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ON|OFF returned for its 15th annual showcase at London Fashion Week 2017, presenting the seasons’ three most exciting international talents: Jack Irving, Luke Anthony Rooney and CAPLANENTWISLE.

To kick off what would prove to be one of the most diverse catwalks of the week, the ON|OFF showcase took on the invigorating atmosphere of a music concert, thanks live a performance from the equally rising talents of London based indie-pop band, Stereo Honey.


First out on the catwalk was the SS18 collection “Resort”, by CAPLANENTWISLE. Adam Entwisle and Emma Caplan joined forces after graduating from Central St Martins in 1999, going on to found not one, but two cult labels, Horace and Buddhist punk as famously worn by The Rolling Stones.

Now, the eponymous design team return, with a collection inspired by the reformed millennial attitude toward freedom and diversity. Oversized jackets, frayed hems and hand-painted denim infused the collection with that raw, unrefined sense of reckless youth. A mood surmised by the classic-cut slogan tee professing, ‘we are all colour here’.

Luke Anthony Rooney’s signature colourful designs followed on seamlessly. Less rough-and-ready around the edges perhaps, Rooney’s SS18 collection continued the relaxed vision of millennial society.

Silk slip dresses and easy-fit tailoring provided a sophisticated sense of elegance, light, airy fabrics creating a sense of movement, while the playful use of colour and simple hair and makeup styling, added to the youthful feel of the collection.

Jack Irving brought something a touch more extravagant to the catwalk. Having famously designed for Lady Gaga, Irving’s blow-up designs can certainly not be classed as ready-to-wear…

We can’t be certain where Iriving gets his inspiration for these avant-garde pieces, but whether he’s an avid deep-sea diver or got abducted by aliens as a child, his SS18 designs are nothing short of fabulous.

From metallic warrior-esque body-suits, to what looked like inflatable anemones, his models both shocked and commanded the catwalk in incredible platform heels.

There’s no doubt that ON|OFF presents has this year succeeded in promoting three soon-to-be dominating design talents.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts

Renowned for working exclusively from current trends, Tuğcan Dökmen is one of the most exciting labels to emerge in the last year, creating ethereal works of art which double as luxury womenswear.

Stepping into the SS18 Tuğcan Dökmen showcase at Somerset House, was like entering into a surreal and mystical realm. Separated by taut sheaths of clear plastic, the models held an otherworldly presence, while in the background, a sinister undercurrent grew out from the tiptoeing melody, commanding the eerie atmosphere.

With this collection, the young Turkish born designer sought to create pieces which embodied the strength and beauty of the feminine. In this SS18 showcase Dökmen imagines a reality where age, ethnicity and background have no bearing on beauty; a merging of the old and the young, the light and the dark.

Building on her signature style, the Art Of Layering, Dökmen creates pieces which both exhibit and are exhibited by their models. The transparency of her chosen fabrics, tulle and organza create the illusion that her dresses are but framing the bodies they decorate – a celebration of the female form.

The vibrancy of the fabrics meanwhile, acts to eliminate all sense of fragility from this reimagined feminine beauty, instead establishing one of independence and pride.

There’s a distinct air regality about the presentation, emphasised only by the exquisite headdresses which seem fused to each of the models, adding a candid element of expense to each outfit.

Stylist, Soki Mak, must here be credited for bringing this enticing concept to life, with the slicked hair and bare make-up almost mermaid-esque in its styling, perfectly suited the mythical feel of the show, and all-the-while maintaining Dökmen’s focus on equality and unstipulated diversity.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Rosemary Pitts | Fashion Week Photographer | @rosemary_pitts

As you may already know it's Graduate month at the moment and that means an influx of exhibitions, show cases and events all showing off the work of this years creative graduates, however if you don't have time to check them all out then why not head down to Free Range at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane?

Free Range are hosting work from graduates across the worlds of art, design, fashion and photography, from colleges in London and across the UK. The shows change every Friday meaning that you'll get to see a vast range of work by lots of different graduates.

The Free Range project was originally set up by Tamsin O'Hanlon who wanted to give new creative graduates the opportunity to showcase their work on an international level and has been running for the past 11 years.

Free Range will be running until 24 July. Head to www.free-range.org.uk now to find out what shows are on and when.

A new website has been launched to help art students raise money as well as their professional profile.

BuyStudentArt.co.uk is the brain child of Kerri Lister who was decorating her house when inspiration for the website hit her. Wanting something to hang on her walls but not being an art expert with vast amounts of money she decided to contact her local art college for pieces, it was then that she came up with the idea for BuyStudentArt.

Designed to create a marketplace for aspiring artists the site allows students to showcase their work and also make some money in the process. The website works in a pretty simple manner, artists over the age of 18 can list up to 5 pieces of art at a time with all art being listed at a set price (recommended to be somewhere between £50 - £200). Artists can also set up biographies so that buyers and browsers can find out more about them and the art they make.

If you're a student reading this thinking, 'I want in on that', then you can email Kerri at Info@BuyStudentArt.co.uk for more information.

Are you a budding artist looking for somewhere to put on your next exhibition? Then this could well be for you.

The Brick Lane Gallery are calling for all artists to apply for their future Art in Mind exhibitions that will be taking place in the spring and summer. The Art in Mind exhibitions will offer upcoming as well as established artists the chance to showcase their work to a wider London audience.

If you're interested in applying to take part then email info@thebricklanegallery.com with a selection of your images.

The Brick Lane Gallery can be found at 196 Brick Lane, E1 6SA