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Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

London Fashion Week, like its namesake city, has many layers. For every subversive Matty Bovan show there coexists the equally flamboyant Rohmir. Both brands are playing the fashion game, and their worlds will never collide, nor their audiences, for on the surface Rohmir appeals to a London fashion subculture that are glamorous, beautiful and affluent.

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

For her Spring/Summer 2019 show, Swiss designer Olga Roh presented ''My fairy tale” her lavish fashion fantasy that she filled with ballet dancers, macaron coloured evening gowns and even a small child crying “the queen is naked!”

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

And being a fashion fairy tale, it was presented in chapters that delved into themes of magic, enchantment, and empowerment all told through a cast of incredible dresses.

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

There was even the occasional red gown, conjured up as though a tempting apple we shouldn’t bite into for fear of being poisoned.

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

But Roh does want us to bite into her fashion apple. She uses her love of exquisite couture quality fabrics and sensual silhouettes to elevate woman into their ultimate princess alter egos. And as we know, it can be a difficult business, that being a modern day princess.

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

Roh explored the business side of fairy tales with her charming Chanel-esque power suits before succumbing again to presenting huge bowed dresses.

Rohmir Spring/Summer 2019

Roh could not quiet work out for which princess she’d rather design for; the media-savvy Instagram friendly new guard or the fairy tale princesses. Perhaps in Rohmir’s high-octane world they can both exist forever enthralled by her dresses.


Words: Catherine Caines| Fashion Week Press

Photography: Jessamine Cera

Perhaps the most sophisticated show of the weekend, Rohmir not only showcased the weeks youngest fashion stars, welcoming three adorable child models to the catwalk, but was stepped out to a live operatic performance.  

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Setting out to capture the passion of classic Italian beauty, Rohmir’s SS18 prom dress collection entitled “Sparkling”, boasts yet another line of timeless ready-to-wear pieces which scream out nobility and class.

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The SS18 colour palette remained simple, yet sophisticated; with navy and cream, meeting midnight and sky blues. Rohmir favours v-neck or crew-cut necklines, her dresses classically tailored to create a sleek finish which compliments the female silhouette.

Adding to the aura of elegance and glamour, Rohmir’s SS collection keeps its “Sparkling” promise, with beads and sequins studding the gowns and decorating the hemlines, while side-slit skirts and open backs give the collection a touch of risqué.

A stand-out piece came in the form a beautiful white wrap-around gown, one of two pieces decorated from top to toe in delicate applique flowers.

Ruffled collars and flared sleeves were just a couple more standout features of the collection, which was not simply walked, but theatrically performed by its talented cast of models, beautifully made up with 30s inspired hair and classic smoky eyes credit to Kryolan UK and Tony and Guy.

Confidently showcased, designer Olga Roh put on a truly outstanding showcase on every level of detail, earning herself a celebratory walk of the runway in one of her own stunning designs.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Sarah Mildred | Fashion Week Photographer | @Sarah_Mildred

Rohmir is celebrating 10 years in high fashion with her AW17 collection. Born of Russian nobility, Olga Roh began the Swiss luxury fashion brand in 2007 after studying for her masters at Istituto Marangoni in London and PhD at the University of Bern. Heavily influenced by her journeys around Europe, this range was dedicated to Spain.

Titled “El Castillo Secreto: A Magic Journey”, the catwalk started with a video that showcased part of this journey. The film showed models walking through beautiful countrysides and castle grounds, before the lights came up in the Freemason hall and the flamenco dancer came out. Dancing to the music he set the scene before the models joined him on the catwalk.

A luxurious baroque design in velvet, lace and chiffon fabrics alike made up a lot of the pieces, with flares, ruffled sleeves, dresses and capes all taking on this statement style. Not forgetting the mix of knitted, tasseled and sheer fabrics, that added charm throughout the collection.

