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This Week's 10 Must-See London GigsGood afternoon there. I trust this drizzly, doom-filled Monday is treating you well? It should be. The prospect of the marvellous Grizzly Bear, pop behemoths the Scissor Sisters and a rejuvenated Everything Everything in the capital this week, after all, is more than enough to keep you hopelessly clinging on for the next seven days at least. As ever WJ digs a little deeper below the surface, tirelessly rifling through multiple gig guides to come up with it’s own set of absolute unmissables for the week. We, of course, got them once again to play a classic game of Consequences - so pour another Kenco, set the armchair to recline and enjoy our selected bands’ story…we hope the thought of The Iron Lady doing a little jig in a child’s retailer doesn’t prompt you to spit it straight back out!

(1) The cantankerous (2) Richard III (3) met the soggy (4) Margaret Thatcher (5) in Toys R Us; (6) he gave her a paper boat and a box of matches (7) and said to her: “I can’t tell you why.” (8) She said to him: “Your style is too good” while dancing in front of him; and (9) the consequence was that they thought it tasted a bit funny. (10) The world said, Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you will see into your imagination, living there you'll be free if you truly wish to be!”

(1) London’s anthemic rock hopefuls LULS launch their debut single, ‘Swing Low/Young’, today and to celebrate they’re joined by Wolf Alice and Spector mouthpiece Fred Macpherson on the decks at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. You can also catch toilet-tongued, Deptford residents Drop Out Venus, a must-see who’ll be blowing minds with their odd, bedroom-born grunge. FREE ENTRY.

(2) However, if the previous act’s self-proclaimed “bubblegum porn” rock curdles your stomach, then why not meander down to Cargo on Rivington Street, where iLiKETRAiNS will no doubt be catapulting into the brooding, post-rock of recent album ‘The Shallows’. The doors fling open at 7pm and tickets are still available for a very reasonable £10 via See Tickets.

(3) On Tuesday you’ll be spoilt for choice. Radio 1’s Huw Stephens rejoices 5 years of showcasing brilliant new music on Little Portland St by putting on a heart-warming, folk-leaning line-up at The Social. Tom Williams and the Boat headline and will be unmissable after the critical success of sophomore album ‘Teenage Blood’ earlier this year. Once again, you can’t say better than FREE.

(4) Although, Wave Machines at Dalston’s Shacklewell Arms is certainly a great alternative. Expect the Merseysider’s brand of Clor-aping art rock to spark mass hip-gyration in the East End. Wonky-pop from Northern Ireland’s Wonder Villains is the support and tickets are still available through the venue’s website.

(5) That said if your mood isn’t quite chipper enough for the aforementioned, Tuesday also offers the chance to immerse yourself in cavernous, Scottish-made gloom. Gloriously bleak trio the Twilight Sad support the release of ‘No One Can Ever Know – The Remixes’ with a UK Tour that takes in Camden’s Dingwalls.

(6) Fast-forward 48 hours. Those Rick Astley tickets you bought in secret, were duly flogged and your credibility remains in tact. It’s Thursday and Ben Lovett’s Communion present doe-eyed, jangly pop in the shape of Ellen and the Escapades at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell. Sure to be a belter, catch this quick-rising Leeds band for a snip via Communion Records.

(7) If something electro-infused sounds a better prospect, however, then why not venture to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen for some hotly tipped, synth-laden pop. The trans continental line-up brags Me and My Drummer and Satellite Stories, but it’s sibling duo The Magic - with their knack for unabashed earwomers - that truly are a must-see. FREE.

(8) Of course, as with any night in the capital, it’s a tough call. Multi-talented Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains are back on the road after the charmingly whimsical ‘E Volo Love’ and will be performing at excellent creative space, the Village Underground. Support from lo-fi folk legend The Pictish Trail and 90s-indebted newcomers Being There is sure to make this well worth £12 over at We Got Tickets.

(9) Did anyone else love Polytechnic’s ‘Down Til Dawn’? Well, this is the same Manchester foursome under their not-so-new guise as Driver Drive Faster, who will be playing their hypnotic and infectious debut ‘Open House’ in the beating heart of Islington. With rousing, Shins-like alt. rock for just £6, The Buffalo Bar is well worth a punt on Friday night.

(10) Whigfield once said, “Saturday night - I like the way you move”, but if your best shapes are saved for woozy, slacker rock – the sort that’ll make you feel like you permanently exist within a sun-bleached polaroid alongside the cast of Dazed and Confused – then watching It Hugs Back is where you should spend it. You can catch them – and the mesmerising My Sad Captains - at the Fold Gallery in Clerkenwell for FREE.

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The Irish call it their unofficial national holiday, cobbled pavements are packed out with cheery folk of all ages and professions cheerily toasting ‘sláinte’ clinking a pints of the world famous dark creamy beer in memory of Arthur Guinness.

