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Steventai LFW Spring/Summer 2019

Film director Sofia Coppola is an interesting muse to cite as inspiration for Steventai Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Despite the current aggressive visual cultural, Steven Tai stuck to his guns, presenting an intimate, and yet softly glamorous 1970’s feeling in keeping with Coppola’s calm aesthetic.

Steventai LFW Spring/Summer 2019

Tai weaved his reference for Coppola’s sun-drenched 1999 debut feature, The Virgin Suicides, shot by cinematographer Edward Lachmann, into a summery, nostalgic collection. He gently adapted Coppola’s filmic signature of sun-kissed textures, golden highlights and palpable sensuality into his collection of dresses, flares and blouses. The choice of fabrics made his show even more dreamy with slinky metallics, power mesh, translucent glitter stripes and organza printed with botanical doodles.

Steventai LFW Spring/Summer 2019

Staged at The Shop At Bluebird in Covent Gardens, models stood under a canopy of hanging flowers, their fragileness emphasising Tai’s nostalgic mood. Exploring 1970’s glamour has been an interesting trend throughout LFW SS19 with emerging brands such as Art School and Jiri Kalfar all subversively distorting it.

Steventai LFW Spring/Summer 2019

For Steventai this meant turning flares, leisure suits and wallflower formal length dresses into beautiful contemporary pieces relevant to the now. In fact, everything about Tai’s gentle and richly laden show, spoke softly but with a clear vision. Like Coppola’s complex film oeuvre, he creates for the journey we go through as women.

Steventai LFW Spring/Summer 2019

The show’s nostalgic and melancholy palette of greens, burnt golds, navy and rose contrasted with form-fitted masculine shapes. Overall it easy-going sophistication meets quiet knowing. Perfect for a Coppola close-up.

Words: Catherine Caines | Fashion Week Press

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeacheyphoto

The shy girl in pastel shades with her head in a book has been Steventai’s muse from the very start. His vision combines the ‘brainy small town charm of pre-Beast Belle along with the geeky pride of a bespectacled Margaret Hamilton'. She has a sense of humour, she’s optimist and her wardrobe is wearable. This collection is reminiscent of Steventai's 2011 graduate collection with a more complex update.

img_0678 img_0680 img_0685

Standing on swings the models all wore rounded glasses and chunky plimsolls standing in a line. The designs all complementing each other, making the theme behind this collection very clear. The clothing has a papery texture, achieving this by layered one fabric over the over. With seamless detailing (woven together from squares of net with a tiny cotton ribbon) and a zig-zag stitching across all hems, this collection has a quite unique feel.

The colour palette is simplistic, blues, greys and creams being the main featured. This helping you to keep focused on the little touches that make each piece. Ruche dresses, high waisted shorts and ruffle trim tops, all make this collection the oddly poetic dream Steventai envisioned from the get go.


This Beauty and the Beast quote encapsulating the collection perfectly - ‘Look there she goes, that girl is so peculiar. I wonder if she’s feeling well. With a dreamy far off look. And her nose stuck in a book.”

Words & Images: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam

Canadian born Steven Tai is feeling slightly beyond his years so it seems, or rather his new AW16 collection would suggest so.















My first presentation of the day and it didn't disappoint. Greeted by Lulu's 1960's hit song 'Shout' I enter the presentation space which is very much like walking into your Grandma's living room, a room that looks like it hasn't been decorated in fifty years. Mismatch rugs covering the floor and a floral wallpaper which looks like something you'd find after removing three layers of wallpaper from a house you've just purchased. Knitting equipment was placed all around the room and the models were positioned on wooden rocking chairs sewing into embroidery rings.






























The collection itself brought the stereotype of the old lady back into modern day. Tai does this by his nostalgic and reminiscent colour palette of pastels along with a hint olive, navy and beige. Fabrics consisted of corduroy, silk and floral prints. Patchwork is used throughout this collection which shows a mix of fabrics and textures. A personal favourite of mine was the silk quilted jacket with a peony sewn into the pocket.































The 'granny-chic' collection was showcased at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms located on the back of Soho away from the madness of Brewer Street. Tai, known previously for his witty take on the awkward girl has yet again brilliantly executed his imaginative 'Freaky Friday' concept with both his collection and the presentation itself.

Words: Harmony Youngs | Fashion Week Press | @harmonyyoungs

Images : Milly Grange-Bennett | Fashion Week Photographer

Steventai presented a SS16 collection that wouldn't go amiss as the whimsical wardrobe of an upcoming Wes Anderson indie heroine - and its delivery was worthy of that association too. Models wandered through the crowd to find their seat in a twee school classroom setting, complete with graffiti covered wooden desks, a yellow and cream checkerboard carpet, chalkboard and TV set atop its trolley.

WJLondon_StevenTai_SS16_2 WJLondon_StevenTai_SS16_8

Once seated, each model began interacting with their environment, doodling in workbooks, threading card lettering onto string bunting and snacking on flying saucer sweets. Intrigued onlookers were then invited to step forward and discover more about the oh-so-kitsch world that had unfolded infront of them... and this was when the beauty of the Canadian designer’s creations truly unfurled.

WJLondon_StevenTai_SS16_6 WJLondon_Stevennai_SS16_14

Candy coloured checks, lemon yellow ruffles, large white buttons, short and crisp collars and upturned cuffs were just the beginning. A box shape short-sleeved shirt and matching skirt featured in a sheer silk organza navy gingham, emulating a traditional tablecloth pattern, while a white jacket appeared to have been drawn on using an assortment of thick wax crayons; a rainbow colour palette that was mirrored on shorts using bright yarns in basic floral shapes.

WJLondon_StevenTai_SS16_11  WJLondon_StevenTai_SS16_5

Unconventional use of layering included cropped trousers with hems drawn into a bow, worn underneath a knee length skirt. Bows also appeared on open back bodices and tops such as a white cotton, navy trimmed tee that had the words ‘WORST DAY EVER’ emblazoned over its front in a variety of colours. White and navy slip-on footwear was decorated with a statement bow and worn with sheer, trimmed socks that had reverse plaster shapes woven into the back of them. While the perfect finishing touches included sunshine yellow, sky blue and pale pink hair grips, gold coloured, round rimmed glasses and an expertly executed nonchalant attitude.

WJLondon_Stevennai_SS16_12  WJLondon_Stevennai_SS16_10

This presentation was all about focusing on the detail – from the inclusions of a Benjamin Britten biography and complete set of Brothers Grimm fairytales standing upright in the neatly arranged books lining the teacher’s desk, to the oversized fittings that gave each piece that slightly awkward tomboy appeal. Lettering on the chalkboard read ‘[SEPTEMBER] [PARTY] [CLASS] 3B!!!!!’, and in a very steventai geek-embracing way, this was truly a celebration to remember.

Words: Helen Lovett | Fashion Week Press | @mustardyellowshoes
Images: Celine Castillon | Fashion Week Photographer | @cceline