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Wilkinson fans were in for a treat last week, celebrating the release of his hit single "Flatline" ft. Wretch 32, the drum and base singer ended his UK tour, with a smash performance at the 02 Forum, Kentish Town.

Hundreds of sweaty ravers packed inside the venue, ages ranging from 14 to 40  to see the man in action. With strobe, flashing lights and smoke explosions (typical of a sick Wilkinson gig) each and every person inside the building sang lyrics back to the producer/DJ for 1 straight hour.

Smash single "Afterglow" caused a riot within the crowd, with a serge of screams once the baseline dropped. Though released back in 2013, "Afterglow" still remains a dance-floor banger, with the entire place moshing to the hit single.

If Wilkinson's energy wasn't enough for fans, he treated the crowd to a special performance of new single "Flatline" with Wretch 32 who ran out onto the stage for an incredible live rendition.

One complaint Mr Wilkinson, we wanted more .. one hour of your tunes isn't long enough!

Check out the Las Vegas-filmed visual for "Flatline" ft Wretch 32 below:

Words: Corrie Parris


It’s not often we head to Vauxhall in search of the hottest new food spot, but when repeated friends insisted we take the trip, we went to Counter under the Vauxhall arches to see what the fuss was about.

Nestled literally under the train arches (opposite Sainsbury’s for those not familiar with the area), is Counter, the all-day bar and brasserie serving a mix of French and American dishes.

counter 6

It’s London’s longest restaurant (remember this for future pub quiz knowledge), and decked out in antique mirrors and glamourous art deco-style lighting and as soon as you’re inside it all feels a bit more a trendy neighbourhood in New York rather than, errr, Vauxhaull.

Now down to the food, it's open every day so whether it's morning brunch with the papers, lunch with friends (there's a £10 two-course option with wine), dinner after work or cocktails, it’s there.

There’s a large menu and although it wasn’t the most adventurous we’d seen, everything we had was well-put together with deliciously combined flavours.

From tortillas stuffed with creamy avocado cut with a tangy yuzu vinaigrette and cold smoked melt-in-your-mouth pigeon to classics such as French onion soup, pate and caeser salad. Not forgetting the indulgently-wonderful deep fried mac and cheese balls which we’re still having dreams about.

Counter 1

There’s a good-sized menu to choose your main meal from, from classic American dishes of burgers and fried chicken to delicately put together fish dishes of sea bream and halibut.

The fish we had was simple yet beautifully presented with flavours that complimented each other expertly while the burger was akin to those you might find at the likes of Meat Liquor or any of the other London favourites with dedicated fans. And both come with a range of fresh, colourful sides – the sprouting broccoli with bacon was our favourite.

When it comes to the sweet options, we weren’t disappointed with twists on the classics to please even the fussiest diners. Think perfect French pastries blended with indulgent-American desserts and you’re about there.

So, a blood orange tart with rhubarb topped with popping candy or Banoffee banana bread with dulche de leche popcorn – have you ever heard such a inviting phrase?!

counter 4

It feels like somewhere which would fit in more comfortably in central London but that’s why we love it because of the way it’s landed with a style which will hopefully encourage others like it to come to the party.

No longer is Vauxhall just a grimy hub for passing through on the way to a nicer neighbourhood, Counter has successfully planted it on the map as a place to visit.

crab1 A pop up you have to get to if you're a crab lover this winter!

Mayfair known to be home to the most eye wateringly expensive establishments that often do not live up to their price tag. HOC is currently a pop up just off Bond Street that not only lives up to expectations but comes at a very reasonable price due to its rather ad hoc venue- note- you are here for crab, not for extravagant surroundings. Saying this, the manager is cute, friendly and eager to tempt you with more cocktails than what you see on the menu which is a nice way to start (eager to please isn’t always what London’s service industry is famed for!!).  The Crabby Mary is a must, served with a crab claw garnish and shaken up with a dash of crab bisque in line with the theme. 


