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Sidharth Singhis's, contemporary womenswear label, grew out of a remote Village in North East India.

Eponymous to its principles, N&S GAIA prides itself on its sustainable use of fabrics, specialising in natural fibres and pioneering the exploration into upcycling techniques, the ‘N’ and ‘S’ of its name, standing for Nature and Sustainability.

The SS18 collection further develops the designers signature style; free-flowing fabrics and long hems, tapestry-esque motifs and the incorporation and modernisation of traditional Indian embroidery technique, Dakamanda.

Turning from the vibrant shades of rouge, cherry and yellow from his AW17 collection Hybrid, Singhis’s SS palette introduces more delicate pastel colourings in tie-dye effect, the earthy tones of autumn replaced by camel and sand.

The lightness of the fabrics gives the collection an air of fluidity and movement; wide-legged trousers, shift dresses and wrap-around jackets which billow at the hems and create a sense of airiness and serenity which perfectly embodies the multi-cultural expression of the collections home-country, while further encapsulating the romantic connotations of spring.

To contrast the relaxed sentiment of the silk, the pieces come embellished with black-beads and sequins, wide embroidered collars and oversized statement jewellery, which grant the collection a flair of expense and oriental richness.

In anticipation of upcoming trends, we can see in this collection the common threads of pink, yellow and pastel blues which have been favourites across the fashion weekend. Side slits, wide sleeves and exaggerated ruffles can also be recognised as common features of next years’ SS collections.

Overall the SS18 N&S GAIA collection presents itself as an expression of multiculturalism, nature and the calming nature of femininity, from North East India, to South East England, may Singhis's designs sustain you through the summer.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer | @tegan.photography

beautiful soul

Some great heritage shapes and maxi dresses come from eco label, Beautiful Soul in this their AW/11 collection.

There are strong veins of true sixties shapes and patterns (the granny patterns we so loved in our March Issue) throughout the collection as well as some cape jackets that we have  all fallen in love with here at the office. The heritage tweeds are shining through but the angular shapes made by these jackets are broken by the softer offerings in the form of the maxi dresses. This new Beautiful Soul collection is entitled Painting by Numbers, the label says that it's inspiration is taken from the constant beauty of the English country garden and the endless appeal of English tradition to us Brits. Our granny prints here are made up from bluebells, butterflies, dragonflies and roses with silk and British wool being the key fabric ingredients.

You can find Beautiful Soul in Notting Hill.


Jeff Garner's Prophetik show this London Fashion Week opened with a violinist prancing down the catwalk fiddling ferociously. His collection is inspired by the court of Louis XV, with touches of Robin Hood and Oliver Twist (mainly in the talented conductor in top hat and tails who led the soundtrack). The boys wore majestic cloaks and coats complete with ruffs and jabots while the girls wore flowing Maid Marian dresses in silk and structured tail-coats. Garner mixed light jerseys in earthy and jewel tones with heavy quilted cotton in beautiful patchworks shades. The black silk bias cut dresses stole the show and perfectly complemented the fluffy crimped hair. Cropped trousers were also order of the day for boys and girls, cut just above the ankle. A highlight was a red head model with a tremendous ginger beard in a pink hooded cloak.


The Mercy Delta AW11 look book has just hit our emails and we want almost all of them. Mostly a mix of silk and wool these scarfs come in around the £135-£180 marker but believe us, one you have one you will wear it to death and therefore completely get your monies worth from it. In a selection of non-discript patterns these scarfs are the perfect teaming for sheer cream shirts and loosely tailored trousers.  You can find them in places such as Harvey Nichols and Trilogy but you'll have to wait for the minute because these don't hit until June. Put the date in your diary. Just some of the pattern selections are below.

mercy delta AW scarfmercy delta AW scarfmercy delta AW scarfmercy delta AW scarf