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Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, has unveiled tshirtOS 2.0 - the world’s first scrunchable and washable digital t-shirt which allows wearers to display text of their choice and animation in real time - to the world’s media at the second edition of Pernod Ricard’s “Innovation Day” event in Paris, France.

wearable scrunchable washable LED Tshirt

Representing one of the most advanced pieces of apparel-focused wearable technology available today, tshirtOS 2.0 is an illuminated blank canvas – an innovative approach to using technology for the purpose of self-expression and to show the world the ‘True You’, abiding by the Ballantine’s mantra of ‘Stay True’. It has been designed to allow individuals to create their own designs and express their true thoughts without relying on the statements of others, displaying their creations via the shirt’s in-built LED technology.

tshirtOS 2.0 is a revolution in design on the prototype innovated by Ballantine’s and Cute Circuit in 2012.  Created with the latest in micro-technology by leading wearable technology experts SWITCH – a San Francisco based fashion technology company, tshirtOS 2.0 is lightweight and made with fine cotton modal for a soft touch.  It is also hand-washable and can be scrunched, folded and even withstand spillages without affecting its use - making it usable in real life scenarios.

A mobile application which functions as a bridge between the t-shirt and the internet controls the in-built operating system (OS), allowing the user to send and receive data and to control content displayed on the t-shirt. An initial run of 20 units has been manufactured and will be showcased in key Ballantine’s markets around the world in the coming months.

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, commented: “tshirtOS 2.0 represents a truly innovative way for consumers to express themselves and answer Ballantine’s invitation to ‘Stay True’, by literally creating and then wearing an expression of themselves on their chest. Wearable technology is going to be one of the key trends of 2014, and we can’t wait to give Ballantine’s fans around the world the chance to see and experience tshirtOS 2.0 for themselves.”

Alison Lewis, Founder of SWITCH and co-creator of tshirtOS 2.0, added: “tshirtOS 2.0 is a whole new way for people to create, share and express themselves through fashion. It’s soft, feels great on and is completely undetectable as technology. We are very pleased to be working with Ballantine’s on such a magical and inspirational product.”

More details on tshirtOS 2.0 will be released in the coming months via tshirtOS.com and at @tshirtOS.


Prang Out Central Line-1We bet some mornings on the tube you would just like to be invisible. Although the technology for this is a still a little way off we have found the next best thing. We are not totally sure of the origin of this image so if anyone has any thoughts on that it would be great to know where one can get such a garment from.

In the mean time just know that out there somewhere is this person, with this T-shirt, blending into the tube seats seamlessly and travelling without gropes and looks and such like.

Clever stuffs.

EDIT : This T-shirt is being developed for  the TFL shop  (hopefully) and was made by Prang Out, find the designer on Facebook here.


We're not too sure about these, they don't look overly flattering but Topshop reckons it's what we'll all be wanting come the summer.

You can grab one, if you want a patchwork T for around £30 here. Although one British Made option comes in at £60, why it is more when it came less of a way we are unsure.

They are calling them contrast print but they just remind us of a grannies quilt. What do you think?

patch work t shirtpattern block t shirt

make a newham t shirt for its a newham thing

‘It’s a Newham Thing’ is an art project that aims to inspired and connect with the people of Newham.

Newham based artist Rayna Nadeem usually has a touring exhibition and interactive website but now she wants to expand the project further and get more people involved.

Rayna will be launching a small collection of T-shirts for the project and she wants some help from budding designers out there.

Rayna said: “This competition has been launched to get more members of the community involved in the project, and it’s also a great way for the winner to get free exposure and publicity for their talented art work.”

The competition is run by Newham NDP, and the submitted designs must be inspired by and reflect the local area that is Newham.

If you win your creations will be printed on t-shirts and sold in Newham and online via www.itsanewhamthing.com.

Please email all entries  to Chi Gavhure at chi@newhamndp.co.uk by November 12th.

Addison Groove Headhunter

Addison Groove (Headhunter), the Bristol based dupstep DJ has done an exclusive mix for Fly 53 who has been very busy of late (you can listen to the remix below).

Not only have they been putting some finishing touches to their new zine coming soon they have also launched a new line of graphic print Ts which we're loving.

The collection is called deconstructed Americana and Ts within it take worn and faded icons of Americana glamour and mix them all up to be spat back out ( in the most attractive way possible) onto their great fitting, soft cotton Ts.

Bad penny fly53 T

Our favourite is ‘Bad Penny’ is a slick black and white design but with nods to chaos theory and a beautiful lady with a Joker style makeover. Traditional approaches to beauty are looked at again with the FLY53Boy t-shirt; we doubt she’s what Heff had in mind, but with the deconstructed look at his infamous magazine, we’re sure he’ll have time for this.