Every aspect was thought of, from the pearl trim hats and roses hair clips to the flamenco inspired makeup, fitting into the theme of the collection effortlessly. The colour palette featured reds, golds and blacks, creating a real statement throughout.

This Spanish collection was truly special and the catwalk was like nothing you’d seen before, every detail faultlessly following the theme.


Words: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam
Images: Jessamine Cera | Fashion Week Photographer | @jessamineceraphoto

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From the outset of Rohmir's SS17 show at the Freemason's Hall, guests eagerly anticipated another awe-inspiring showcase of stunning attire fit for the sophisticated modern woman. Olga Roh certainly understands how to create graceful fashion and this season was no exception. It was glitzy, glamorous and brimming with elegance.

The show began with a short film, set within the grand gardens of an English stately home, to allude to the Spring has sprung theme that we were about to see. As two dancers cartwheeled onto the catwalk, the audience knew that this wasn't just a presentation of a new collection, it was a performance and a show in every sense of the word.


With bouquets of flowers in their hands and Grecian style golden accessories in their hair, Rohmir's models brought a whimsical fairy-tale story to the catwalk. Through an English garden influence, long sweeping gowns effortlessly floated with the model's natural movements. There was something almost 1920s Gatsby about the collection, as if Daisy Buchanan had found herself in 21st century London. It was entirely contemporary and yet it was classically chic in many ways.

Luxurious fabrics such as satin and chiffon created a lasting impact and highlighted Rohmir's penchant for capturing timeless beauty through her art-form.



With long kimonos layered over bikinis, perfect for lounging in the sun to reversible sequin dresses that are oh-so ready to dance the night away, Rohmir showed the world that beauty and elegance is achievable from day to night.



Rohmir always has romance at the heart of her collections whether it's cocktail dresses, beach wear or even a three piece skirt suit. Her aesthetic while ethereal is by no means inaccessible, in fact Rohmir encourages women to embrace and fall in love with classic styles that will never go out of fashion. It's Fairy-tale fashion we can actually own and for that there will be many women looking to have their very own piece of the Rohmir collection hanging in their wardrobe.



Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press| @londonellagram

Images: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photography | @mvw_photography


As the bright lights shone down onto the catwalk at the Freemason's Hall a spectacularly powerful voice boomed across the room and filled the entire space with an emotive operatic performance. The Rohmir AW16 LFW show was a class act in the very heart of London's West End. Being in theatre-land and within walking distance of the royal opera house, meant that a show like this certainly wasn't out of place. Along with a live performance, Rohmir brought the opulent glamour and sophistication from a night in Austria, to their new season collection. The show entitled 'Vienna Imperial' boasted ideas of grandeur from the outset and it was safe to say, that the show did not disappoint. It was as grand and as exquisite as promised.

Rohmir #4 Rohmir #3

Rohmir's leading lady, Olga Roh, surely deserves the new title of fashion's fairy god-mother after the new stand-out collection dressed to impress. Roh acknowledges that glitz and glamour are just as relevant in fashion today as they have ever been. Her inclusion of oh-so luxurious fabrics, feathers, capes, fur trimmings and jewelled accessories gave the collection a royal seal of approval (and a huge standing ovation from the audience). While Princess style dresses in lush velvets worked well with the majestic emerald and ruby tones to add a regal flair.

Rohmir #8

Rohmir #6 Rohmir #9

Rohmir, prides itself on creating avant-garde pieces that show the beauty of fashion in all its splendour; that, it achieved, in abundance.

Rohmir #1 Rohmir #5

This Autumn /Winter collection exuded glamour, and perfected the princess/silver screen siren style down to a T. So whether you are planning a night at the opera, or just looking for that extra special piece to wear during the festivities of Autumn/Winter '16, a Rohmir creation may just become the quintessential party piece that every girl needs to transform her into the belle of the ball.

Rohmir #10 Rohmir #7

Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Zac Mahrouche| Fashion Week Photography| @zacmahrouche