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winter-film-clubIt's all happening in Peckham at the minute and the film-loving folk behind London’s Rooftop Film Club know it. They're set to bring the magic of the silver screen back to one of London’s earliest cinemas with the launch of Winter Film Club.

For the month of December, Winter Film Club will take residency in Peckham’s cherished Electric Theatre to screen an eclectic mix of classics, new releases and Christmas showstoppers.

Staying close to their Peckham roots, the Winter Film Club will set up home in the stunning Edwardian cinema - First open to the marvelling public in September 1908, it was one of the first of the pioneering and influential Electric Theatres across London. After winning last year’s battle against turning the space into luxury flats, Winter Film Club is celebrating the theatre’s rich heritage by returning the space to its original purpose. With beautiful decaying walls, exposed original features and a 16’ x 9’ screen, Winter Film Club will stick to the cinema’s original ethos – etched on the old theatre’s door – ‘To Elevate, Instruct and Amuse’winter-film-club-2

Winter Film Club will boast a varied programme to please Elves and Scrooges’ alike, featuring Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie, British fan-favourite Love Actually, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Finding Dory, Casablanca and Absolutely Fabulous. The plush curtain will call with Christmas classics like It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, Home Alone and Die Hard.

Home to a licensed bar serving festive liquid refreshments and concessions to grab a snack or some freshly cracked popcorn to share. Settle in to a deckchair, slip the head phones on, step back into time and watch a festive favourite amongst one of London’s unique settings.

  • From Thursday 1st December – Friday 23rd December
  • Winter Film Club, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15 4ST
  • Tickets: £13
  • TICKETS RELEASED ON: Wednesday 9th November


The old nuns head peckham 

Being a vocally proud Peckham resident, I’ve been spoiled for choice on food and drink for the nine months I’ve lived here. In recent years the area has ditched the nauseating legacy of the Trotter family and become, to poorly paraphrase a whole heap of journalists, “a culinary and cultural melting-pot of seasoned locals and ambitious young professionals”. Now, before I reach for the *shoots self in face* emoji, I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree, it's bloody brilliant here and judging by the quality of our trip to The Old Nun’s Head, the neighbouring suburb of Nunhead is no exception.

Built in the 1930s on the site of an Old Nunnery, the pub sits bang on Nunhead Green and is a short walk from the eponymous train station. It boasts a wide selection of cask and craft ales, cocktails and wines and has a pop-up kitchen whose residents rotate daily, offering a mix of Burgers, Souvaki, Thai and Sunday Roasts.IMG_2327

The best way of describing the pub’s interior would probably be, “a proper old boozer”. No pretentious frills, friendly staff, an open fireplace and a large heated outdoor area. The real deal!

For our Saturday visist, we opted to try the locally infamous “Burger Bear”.

Since hot-wings were also on the menu, my chosen guest for lunch was a journalist friend with an taste for heavy metal and chicken wings, it seems the two go hand in hand? We were due to see Star Wars that afternoon so what better way to prepare for a huge American blockbuster than… ok you get the idea.

We each chose an “Angry Bear” burger and a portion of hot wings and chips to share, washed down with a pint of Laine’s Best. Oh my, it was delicious!

The bun was a mix of traditional burger-bun and brioche, without the sickly brioche sweetness. The (Flock & Heard) beef patty was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of fat to add flavour, as opposed to dripping with grease. The cheese blended in nicely, almost unnoticed and the relish and holy f*** sauce gave just the right amount of heat to delicately burn the palate and provide the signature naga-chilli endorphin rush, without reducing either of us to sweaty tears.

As for the chicken wings, they were everything we’d hoped they’d be. Too often buffalo sauce can leave your mouth feeling like you’ve been perpetually gargling liquefied Haribo Tangfastics but thankfully, in this case, the vingar/chilli balance was spot on, as was the crispy texture. The addition of a blue cheese dipping sauce would have won them a solid 5 stars but I’ll happily bring my own next time!

Finally, the chips were well-seasoned, crispy, and ideal to dip in the buffalo sauce. Just great chips!

For the value, quality and atmosphere, this place really is worth a visit. Nunhead is just a 14-minute journey from Victoria so head down there and believe, me it’ll be one of the best burgers you ever eat!

Words: Charlie Allen

Pedler in Peckham

This independent, vibrant neighbourhood eatery, set up by a team that live in and love Peckham, offers a relaxed and beautiful environment to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner. A distinctive wine list and impressive array of ‘Little Bird’ Gin cocktails is also on the agenda!  

“Pedler has an imaginative seasonal menu that takes its inspiration from using only the best-sourced ingredients” Owner, Taskin Muzaffer.

Gareth Crosby, Executive Chef went on to comment: “At Pedler, my focus is to hand-pick the finest seasonal ingredients, guaranteeing quality and flavour for the daily changing menu; whilst creating the perfect food pairings for our sensational wine and cocktail list.”

Dishes on offer include:

  • Seared king scallops, buttered Swiss chard and lardo
  • Duck rosti, poached eggs and red onion chutney
  • Smoked brisket, hispi cabbage and bacon sauce
  • Chargrilled pig’s ribeye, sautéed apple celeriac and carrot lentils
  • Smashed Devon crab with piccalilli remoulade 

With a fantastic location at 58 Peckham Rye, Peckham, SE15 4JR and capacity for 70 covers, Pedler has the makings of a very individual and popular spot; set to become a cornerstone of the Peckham community. 

