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Guests were given headphones to wear as they entered the Vinyl Factory show space. Bass-heavy electro melodies played out of the speakers and could be heard through the headsets. A series of screens showcased the 3D CGI models in a selection of Fyodor Golan “Miximaliste" designs. An instrumental version of Riri’s Needed Me played at one point and I’m pretty sure that the Bajan beauty, whose love of thigh high boots is well-documented, would be a fan of some of the Fyodor Golan footwear herself.


Real life models walked around the showroom once the screens stopped showing the 3D imagery. And after showcasing Fyodor Golan’s SS17 designs in motion, they each took to four different areas of the room so that attendees could get up close and personal with the designs.

The holographic fabric two-piece was a show stopper. A rainbow of colours could be seen as the model wearing it sauntered around the room and shifted against the backdrop of hazy neon hues which now occupied the screens. Although it didn’t feature any of the material, the jacket of the two-piece resembled the structural design of a denim jacket, and strong denim pieces made up a number of the other looks. Forget double denim, although that made an appearance here too, Fyodor Golan made a strong case for triple denim, quadruple denim and just-about-every-inch covered in denim.



Ruffles and frills, both reoccurring features of numerous other shows this season, accented several of the looks presented at Fyodor Golan. Regardless of your feelings about looks of head-to-toe denim, full length holographics and luminous pink gowns, Fyodor Golan’s collection definitely translates well into wearable and desirable pieces. It wouldn’t surprise me if holographic mini skirts or holographic accented accessories are big in SS17 and if denim’s spring/summer update takes on similar manipulations to those showcased here.

Hair and make up was bright and bold. Most of the models wore braids with beads on the end and some had the front of their hair slicked down in waves, styles which have strong roots in black hair history. Brows were bleached and lips were lined and filled in with deep berry tones.




It’s wonderful when designer’s show as much passion and thirst for originality in how their designs are displayed as they do in the creation of their collections. This was a fun presentation with promising looks. Top marks for the inventive approach.

Words: Alannah Francis | Fashion Week Press|@AlannahFrancis1

Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photography|@tegan.photography

Edeline Lee has returned for SS17 with a creative collection that really showcases why we fell in love with Lee. The collection presented reminded me of the styles that you would see in the streets of Japan. For those that unaware of Japanese fashion, some of the styles are extreme, colourful and avant-garde. Japanese fashion can also be seen as being simple; this simplicity is presented with the different levels and layers of fabrics.

Edeline Lee 3

One model wore a flannel blue and grey asymmetric shirt, this was paired with a white knee length skirt. This particular style worn by the female model can be seen as androgynous. The look was not finished as Lee paired it with a pair of below the knee, white socks and chunky white strappy sandals. By doing so it screamed Japanese fashion. The socks and shoes immediately made the outfit look quirkier and modernised.

Edeline Lee 2

This androgynous look continued with the next model who wore a white shirt dress accompanied with an oversized white coat that had black thick lines across it. These patterns emulate the love of patterns that dominate Japanese male fashion. The ensemble is paired with black leggings, socks and strappy sandals.

Edeline Lee 1

Lee’s collection is most definitely trendy and presenting a different outwear look. I appreciate that Lee explores Japanese street style and new school romance fashion. Mostly, I appreciate that Lee is bringing it to London. I think the Japanese street style is not something that London has fully embraced as of yet, however I believe that Lee’s collection is a slow transition into accepting it.

Edeline Lee’s collection can be compared to Jonathan Saunders 2009 spring collection and J W Anderson’s SS14 collection. Lee displays a similar style in terms of the simple designs and pastel colours by bringing us something new and edgy.  Although I believe it may take some time for London to fully embrace this style, Lee is definitely taking the right steps forward. It was truly exciting to see the collection first hand and even more exciting to see how Lee will develop from here.


Words: Elizabeth Abbey| fashion week press| @elizabeth9422

Images: Zac Mahrouche


From the outset of Rohmir's SS17 show at the Freemason's Hall, guests eagerly anticipated another awe-inspiring showcase of stunning attire fit for the sophisticated modern woman. Olga Roh certainly understands how to create graceful fashion and this season was no exception. It was glitzy, glamorous and brimming with elegance.

The show began with a short film, set within the grand gardens of an English stately home, to allude to the Spring has sprung theme that we were about to see. As two dancers cartwheeled onto the catwalk, the audience knew that this wasn't just a presentation of a new collection, it was a performance and a show in every sense of the word.


