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This week that handy little app for music news - 02 Tracks, has formulated a nice and informative BRIT AWARDS information bullet for us all. With the likes of Rudimental and Ellie Goulding having confirmed performances, this year is set to be a brilliant one.

We've got some sneaky quotes from the artists; but you can download the podcast from the link below.

Rudimental BRIT hopeful No. 1 'Waiting All Night' was finished of in a hotel room in Glasgow. "Influenced by festival vibe, being out on the road, on tour. We were looking for he right vocalist and when we found Ella it was the perfect match, she made it sound beautiful and sexy. We've always said that the fans and the crowd played a huge part in 'Waiting All Night' - We used the live audio from one of our gigs on there so you might hear yourself." "You can imagine being at a festival and you've lost all your mates, your fav song comes on and suddenly you're at home with your hands in the air."

Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris sizzle in 'Need Your Love. "He's gotten really good looking! He's spent a lot of time in LA, got a tan, buffed out. He eats really well, he loves an omlette!" "Normally it's just really raunchy and sexy but with Calvin and me in this video, it's like real love - affectionate, touchy, huggy. He's silly and funny and we take the mickey out of each other. If we'd licked each other suddenly that would "

John Newman Best British Single / Best British Solo Artist "The BRITS is like Glasto, that's your live, BRITs is your recorded stuff. If I get it for a year of hard work, it'd be lovely, but I'm enjoying my life, I don't need to win the BRITS. I've had a brilliant year as it is."

Readers can text ‘Tracks’ to 61202 to get the app - www.o2.co.uk/tracks

On Thursday 11 July 2013, pioneers of the new wave of British dance music, Rudimental, and their chosen emerging artist, Bipolar Sunshine, took on the entire A&R process in just 24 hours, before finally performing an electric, adrenaline-fuelled live show at The Vaults, in Waterloo, London.

In the first of the unique series of BACARDÍ Beginnings creative projects, Rudimental and Bipolar Sunshine wrote, recorded, released, rehearsed and performed their original track - “Distance (BACARDÍ Beginnings)” By Rudimental Feat. Bipolar Sunshine – all within 24 hours.

Fans can listen to it at https://soundcloud.com/bipolarsunshine

Starting at a studio in London at 7am, Rudimental jammed on trumpets, drums, guitars, keyboard, organ, bass, horns, with Bipolar Sunshine layering in vocal ideas, building the chorus, and so creating their first track together. With a danceable and upbeat tempo inspired by disco and house, “Distance (BACARDÍ Beginnings)” is a melody-driven, funky, feel-good track.

With the track mastered and finished, the testing process ended with their energetic performance to a packed, rapturous crowd of adoring fans.

Oh utterly beautiful. All we can say in response to this video. As per, Rudimental have wowed us with beautiful cinematography to accompany yet another chart banger 'Right Here', which features the vocals of the gorgeous Foxes.

We're saying this alot at the moment, but certain music just lends itself to the sunshine, and this is one of those tracks. Imagine yourself cruising down the motorway with this blaring in the sunshine on the way to the sea.

Yes please.

The Rudimental boys have added this note to the video:

We would like to say that no animals were hurt during the making of this film. Also please remember that this story is fictitious and not based on the practices of any location represented here. Many thanks to the Tiger Temple- if you would like to find out more about this amazing organisation go to www.tigertemple.org

Sinead Hartnett may be a name you recognise. She has appeared on tracks with Disclosure, and most recently, Rudimental's 'Baby' with MNEK.

Now, Sinead makes a mark in her own right, as she moves towards releasing her own solo material.

This track is due to be released on the delicious Black Butter record label, very soon, and is produced by the uber talented Eats Everything & Lukas.


Rudimental, another band making the most incredible mark on the scene and signed to Black Butter Records, have released new material. This track goes by the name of 'Waiting All Night' and features the incredible vocals of Ella Eyre.

We can almost certainly gurantee that this is going to be one of the songs of the summer. Rudimental can seem to put a foot wrong, and their trademark bold brass section is as spine tingling as ever.

What more could we expect from the collective that brought us 'Feel The Love.'

Brit Award nominated, Rudimental are really recognised for their unbelievable and relentless talent.