A simple menu with twists for crab lovers and a non-fishy option for those tagging along with crustacean enthusiasts. Crab mac and cheese- heaven in a clay-pot. The crab roll brioche is so soft it feels like clouds in your mouth whilst stuffed with different choices of crab with a humorous word play on the styles such as the Singaclaw (white and brown crab meat, hot sauce, sesame seeds, nori and coriander) or the Mexican version goes by the name of El Jimaclaw (white and brown crab meat, avocado, chilli, coriander and sour cream). The list of sides is short and sweet with offerings such as seaweed or rosemary fries and a crisp and fresh samphire salad which complement the rest well.

Dinner was deliciously delectable yet I cannot help but feel that the boys running it need a women’s touch to add a few simple marine comforts to enhance the atmosphere. It would entice people to stay a little longer than for a quick bite before putting their sail to the wind.

The four rolls on offer are -

  • Clawpedo - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, house alioli, radish and apple (£8.50)
  • The Crabfather - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, confit tomato, burata cream and crispy pancetta (£9.50)
  • El Jimaclaw - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, vocado, chilli, coriander and sour cream (£9.50)
  • Singaclaw - Salcombe brown and white crab meat,hot sauce, sesame seeds and coriander (£9.50)

House of Crab, 81 Grosvenor St, London W1K 3JY  is open until January 2015. Opening hours: midday until 10pm Monday to Saturday. Keep up with their news on Twitter @houseofcrab

Words: Alicia Pasley-Tyler

This weekend we shunned the pub convention and headed to West London with a glass of white wine on our mind, and a desired performance by none other than Etta Bond. Walking into Paradise, the atmosphere was already quasi-magical - that venue is a dream.

For those reading about Etta for the first time, where have you been? For those familiar (and learning), she has collaborated with numerous awesome musicians, as well as being mates with the likes of Bonkaz, Labyrinth, Raf Riley and Delilah.

With her current single "Seen and Never Heard" doing the rounds, Etta was hot property that evening - with a packed room waiting for her 10:30pm stage time, which soon dissolved into an 11:15pm start. Proving her prowess as one of the most exciting female artists of the moment, we marvelled at just how realist this girl was. She is a true woman, a proud woman, and an impeccable role model. The lyrics to "Seen and Never Heard" showcase this perfectly, as does her abundance of approachable confidence, never breaching on arrogance - purely welcoming and likeable.

Singing her way through her self-made set-list, which was folded out neatly onto the floor during her first vocal, Etta took us on a musical journey with songs both old and new - even bringing fellow singer and friend Delilah up on stage for a truly awe-sinpiring and stunning, sexually charged performance. Both girls looking truly beautiful with their striking shaved-heads.

Ending her set with a blast from the past, we saw Etta jumping onto the speakers, and moshing with the crowd to "Boring Bitches" - her collaborate effort back in 2013 with Raf Riley, a producer you should all know. The song is humorous lyrically, yet still packs a punch in terms of resounding meaning.

The performance was exceptional, and the evening didn't end there, with an exceptional set from Who's Jack favourites All About She, too.


10/10 Etta. We adore you.


Last night we got our gladrags on and headed to Stoke Newington, to the Three Crowns, a pub which houses The Waiting Room - a venue which has seen multiple shows from exciting emerging acts. With this in mind, we were excited. A-L-X has been making the kind of woozy POP you dream of hearing; the perfect blend between tasteful Bieber and Cyril Hahn. He didn't disappoint.


Here are 5 things we learnt from the show.

1. A-L-X is cute, really cute. His photos don't do him justice, and he will flood the hearts of teenage girls across the land.
2. His voice is unbreakable. The pure tone and quality to this guy's vocal is unrivalled at the moment - we didn't hear one fault. The Scottish accent creates an added twang for his spoken-word-esque moments, also.
3. A-L-X treated us to material both old and new, exciting the fans by building the tension; beginning with his new lesser known sounds and escalating into a show which had everyone dancing and moving.
4. A-L-X is Scottish. We've already touched on this; but this accent shows, and we love an accent in a vocal - creating something truly unique.
5. A-L-X has a Zealander face. This face comes out when he's finished singing with that unbreakable timbre, and is gazing into the audience. It's both humorous and brilliant. A personalty trait that we're keeping an eye on as his fame grows.

Check out A-L-X's latest below: