You may not be able to own a house in London but there's something potentially just as exciting over the horizon that you could own a little slice of - Summerland.

Created by some total master minds of the London events and UK festival scenes Summerland is ready to bring you that holiday you're been longing for... in the winter... in London.

Think lagoons, hot-tubs, tropical temperatures, a crystal cave, a blue sky, great music and more and all in the capital.


All they need from you is to get involved - you can actually own a piece of Summerland as well as helping to make it happen over at Seedrs (click hereĀ for Summerland's page). It's basically on path to be the most amazing thing London has seen in years and you can not only be present at it - you can own a little bit of it.

So lets make sure this shit happens because we all need a holiday.

Watch the video below to find out more of what it's all about and get just as excited as we are.

Summerland Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding Video from Summerland on Vimeo.