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Tell us your name, and how you came to be called it?
My name is Mr Bigz. That came from the name Bigz, which I had from a teenager. I was called it because I was a big kid, with a big personality!

Who are your influences?
Everyone. I have a lot of people in my life who do something great; family, friends, other musicians & life in general.

Tell us about your current release.
S.U.M.M.E.R is a great body of work, about real life, real emotions, and real happenings over the last two summers. It also stands for Some Understand Music Makes Everything Real ... It's real music to make people happy, sad, angry, and everything in between.

If you could wear one shoe for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Nike, Huaraches. Not because they’re hype; but just because they are the most comfortable trainer ever made to be fair!

You've had a real change in sound direction - was this a conscious decision?
I don't think I really have to be honest. I've always experimented with many sounds. This sound’s just stuck with me to be fair. It's how I was feeling... Pure and soulful.

You have also changed your image slightly, is fashion something you take seriously?
I believe my image is the same. I've just lost quite a bit of weight, so now I can wear what I've always wanted. Also I'm getting older, and I can't wear hoodies for the rest of my life! Fashion is cool; but I'm a style person really. Style over fashion all day.

How does it feel to be back?

Where will 2015 take you?
Around the world and beyond. By the Grace of God.

We are Who's Jack Magazine - do you have a special Jack in your life?
Yep a fiver in my pocket. We call that a “Jacks” where I’m from!


Download Mr Bigz 'S.U.M.M.E.R' on iTunes now.

We caught up with one of the leading ladies of female UK rap, Paigey Cakey. In a world dominated by male power and misogynistic lyricism, we wanted to know what it's like to be a young female, struggling to be heard. What's more, we wanted to hear the new music! Read on to find out more about Cakey, real name Paige Meade.
Hi Paigey - why the name? How did you come to be called this?
My name is Paige - Paigey comes from my name as a term of affection.
Cakey is slang from money and because I was the only child people called me "Cakey" as I always had the latest trainers and gadgets and even the song "baby cakes" came out, it had a nice ring to it so I added the Cakey also as a result.
Speak to us on your current release:
‘Day One’ is taken as an introductory track from my mixtape. Day 1 is about where I have come from; generally my beginnings on music and my overall journey in life to include friendships as well.

How does it feel to be one of the main female names in the world of UK rap?
Due to it front male heavy, a lot of males did not respect me due to being a female so it was initially a struggles when I came out in 2012 and people complimented me more for my physical attributes and my lyrics were secondary. It is difficult for women in this industry as a lot of men think that women should be in the kitchen rather than spraying bars so I feel I have a lot more to prove.
Do you like the term 'urban'? How do you feel about genres?
It's music, you like it or you don't. It's as simple as that....."Urban" seems to be the name for all styles of "black" music- if it's needs to be categorised, I prefer "hip hop", "grime" and "RnB".
Other genres of music to include indie and heavy metal groups may also say they are urban music as they may live in cities and spend their working life in an "urban" environment if you go by the true definition of  "urban" in a dictionary...It therefore directly shapes what we write musically yet if they are white, they won't be described as such!
We hear a little more vocal from you within your new material. Rapping or singing? Which do you prefer? Where do you see your sound going in the future?
I prefer both and get pleasure from doing both equally. I have finally found my sound so I am content and want to keep appealing to all my fans regardless of race, gender and ethnicity so my sound and image needs to evolve as I and my fan base grows and evolves so it's too soon to tell.....
What's next?
I have been working on a new mix tape to be released in October which features lots of established urban artists and will be called "The Right Paige". I will be doing a launch party for this mixtape so you can expect this in the next couple of months as well as lots of music videos dropping from the mix tape over the next few months. Moreover,  I also plan to launch my own clothing line which I have already designed and this will include different types of hats, t shirts and also for the male fans, boxer shorts. Furthermore, I  got landed a couple of roles earlier this year which I have already filmed for for, a new movie and a new BBC series both of which will be out later this year.
We are Who's Jack Magazine - do you have a special Jack in your life?
That's a personal question...... Next question please!!!!!!

Mista Silva is making waves with a new found sound after beginning his career as one of the pioneers on the British Afro Beats scene. Now he's back with new single 'Green Light' featuring Syron, and we wanted a quickie to find out more!

We quizzed Mista Silva on a few topics, to give you guys the D-LO on what he's been up to, will get up to, and likes to do!

Universal Music – that’s a great label to work under – how is it?

It’s great feeling that you’re part of something so big and that you have such a great platform to express yourself on. It’s a dream come true – artists dream of having the best platform and I’m really lucky to have this.


Green-Light is your new single – how’s it going?

Yeah I always expect a good reception on my music. I really and truly believe if I’m enjoying it, then others are going to enjoy it as well. It’s amazing to get such a good reception, I'm grateful.


Afrobeats – tell us more!

The scene is taking some big steps and continuing to grow, and grow in the right and direction. People seem to be at a key point and are very receptive of the sound. It’s looking like good times! The sound is really developing and pushing forward.

I see my self as an ‘artist’ in general to be honest, with an afro-beat DNA sound to it. I do have an afro-distinctive sound; but my sound has developed a llittle more now, to accommodate new sounds and incorporate genres.

Summer… expand!

