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london gets ready for snowSleet and snow has arrived in London today and bookies are placing their odds on bets on a white Christmas.

Light snow and heavy rain was reporte din central London and those travelling form just outside as a slightly heavier dusting.

Ladbrokes has changed their odds of a white Christmas in London from 7/1 to 9/2.

We're just hoping that after last year things have been put in place to help commuters who travel out of London for Christmas and those who stay traveling around it.

Transport for London  has stockpiled 22,000 tonnes of salt and have 40 gritters all at the ready to be called out, and Boris Johnson has promised to 'ensure that coordinated and swift action is taken to keep the capital moving'. You may have to take to the bikes though.

image : This is London


snow is comingWho remembers November last year? If not let us refresh your memory, when you looked at the window all you could see was snow. Flights were grounded, Christmas post arrived more than a little late and everyone was 'forced' to take snow days to escape the blizzards. Fast forward to this year and it couldn't be a more different sight, but that could all be about to change because according to reports the snow is well and truly on its way and could well be here by Friday.

According to reports Arctic blizzards of up to 80mph could be hitting the UK within the next few days with plenty of snowfall following it with up to 4inches of snow falling over parts of the country. Might be time to grab out the mittens and scarves then.