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Camden gets a two night treat at The Dandelion Cafe in Parkway, Nicos and Philthy Phil come together to bring North London Nicos & Philthy's Reef & Beef.

The feature dish on offer includes steak and lobster, but there is also a full a la carte menu of other things including pulled pork profiteroles, roast hake, and deep fried halloumi.

You can expect a night of grilled meat, shellfish, Rock n’ Roll & hard drinking. Main courses at £15 per head or pre order for the rib-eye steak & half grilled lobster.

The lobster & steak must be pre bought so we know how many to buy. there will drinks & desserts available on the night with a table service and a 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.

Friday 28th Feb & Saturday 1st March

Dandelion Cafe, 96 Parkway, Camden Town, NW1 7AN

Tickets - £29.50 + fees from Eventbrite here.  Book for the lobster or steak, and then order sides when you get there

About to come to St John Street is Foxlow, the newest offering from the pair behind Hawksmoor.

Beckett and Huw Gott of Hawksmoor fame will create a smaller offering in Foxlow that will offer a more intimate restaurant where people can visit regularly (we're hoping this means it'll be a little cheaper).

Will said " It’s a new restaurant, so we can finally use some of the many ideas we’ve had in the last few years, but it’ll still reflect the things we’re most passionate about - great meat from ethically reared animals, an interesting wine list, phenomenal cocktails and relaxed, friendly service from people who love what they do.”

Differences in the menu at Foxlow compared to Hawksmoor is that you will be served lesser known cuts of meat. The Deckle for example, the top, fatty part of the ribeye. There will also be options such as Six-hour Bacon Ribs and Eight-hour Beef Shortrib as well as fish and seafood.

Salads are off the menu too which we're not too sure many people will be bothered by and there are new bespoke cocktails on the drinks menu that have been especially crafted for the restaurant.

If you want to grab a place at the soft launch of this no doubt soon to be hugely popular restaurant and get 50% off then sign up to their mailing list here.

Opening Thursday 14 November at 69-73 St John Street, EC1M 4AN.

Image: Hawksmoor Air Street

flatiron-butcheryThis is a pretty cool opportunity to make beef at home like you have dining out. The Heifer 92 Flat Iron Butchery Demonstration will teach you all you need to know - not the cooking but the butchering. So if any of you foodie enthusiasts out there like to butcher your own chunks of meat this is one for you.

Being held this Saturday (18th May) at 9.30am you will have the chance to witness the butchery of a very special cow (sounds a bit morbid doesn't it). This cow has been very well looked after with two summers on good meadow grass until its untimely end that has seen it dry aged since the 18th April.

Flat Iron say that this is now some of the best tasting meat they've encountered. This is special beef, raised by the inimitable Farmer Charles up in North Yorkshire.

The butchering will take place at Flat Irons Beak Street restaurant this Saturday and if any beef fans and butchery enthusiasts are keen to see how then now's your chance. The demo will be run by Charlie Carroll, founder of Flat Iron, and Struan Robertson, head butcher of soon to open Notting Hill butchery, Provenance.

Provenance will offer traditionally butchered meat personally sourced from passionate producers, often working with rare and traditional breed animals. The shop is set to open its doors on 26th June. (Provenance, 33 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU).

Fans of beautifully flavoured beef will want to keep an eye on @flatironsteak over the next week as there will be offeres of limited numbers of each cut as and when they’re butchered, starting with Rib Eye, Brisket, Short Rib, Underblade Fillet and Flat Iron.

Places are limited so email  PRESS@FLATIRONSTEAK.CO.UK fast if you want to go. First come first served.

Last week we took a trip to newly opened MASH (Modern American Steak House) in Soho. Not knowing quite what to expect from an American Steak House that was infact Danish we took a trip down to be greeted by sumptuous red carpet and a very posh entrance.

Thankfully, once you get inside MASH the interior, although impressive and sumptuous, doesn’t leave you feeling like you should have made more of an effort. It’s comfortable and grand at the same time with red leather booths and talking points that include huge cuts of meat hanging in visible fringes and wine collections on show and stocked up to the ceilings.

The steak leaves you with different cuts from different regions including of course American and Argentinian options. Here you are encouraged to share your steaks. With this in mind your orders are cut at the table in front of you and served in the same pan so you can pick your way through the different options. There really is a difference in taste, a very strong one in fact, depending on where the steak has come from.

Your waiter or waitress will be only too happy to take you to the big fridges and show you cuts and meat so you have a good idea of what you are ordering.

The service is perfect as is the bread, wine and Brooklyn beer on offer.

We had sides of Mac and Cheese and Bone Marrow which were both great accompaniments to the main meaty feast we had in front of us, we could have done with a little more Mac and Cheese though, that stuff was good.

This is a restaurant great for any occasion really meetings, friend gatherings, couples and special events (there is private dinging offered at the back).

Image: Londonist


77 Brewer Street

0207 734 2608


Steak horse meat

What with the current unfolding mess over the use of possibly contaminated, possibly illegally acquired horse meat coming onto our shelves there is a very definite interest in exactly where our 'beef' is coming from and what better way to see than by eating steak.

We were already highly into our good steak cuts last year but now with the horse meat scandal a whole new lot of people want good beef that is a good cut so that no horse meat could have possibly got into it.

This however isn't great for the rest of us as it means that demand goes up and with it the price of our beloved steaks.

T-Bones and sirloins are going to be most effected. Smithfield butchers have confirmed that these cuts have gone up more than 10 per cent in the past week and could continue to rise by as much as a third hereafter.

The interest towards steak is shifting as people feel that they can clearly see what they are eating as opposed to burgers, meatballs and spaghetti bolognese.

If the costs of these cuts continue to rise expect to see that reflected on the menus of Hawksmoor, MASH and more soon.

Just remember though, if prime steak gets a little too much you could always try a horse steak.....