I just played Essex Festival, and I’ve just come back from Ibiza – that was crazy! I played something called Ibiza loves Afro Beats and I had an incredible time. Trust me, it’s a lovely place!

I’ve got some more dates coming soon, but you’ll all have to wait for those!


What’s next?

We’re just seeing how Green Light goes and then we’re going to progress from there. It’s definitely going to be part of something bigger!


Favourite London spot?
I’m just getting into Chelsea – there’s some nice places down there!
Do you have a Jack in your life?

Yes I do. One of my best boys is called Jack!


What would you like to say to our readers?

Click and pre-order ‘Green Light’ on iTunes now! Out in September! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/green-light-feat.-syron-single/id881553933

We caught up with one of the hottest urban names of the minute, GT SOLO to chat about dreams, nightmares, mixtapes and more.

Do you prefer day dreaming (as your mixtape series suggests) or dreams at night? What are your dreams?

I prefer day dreaming because as long as you continue to day dream you’re not settled, you’re not satisfied. So the possibilities are endless.

What was the last nightmare you had? (It can be a living nightmare!)

Erm, I think it was loads of wasps trying to come after me. I think it was because I was playing basketball at the park and there were a lot of wasps.

What's the progress of DayDreaming 2 from the first instalment?

This one is a more complete body of work. With the first one it was almost like you wanted a bit more. I don’t think it was a true reflection of the music I do. Whereas this one I’ve made sure that there are more songs on there. I would say it’s a better production as well and just a wider range of concepts. For example, take a song like ‘Near U’it’s a real positive feel good track with a 90s feel, but without being cheesy. Compared to a track like ‘Money Mind’which is slightly more materialistic, yet still has substance to it.

What's your most dream-like song on the mixtape?
That’s a good question, because a lot of them are like that, if you really listen to what I’m saying. I could start with ‘Near U’; its about a vision of being somewhere else that only you can really see. Then there is a song called ‘Days Off’, which is literally saying you’re grinding for those days off. Also, there is ‘Higher’where I’m pursuing a girl and I’m dreaming about the idea of being with her. There are quite a few songs with that concept.
Are you living the dream?

Yeah, I’m in the process of living the dream! It’s not an end journey though, it’s constant. I could get to one point and I’m dreaming about the next level, whatever that might be.


We met up with A.M. Sniper, the Cypriot rapper who most recently teamed up with Wiley for the Summer Urban Smash 'Bus Pass'.

AM Sniper Bus Pass

Hi Sniper - tell us what's in store for 2014?

Thanks for having me,


Currently we are promoting my latest single Bus Pass featuring Wiley and doing the Summer Shows that include some incredible summer locations from Ayia Napa to the Greek Islands and other cool destinations that pretty much every person reading this would like to visit, so that’s a real blessing. The last month has been hard work, having to combine performing in Ayia Napa and grafting away whilst everyone here is on holiday is quite a temptation! I’ve had the opportunity to linkup with Omarion, perform the first show at Kandi Beach with Chip, and my brother Wiley surprising me last minute and coming on stage to do my encore track which of course right now is Bus Pass. It’s all new to me coming from a strictly hip hop mixtape culture and over the last year preparing and diverting my sound to a more radio friendly audience. The discovery and experimenting has been great and I look forward to sharing my sounds with the world for many many years to come.


Your latest record has had quite an impact - how would you describe it's sound?


It is definitely my most mainstream sounding record to date, however I am proud I managed after a crazy brainstorm in the studio to come up with something that does not offend my supporters that have been with me since day one and at the same time cross over to a new area, so I managed to keep an EDM uplifting rhythm with a catchy hook courtesy of Wiley and a singing bridge added to 2 rap verse, now the fact i produce, write and perform my stuff, I feel proud of this record, and heads up to my production team, Anamate on co-production, Drew Astro and the rest of the Bleading Immigrants, so I feel the overall result I would call it Dirty EDM as it has an edge to it and it’s not your average combination or super soft track.


If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?


Wiley… LOL… You rarely get to see him, having to get him in the video etc is hard work! So although we have the song together I am still trying to collaborate with him! Hahaha… jokes aside, it’s all about he vibe of the record, there is some crazy talent out there and I really don’t want to mention one name as opposed to another one, as well, as a producer I can make something for everyone… Who do you think I should collaborate with? Give me some tips, you guys are the experts!


Can we catch you live anywhere this Summer?

Yes… Feel free to attach my poster Ayia Napa is the core of my sound and my existence so they always get first dibs, not trying to be biast as they are my own venues… lol but I also have some gigs around the islands and in general wherever there’s summer I’m there, physically, sonically or in spirit! Not the alcoholic spirit!


We are Who's Jack Magazine - do you have a special Jack in your life?

Of course! We love Jack! My consiglieri is legendary A&R man Jack Steven, he discovered Sade, Annie Lennox/Eurythmics, Jamiroquai, Florence Welsh and in his good old age as he went crazy I guess he is under the impression I fit in that list of discoveries he has made! What????!?!?! So yeah your name is quite popular in our team, so give our love to your Jack and I hope we can stay in touch over the next few decades.

Get your pre-order here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bus-pass-feat.-wiley-ep/id898269102?ign-mpt=uo%3D4