Follow Pedler on Twitter via this link: https://twitter.com/pedlerpeckham

Opening Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 17:00 – 23:00

Friday, Saturday - 09:00 – 23:00

Sunday - 09:00 – 17:00

Monday - Closed

Address: Pedler, 58 Peckham Rye, Peckham, SE15 4JR

Website: http://www.pedlerpeckhamrye.com

This June a brand new immersive bar, the ‘Four Quarters’, will open it's doors in the heart of London's new thriving creative community in Peckham.
Offering a blend of classic arcade games, craft beer, hearty food, music and events, the ‘Four Quarters’ is set to be popular with visitors and locals alike, and will be the very first Arcade Bar to open in London.
Driven by a thriving art scene, a vibrant local community and nearby universities, Peckham is fast becoming one of London’s most diverse and liveliest areas and The Four Quarters will soon become a valued addition to it's stand out nightlife alongside the likes of already established places such as Bar Story and Frank’s Bar.
Four Quarters is not your average bar or café, the owners have a huge passion for craft beer and classic arcade games, and will also offer film screenings, tournaments, great food, coffee and all sorts of other treats.
We wanted somewhere we could combine our love of arcade games and booze, but finding nowhere in the UK that does this we decided to do it ourselves! We also like interesting breweries and our plan is to stock as many craft beers as we can.”
The project’s founders Joe Dowling and Tom Humphrey have already enjoyed cult success with London’s only dedicated retro games store,‘Retro Game Base’, and with that business firmly established they are ready to turn their hands to something even more exciting. The venture has been in the making for over two years, but now that Joe and Tom have been joined by fellow owners Simon, Francois and Marc the Four Quarters bar is ready to go.
We also love old arcade machines - think late 70’s 80’s and 90’s, games such as Outrun, Pac-man, Space Invaders, Point Blank, Tron, Star Wars Trilogy, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter 2. These are classic machines, lovingly restored by people who care and set to one quarter a play (four quarters for £1). We want people to come in grab a drink, chat to friends and take a nostalgia hit before finally beating that game that you couldn’t get past level 2 of when you were 10!
Q: So what is Four Quarters? A café? A bar? An arcade? And why do you think it will be a success?
Tom: It’s all these things! We want to create a great bar first, and the craft element, including stocking local breweries such as Brick, is key for us. After that the machines are a (big – in our eyes) bonus. Come try a few machines, have fun and drink! What could be better?
We think it will be a success as long as we create somewhere we'd personally like to drink first and foremost. There are many arcade bars over in the USA and these places work because they are inclusive and attract people across all generations, including those who may not ever have played arcade games or even been alive during its’ golden age. We don’t intend to simply copy other venues as we have our own ideas and vision, but as a general concept it has been proven successful in numerous cities worldwide.
Q: It’s rare to see arcades these days, is there still an interest in these kind of games?
Joe: The arcade scene is actually making a resurgence now with two huge and exciting projects in the North East and South West already well underway and Heart of Gaming established in West London. It is a great time for UK arcade fans.
Where we will differ is just a matter of trying to cater for casual and non-gamers as well. We won’t be running the latest fighting games or latest games in general but have beautiful restored classics.
For instance if you are curious about where gaming started we have an original Pong machine, Asteroids and Donkey Kong, and then we have classics like Outrun, Point Blank and Tron. We aim to have a minimum of 15 dedicated machines- with three cabinets offering rotating jamma boards as we have quite a collection of those!
Some of these machines are rare (Tron for instance is in amazing condition) and we are sure they will draw people from far and wide.
Q: So what else can we expect from you?
Joe: The venue itself is quite large so we have plenty of ideas of how to use it! I am a huge movie fan so have been dreaming up double bills to run. I am also mad about 80’s & 90’s culture in general so expect to see nostalgic elements from music to kids T.V. and even 80’s/90’s Wrestling!
Tom: Music-wise Joe loves his Grunge and 90’s rock while I and a few of the other guys involved listen to a lot of electro and Drum ‘n’ Bass so expect to see an interesting mix, especially when we get our basement venue up and running!
Q: Your shop Retro Game Base has received a lot of positive attention since opening two years ago, what are the plans for that business?
Tom: The last six months we have been gearing up to make RGB run as smoothly as possible. Our purpose built website and various back end systems that we have implemented have made life much easier, and both the online and high-street parts of the business are ticking over nicely. We are in the lucky position of having some very good and knowledgeable people in our team so the shop will be in good hands, and Joe and I will still have a day-to-day role.
For all the latest Four Quarters opening news: https://www.facebook.com/fourquartersbar


Victors lab f

Victor's Lab, a new addition to the creative hub of Busy Building in the heart of Peckham, is having a grand opening on Saturday 5th April.

After 3 months of organic growth, Victor's Lab have decided to celebrate April Fools in style with a day of FREE taster sessions, refreshments, art and freebies at the Lab!! Samba, capoeira, pilates and signature yoga!

The schedule:

12:00- Samba with Marketa

13:00- So Hum Yoga Flow with SoHumLondon

14:00- Capoeira with CDOL Baris Capoeira

15:00- Shanti Glow Yoga with Shanti Living Yoga

16:00- Pilates with TicklePilates

17:00- Dru yoga with Lucyoga

The Grand Opening at Victor’s Lab promises freebies to the first attendees. The first ten guests will be given a FREE 10 CLASS PASS, which gives access to any 10 sessions at the studio. The second ten to arrive will be given a FREE ECO-YOGA MAT, crafted in the UK.

JUICE from Ali Baba Juice & Matcha, WHEY PROTEIN ICE CREAM from Wheyhey and ORGANIC COCONUT WATER from Coco Zumi alongside displays from local artists. Plus more to be confirmed! Weather permitting, the roof space overlooking Franks cafe will be involved!

The Facebook listing can be found here: