Clueless showing at Hoxton Breakfast Club

Through March on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there will be the chance to watch some golden oldies with Pancake Pictures at the Hoxton Brakfast Club.

Clueless and Back To The Future are on the menu to be shown as well as even earlier childhood faves such as Wizard of Oz. Tickets are £7 from their  facebook page and that includes a beer or wine and popcorn which is a pretty good deal.

Films start at 7.30 and full listings are below :

Tues 5th: Indiana Jones
Wed 6th: Wizard of Oz

Tues 12th: Saturday Night Fever
Wed 13th: Jurassic Park

Tues 19th: Clueless
Wed 20th: Leon

Tues 26th: Heathers
Wed 27th: Back To The Future

Hoxton Breakfast Club 2-4 Rufus Street, N1 6PE