With bouquets of flowers in their hands and Grecian style golden accessories in their hair, Rohmir's models brought a whimsical fairy-tale story to the catwalk. Through an English garden influence, long sweeping gowns effortlessly floated with the model's natural movements. There was something almost 1920s Gatsby about the collection, as if Daisy Buchanan had found herself in 21st century London. It was entirely contemporary and yet it was classically chic in many ways.

Luxurious fabrics such as satin and chiffon created a lasting impact and highlighted Rohmir's penchant for capturing timeless beauty through her art-form.



With long kimonos layered over bikinis, perfect for lounging in the sun to reversible sequin dresses that are oh-so ready to dance the night away, Rohmir showed the world that beauty and elegance is achievable from day to night.



Rohmir always has romance at the heart of her collections whether it's cocktail dresses, beach wear or even a three piece skirt suit. Her aesthetic while ethereal is by no means inaccessible, in fact Rohmir encourages women to embrace and fall in love with classic styles that will never go out of fashion. It's Fairy-tale fashion we can actually own and for that there will be many women looking to have their very own piece of the Rohmir collection hanging in their wardrobe.



Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press| @londonellagram

Images: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photography | @mvw_photography



Iconic London showspace, Brewer Street Car Park, was the venue of choice for Emilio De La Morena's SS17 catwalk show. For a brand with fans as famous as Kate Moss and the super stylish Olivia Palermo, the expectations were set very high.

From the outset, a vivid sunset beach theme was present in the colour palette. Rich yellow, hot pink, and electric blue dominated the catwalk - Morena is not a label for the timid. These vibrant hues were balanced with accents in soft pastel trim and footwear.


If the bold colour was not enough, fabrics called out for attention in shiny silk satin and ruffled organza. A play between volume and fit was experimented with throughout. Puffy sleeves, peplums and frills were worn with cinched waists, tapered trousers and form-fitting dresses.


Expert fabric manipulation is a fine nod to Morena's background in sculpture. He has a great eye for form and fit, skilfully balancing out the two. To contrast the voluminous silhouettes, there are delicate slip dresses overlayed with chic lace. This in turn is contrasted once again with outfits made from bundles of netting, gathered in at the waist.



The Morena woman is said to be vibrant, strong and modern as well as elegant and chic. All of these components are present in his SS17 collection. To harmonise the striking aesthetic, there is an element of femininity in the exposed shoulders seen throughout. Whether one-shoulder, cut-outs, or bardot, the shoulders are clearly a focal point for the collection.



A few designs in subtle monochrome bring an elegant aspect to the mix. The fabric has a subtle polka-dot pattern and looks impeccable on a pair of white wide-leg trousers. In black, it is used for a jacket with billowing sleeves, reminiscent of a matador's bolero - perhaps influenced by Morena's Spanish roots.

It is this mix between Spanish artisanship and London's blended style that makes for a cutting-edge label, constantly striving towards innovation.


Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer

Images: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photography | @mvw_photographer

A swathe of reflective silver fabric hangs over the white runway and a tray table of tropical cocktails sits patiently to the side. Welcome to Point Blank SS17 - 'Dive In.'

If the name wasn't a big enough clue, the diving, palm tree and paradise motifs opening the show certainly give it away. Watery blue tie-dye prints mimic the ripples in the fabric above and models walk down in colours suitable for the hottest of climates.

Turquoise metallic palm leaves on pillar box red backgrounds glint in the light - almost blinding. If I could have torn my eyes away from the spectacle in front of me, I would have grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag.

There's a strong poolside, holiday vibe going on with swimwear peeking out from sweatshirts and bermuda shorts. The models move at a leisurely pace, as if wading through water with wet-look hair coiling around their eyes. Slow, soothing music sets the pace and together with the models' nonchalant expressions and futuristic design, transports you to another world where these eclectic ethereal creatures reside.

A sugary pink dress slashed with white lace comes out and the brand's eye for interesting cuts makes an appearance. With backgrounds in both fashion and architecture, this design duo are experts when it comes to silhouette and form. Their aesthetic plays with clashing textures and materials and often blends luxury elements with that of street wear.

To close the show there are two shimmering silver outfits juxtaposed with sporty, striped inserts. Something that doesn't sound like it should work but oddly does. This is what Point Blank are all about. Challenging the norm and creating something you've never seen before with artistic brilliance. No wonder this design duo were picked up by Fashion Scout.

I predict Point Blank to sit firmly on the fashion radar after such a brilliantly blinding show.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Ellen Offredy | Fashion Week Photographer | @ellenoffredy