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Urban beaches is officially 'A Thing' for us Londoners. The perfect marriage of escapism and stay-cation- they allow us to feel like we've had a little holiday but still get an Uber home.

So if you're looking for somewhere to curl your toes in the sand this summer look no further - here's your choice of the best!


EAST: Beach East at the Olympic Park

Pretend you're in Rio whilst watching the Olympics on your phone at this sandy oasis complete with obligatory deck chairs, ice cream and also fairground rides.


SOUTH: Brixton Beach Boulevard

A bit more than a location with added sand, the Brixton Beach Boulevard is £4 entry and open all the weekends that August has to offer. The beach is on a rooftop in this instance and has a Miami 80s theme. Also added into the mix are retro film screenings, sports broadcasts and lots of food.beach-image-2

SOUTH EAST: Southbank's beach is back

You get some water with this one, albeit the rather murky water of the Thames but water none the less. A firm favourite with any urban beach hopper this patch of sand sits right along side some great bars and restaurants so you can truly urban up your sandy experience. A Brazilian barbecue in a yellow tram is on hand as well as caiprinha's.


NORTH: Camden Beach!

A firm fave of ours down at The Roundhouse. Last year this was a storming success with live performances on in the evenings and an escape form the mental bustle that is Camden Market. This area get's great sun so it's one to run too on those clear days of the summer (all 4 of them). There's rum, ping pong, private beach huts, BBQ and free entry. Just don't forget your bucket and spade.



Finally, London's long awaited Olympic Park will open to the public- full of all sorts of Post Olympic joys like, oak-tree lined promenades, that strange looking tower and world-class arenas such as the velodrome and aquatics centre.

The park will be open an impressive 24 hours a day from this weekend  when 250 local school children will parade through the park and acrobats will hang from the Orbit Tower to celebrate the opening. If you want to get down and have a look then the gates will be sung open at 10am Saturday.

Mayor Boris Johnson, chair of the legacy corporation, today hailed a “historic chapter in London’s post-Olympic story”

He added: “Our city’s newest park is crammed with spectacular attractions and activities set in acres of stunning green spaces. This is now a must-see destination for Londoners and visitors alike and forms a glittering centrepiece for our ambitious regeneration plans in Stratford and beyond.” 

Image : Evening Standard/Olympic park

Olympic+Park what will it have?

It is being hailed as the "the greatest new urban park for a century" and once the snow has subsided it will soon be open for you to enjoy.

With its new name, The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park the new public space will be London's second attempt at a modern day Pleasure Gardens as the first went a little tits up.

This new "21st century pleasure garden" will include a wide tree-lined avenue with a series of "outdoor rooms" coming off it. Lawns have been designed to pick up afternoon sun and there are also dedicated play areas and even space for a carousel.

The London Legacy Development Corporation who are redeveloping the site are planting 4,000 trees, 127,000 shrubs and more than a million herbaceous plants ready for the public to enjoy.

There will also be a cafe, BMX track, bike trails, a "festival-ly, bustling, busy area", a series of bridges that reveal the lock and waterways underneath the park, a natural amphitheatre running down to the water that will likely show screenings in the good weather, a big plaza roughly half the size of Trafalgar Square, a focus on wildlife and wetlands and a large lawn that will probably hold a number of London festivals.

All this will be ready for all of us to enjoy by spring 2014.

Best of the rest

As the Olympic Park prepares to shut up for a year Games athletes have called upon organisers to leave it open so that those of us who haven't made it there already can still go and check it out. (Here)

Good news for internet lovers. According to a report today London could have 4G by the end of the year. It'll be one of 16 cities in the UK to get the capability which will be provided by Everything Everywhere. (Here)

Singer Chris Brown is facing yet more criticism after revealing his tattoo of a woman's face which has been beaten up. Naturally everyone's assuming that the image is Rihanna and it's all kicking off. (Here)

Best of the rest

A woman has died after falling 80ft from a restaurant in Bank. Over 100 diners watch on as the woman took her life at the venue which has become a popular spot for people to commit suicide in the city. (Here)

The revamp of Battersea Power Station is to begin in 2013 according to the buildings new owners. Once completed the site will house 3,500 homes, shops, offices and a park. (Here)

Been wondering what will happen to the Olympic Park once the Games are done and dusted? Well as part of the legacy plans an annual disabled sports event will take place and that's just for starters. (Here)