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Fancy dressing up Ryan Gosling? Secret Santa may be long forgotten but this is surely a gift that keeps on giving for anyone with a Birthday coming up?

You can become Ryan Gosling’s personal stylist. The Ryan Gosling paperboy is the perfect way to get your Gosling Fix. Complete with a range of outfits from Drive to Notebook, You’ll be sure to have plenty of fun dressing and undressing your very own Gosling.

This activity book is ideal for those with a creative or dirty mind, whichever suits!

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Over at Vulture they've have put together a little infographic charting the career and personal life big moments of Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shia Lebeouf.

Starting from their humble beginnings as youngsters on TV to dating famous co-stars and getting beards - its all there and freakishly similar.

Take a few minutes this afternoon and check out "How to Survive as an Adult Actor: The Gosling-Shia-JLG Method", its pretty amusing...

ryan gosling directorial debut

It was probably only a matter of time but Ryan Gosling has announced that he is going to try his hand playing director for new film How to Catch a Monster.

From Half Nelson through to Nicolas Winding Refn's critically acclaimed Drive he's got quite the reputation for only putting his name to hard hitting, credible films. So we guess it stands to good reason that the actor might fancy turning his hand to some directing.

How to Catch a Monster is set to star Gosling's Drive co-star Christina Hendricks and by the sounds of the first synopsis it's going to be rather a surreal film. Telling the story of a single mother and her two children who live in the 'surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city' and who end up living in an underwater town in order to survive.

It sounds a bit confusing to us but also extremely intriguing and if his directing skills match up to those of his acting capabilities we reckon Gosling is going to deliver something really great.

gangster squad release pushed backThe much anticipated film Gangster Squad is to have its release pushed back to 2013 in the wake of The Dark Knight Rises shootings.

The release date has been pushed back to allow Warner Bros and the films director Ruben Fleischer the time to reshoot certain parts of the film which may be viewed as disrespectful following the shootings in Colorado last weekend.

As we mentioned earlier in the week the scene which is likely to cause offense features a group of gangsters shooting at cinema goers from behind the screen. At the scene is such a big part in the movie it isn't as simple as just cutting it out as it'll have a knock on effect to the rest of the story line. So to avoid anymore PR misery parts of the film, which stars Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone, will now be reshot.

Naturally there's already debate around whether such a decision is necessary given that this film already has such a huge following who are eagerly anticipating its release. However Warner Bros are of course being extra careful with this kind of stuff now and the scene would no doubt be seen as many as distasteful.

Gangster Squad will now be released on 11th January 2013.

Is there no end to Ryan Gosling's talents?

It would seem not, according to recently uploaded footage of the eleven-year-old Gosmeister at a mormon talent show in late 1991.

Ryan's sister Mandi also appears dancing alongside him.  The footage had been rusting away in a garage until its owners found it and suddenly saw its potential!

We have to say, we're awfully impressed.  Ryan's rendition of 'When A Man Loves a Woman' isn't actually that bad at the beginning, and his dance moves... let's just say, MC Hammer would be really proud.

No, seriously- he is actually very good.

Men, hate on.  Women, keep lovin'.

Oh, and if you wanted to see more of the cool kid that was Ryan Gosling just check him out by watching this video, where he talks about his home town Cornwall in Ontario, Canada. His dog Smidgen even makes a special appearance.