Zio Song, a South Korean designer, presented his SONGZIO SS18 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s (180 The Strand). It was the first show of the day, kicking off at 9am, but it was one worth getting out of bed for. With a pyjama feel, appropriate for a morning show, this collection featured stripes that made you want to crawl back into your loungewear and your bed.

The collection was inspired by this single phrase, “Man, in his night, searches for his own light”. Male emotion is explored throughout the collection. The idea of accepting men’s emotions and feelings, something our society is talking about more and more, influenced every piece.

The colour palette consisted of blue, orange, red and grey. Bold and colourful striped jackets were mixed with muted white shirts. The stripes peaking through on linings of coats, and pinstripes creeping in too, on a series of tailored designs. Creating a clear theme throughout.

This SS18 collection incorporated canvas paintings from Song. Hand-painted these are added to the styles, showing a range of men painted on t-shirts and shirts alike.

A range as unique as ever, it breaks the mould in more ways than one.

Words: Andrea McCaul| Fashion Week Press |@andreaelizam



My last show of the season was rounded off with a very exciting one indeed, and I managed to watch it all unfold from the front row! Founded by South Korean designer Zio Song in 1993, SONGZIO is a contemporary menswear brand that made its LCM debut on Monday. While this is impressive enough in itself, it was also the first time in 10 years that Song has displayed his work outside of Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The brand is based in Paris, where Song graduated from the acclaimed ESMOD, and Seoul. Proving that SONGZIO is one to watch, this season’s collection, ‘Ocean,’ started just like all of Song’s previous ones – by taking paintbrush to canvas.


The designer first conceptualises his ideas by using oil paints to create soft brushstrokes. These are then transmuted into printed textiles to produce ‘wearable art.’ There is no denying that fashion is an art form, and indeed, that art can be fashionable. The prints on the catwalk at 180 The Strand were paired with sharply tailored cotton, linen, and vinyl silhouettes.


Ultra blue, aquamarine, and compose blue overruled splashes of yellow and red, while occasional white and green pieces made a fleeting appearance during the oncoming wave before they were washed away again. There was a good amount of black, exactly what I like to see, to capture SONGZIO’s signature aesthetic: ‘Paint on Black.’ This concept is one that runs through all of the collections to signify the power of the colour when it’s combined with SONGZIO’s art prints.


In another first for SONGZIO, eight womenswear looks, which are part of a capsule collection created for COUTURíSSIMO, paraded down the runway. Actress Naomie Harris wowed in the front row in a black and white waistcoat and trousers ensemble from the collection, which will be available to the public from July 3rd. I fell in love with an androgynous tux, in fact worn by a striking androgynous model, and its matching loafers.


The whole uniform vibe in general was a success without being overpowering – from the clutch bags, to the gladiator sandals, to the towering heels, and of course, the all-over prints on the jackets, shirts, trousers, and dresses. The only style that didn’t quite hit the mark for me personally was a men’s long shirt and trouser combination, where the model was a vision in bright turquoise. It was a little less couture and a little more Cillian Murphy from 28 Days Later in his hospital scrubs (not that that’s a bad thing, but maybe save that one for when you want to style out the zombie apocalypse).


Men and women, look no further than SONGZIO for your next jaw-dropping, minimalist in design yet maximum in impact, suit. Jackson Pollock devotees, eat your heart out.


Well, that’s a wrap for this season, folks! With a complimentary bag of Propercorn popcorn, an aesthetically pleasing bottle of Evian’s raspberry and verbena mineral water, and a July issue of GQ in tow, I left my first LCM feeling exhausted, but happy – ready to do it all over again next season.


Words: Laura Rutkowski | Fashion Week Press | @Laura_Rutkowski

Images: Phoebe Fox | Fashion Week Photographer | @_phox_