maxim’s. Based in Soho, the restaurant offered what was considered experimental dishes such as authentic Cantonese sweet-and-sour pork.

Sonny Hong, owner of Mr Chan’s takeaway in Clerkenwell, London said: “Chinese food has long been a familiar part of UK’s takeaway culture, and classic dishes such as Chop Suey still ‘woks’ our customers hearts; proving our tastes haven’t really changed through the years!”

Alice Mrongovius, CEO of hungryhouse, said: “At hungryhouse, we don’t want to forget the classics and what better way to celebrate Britain’s love affair for Chinese food than by offering Londoner’s a taste of Chinese favourites for early 20th century prices.”

The limited edition hungryhouse Throwback Takeaway menu will be available exclusively in partnership with one of London’s Most Loved Takeaways, Mr Chan’s in Clerkenwell. The service will be available on Thursday 8th of June 2017 between 12-2.30pm, via collection only, whilst stocks last. Customers are required to order and pay on arrival.


Zing Zing are always on our list come Easter time for their Cadbury Creme Egg wontons but this year they've come out with Christmas Dinner Wontons - we're not sure which win as both are amazing.

If you want a little taste of Christmas crossed with a bit of Chinese, before Christmas is truly upon us then you need to get yourself ordering some. Filled with a Christmas Dinner style sausage meat stuffing and a cranberry sauce dip the wontons are a brilliant little taste of the festive season.

Zing Zing also have melted Lindor wontons at the moment and you can grab some on your order free with the code LINDOMG. These are equally wonderful though be careful eating them, they are fully melted in there. 10160149

So - if you're not feeling like you've started to overdo it on the festive foods yet these need to be in your firing line.


While it’s common knowledge that takeaway food is usually not the healthiest choice, Londoners still gravitate towards it and spend up to £110 each month on their takeaway fix.  Indian cuisine is second on Britain’s favourite takeaway list, beaten only by Chinese meals and closely followed by traditional Fish and Chips.  Laksha Bay, one of London’s top Indian restaurants and takeaways has compared popular Indian dishes with other takeaway food and found that the exotic cuisine has an array of health benefits.

As with all foods, how healthy a meal is depends on the portion size of all items, and the choice of meat and sauce will also drastically affect the calorie and fat content.  Laksha Bay’s Head Chef Anayet Hussain believes if diners go easy on heavy starters and sides, Indian cuisine can be at the healthy end of the takeaway spectrum.  “Weight conscious diners should always choose steamed rice as this is a healthier option and could slash 280 calories from the meal,” he said.  “We also suggest choosing hot curries such as our flavoursome madras, or switch creamy curries for dry tandoori dishes.”

Compared to the average meal consumed from other takeaway vendors, Indian food can be considered one of the healthiest options.  For example, a large portion of fish, chips and gravy with bread and butter can contain a staggering 115g of fat – that is well over the recommended daily allowance in just one meal.  Similarly, choosing fatty, crispy duck with deep fried starters and prawn crackers from the local Chinese will soon add pounds.

Anayet Hussain added, “Of course, Indian food is incredibly rich and intense, and if some people over-indulge in the delicious cuisine then it may not be the best option.  However, the spices used in traditional Indian cooking also have incredible health benefits; from aiding digestion and bloating to even preventing cancer.”

Authentic South Asian spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom have been medically proven to reduce blood sugar, relieve heartburn and stomach pain and a few ingredients even boast cancer-fighting properties.

Laksha Bay use all of these tantalising spices and many more in their traditional Indian cooking, so diners and takeaway customers alike can reap the health benefits.  The Wapping restaurant has led the way for Indian dining in the capital, with its fantastic selection of authentic favourites and appetizing house specials on their restaurant and takeaway menus.  Laksha Bay offers a quick and efficient delivery service, supplying the colourful dishes of your choice to the comfort of your own home.

To find out more about the delicious Indian dishes on offer from Laksha Bay’s takeaway menu, or to book a table, visit http://www.lakshabay.co.uk.