Arthur's Day at St James's Brewery

The international celebration of Arthur’s Day was kicked off with a worldwide toast ‘to Arthur’ at exactly 17.59 yesterday across Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Jamaica to celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Arthur Guinness.

Artists headlining the Dublin event ranged from Maverick Sabre and Labrinth to Carl Barat and Kelis. For the list of the lengthy line up visit the official Arthurs Day artists here.

Barrels of Guinness lining the red carpet


Paloma Faith on the red carpet

A selection of venues across the city of Dublin were selected to host the toast, including The Olympia and The Hop Store, and other top secret ‘surprise’ gigs and a handful of pubs all over Dublin throughout the evening, with musicians not knowing which pub they were meant to be popping up in until the hour before!

Paolo Nutini performing

Each venue across Dublin housed a stellar line up to boast the toast. We were lucky to have our 17.59 celebration in the Hop Store countdown courtesy of a slightly off-timed Rick Edwards and a wobbly Paolo Nutini who rose his glass and sunk it before performing his classic swoonful ballads such as Jenny don’t be hasty and Loving You followed by local well-tuned unknown Irish band, then a slightly off key performance by the Saturdays rounded of by a heartily received set from the Stereophonics.

Ed Sheeran performing

Other highlights included a lovely personalised performance by Ed Sheeran, who performed his entire set acapella accompanied by 2 microphones and his humble guitar without a backing singer or  band member in sight and got the crowd involved to provide the bridge for  You need me I don’t need you. The Scissor Sisters rounded of a spectacular evening with a slightly emotionally performance to celebrate their  10 year anniversary in the business but bouncing with infectious energy nonetheless, with lead singer Jake Shears provocatively peeling of his rubber shirt and flinging it along with half drunken bottles of water into the screaming audience.

The Arthur Guinness  fund isn’t just about guzzling a tasty brew, it is indeed a programme to support social entrepreneurs around the world, and was launched in 2009 to mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the lease for the St James’s Gate Brewery, which aims to support social entrepreneurs globally with the skills and support required to bring a transformational change to communities everywhere.


Who’s Jack caught up with the freshly tattooed red head pre secret gig in Dublin to talk opening his own Lego land and jogging on Wandsworth Common.

How does it feel to have your first album go straight to number one?

It’s an amazing feeling, I can’t describe it. It’s surreal, I didn’t expect it to happen and I’m so grateful for everyone who went out and brought it.

How did you celebrate, there is rumours you got tattoo?

I did. I also brought the millennium falcon logo, star wars logo. Harry from One Direction brought me an imperial star fighter in lego and ate pizza. I got the tattoo done in my mangers house, it’s a bit wonky as I drew it myself and it fucking hurts, it’s so painful! I had it done, then did a radio interview for 2 hours and then came back and decided to get some colour on it too, and it was already starting to heal so it opened up again.

Ed Sheeran's celebratory tatoo

What have you got planned for your next release?

The next single, I was speaking to Wretch(32) earlier, now we’ve both got our albums out its not really about chart performance anymore just releasing good music. The next single is called Lego House, it hasn’t got Lego involved, but quite a good actor involved in the video, who’s British but I’m not telling you anymore!

You’ve collaborated with many artists such as Mikill Pane and Wiley, is there anyone else you would like to work with?

Erm I would of said Screwfizzer , but I’ve already put him on a mix. There’s a guy called Smiler who’s really good, and been speaking to gigs the other day so I would like to get that done.

How have your fans that have been with you since before you were signed reacted to the album, has it been well received?

Do you know what the weird thing is the album got really mixed reviews from publications, as I think some people don’t really understand the hype, or they don’t like it in general. I’ve tried to read every single tweet and I haven’t had a single bad one about the album, so the reviews in the album doesn’t really mean anything as they are only going to listen to it once and do a 5 minute review, they didn’t buy it or going to talk about it. The fans that brought it and are going to live with it for years like it, and that what matters to me.

Have you visited Ireland before?

I haven’t been on Arthur's Day before, but I have a ton of family, there is a lot of Sheeran’s about in Dublin tonight. I am technically half Irish as my granddad is from northern Ireland and my grandmother is from south.

Can you fill us in on your performance schedule whilst you’re in Dublin?

I’m doing an unannounced gig with my cousin Laura and tomorrow and I’m doing Olympia with Alooe black, The Scissor Sisters and Floris and after that I’m playing a duet with Yasmin.

Is Guinness your pint of choice?

Yes I love Guinness its wonderful drink, but other than Arthur's Day I don’t drink,  so my drink of choice would be a peach Robinsons fruit and barley.

You have a lyric ‘I’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator’, have you ever had any akward moments with anyone in an elevator?

Erm, Where was I, I was in New York and I got into an elevator with Mos Def, and then I didn’t say anything. So that wasn’t really an awkward moment, I just should of said something.

Me and Mr Sheeran