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ralf Lauren 4 D Fashion Show

If you have been anywhere central lately you would have realised that Fashion Week is coming. It's starting this very morning in fact and we currently have a wonderfully eager team of writers and photographers ready to cover all the shows.

Whilst they are setting themselves up for a very busy few days why not check out what Ralf Lauren has been doing over the pond at New York Fashion Week?

To mark Ralph Lauren Corporation's first Polo flagship store at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York City, celebrity guests including Ben Stiller, Kendall Jenner, Ciara & Anna Wintour attended the world's first 4D fashion show.

Held in Central Park, Ralph Lauren’s new Polo line for women presented its Spring ’15 collection during New York Fashion Week in a revolutionary runway event: a water-screen projection that towered above Manhattan’s Central Park, fusing fashion, art and technology.

Hundreds of spectators, including celebrities, famous runway faces and fashion editors, gathered on the Cherry Hill lawn on the west side of the park for a sensory experience that uses innovative technology that could forever change the landscape for a fashion show.

Ralph Lauren Polo models – appearing like beautiful mirages using four-story-tall holographic effects – wore outfits embracing the eclectic spirit of the brand, mixing the edge of New York and Paris, and the sunset colours and patterns of the Adirondacks.

The event celebrates the first Ralph Lauren Polo flagship at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Spanning nearly 38,000 square feet over three floors, the new Polo flagship is the first store to unveil the complete new world of Polo for women, and the first store to showcase women’s Polo alongside the Polo men’s collection. The new store also introduces Ralph Lauren’s first-ever coffee shop, Ralph’s Coffee.

This store will be one of many Polo stores planned to open worldwide in the coming years, in line with Ralph Lauren’s strategic pipeline of new stores.

We wonder whether we can expect to see the same flash mob of Anna Wintour clones at London Fashion week this weekend.

New York Fashion Week saw the Anna Wintour Flash Mob lead by British Designer and Singer Madame Allsorts bring the Lincoln Centre Plaza to a grinding halt today creating a great ad hoc fashion show.

The "Fash Mob" as the group are now being called staged an unscheduled catwalk presentation as crowds arrived at the Diane von Furstenberg show, within seconds fashion lovers were circling the models eager to take a photo and capture an off the cuff fashion moment.

The team of Anna Wintour clones were wearing signature strawberry blonde bobbed wigs and dark glasses and Madame Allsorts Spring, Summer, Autumn, Wintour sweatshirt. Madame Allsorts designed the sweatshirt in homage of one of fashions biggest faces, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. The design which replaces Winter with Wintour is said to be a tongue in cheek statement about the conformity and seasonality of fashion.

The Anna Wintour clones were lead by Madame Allsorts who was dressed in a one of a kind Anna Wintour Dress she had designed specifically for the event. The dress featuring Anna Wintour heads is a traditional crinoline style gown that celebrates womanhood.

The Fash Mob caused so much of a stir that they were eventually evicted from the site by several police officers. On Speaking of the fashion show Madame Allsorts said "It's important to keep innovation alive in fashion, the spirit of my designs are playful and unrestrictive so thats exactly what I want my shows to be! Fashion should be about standing out and celebrating difference and thats what we did today!"


Are you bored this very chilly Wednesday lunchtime? Then we suggest kicking back with a hot cup of tea and checking out this brilliant new video which looks at the similarities between New York and Paris.

Created by Tony Miotto the short animated video kept us gripped from beginning until end largely due to its simple yet very clever content.

Comparing everything from the type of bread they eat to how loudly they speak and their iconic landmarks the video made us realise just how similar Paris and New York really are.

The idea steamed from a book called Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan and at just 1 minute long it's the perfect time waster if you're feeling a bit bored at work today. Check it out above.

If you're a fan of anime then you're going to love these works from the artist Mr. who is currently hosting an exhibition over in New York.

The exhibition is entitled Metamorphosis: Give Me Your Wings and features works from Mr. (real name Masakatsu Iwamoto) including his latest paintings as well as an installment. Each of the works represents the post-disaster anxiety experienced after the Japan earthquake which took place last March.

The intallment itself is a mock living environment of someone who has gone through a natural disaster and features lots of clutter as well as an anime paintings and bed sheets.

The exhibition is currently running at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery until 27th October but if you can't make it to check it out we've put a preview for you below.

mr exhibition Lehmann Maupin Gallery new york preview

mr exhibition Lehmann Maupin Gallery new york preview

mr exhibition Lehmann Maupin Gallery new york preview

mr exhibition Lehmann Maupin Gallery new york preview

mr exhibition Lehmann Maupin Gallery new york preview

bloc party to stream new york gigFancy going to see Bloc Party performing live in New York but don't quite have the funds? Fear not as the band are going to be streaming the whole thing online for free.

On 8th August (aka next Wednesday) Bloc Party will be playing New York's legendary music venue Terminal 5. On the night they'll be performing tracks from their soon to be released album Four as well as some of their better known material and if you don't want to miss out all you have to do is keep an eye on the bands website to find out what time it'll be streamed.

Despite announcing a return to the music industry to much excitement earlier this year the London based band have yet to make an impact on us with the material they've been putting out. Just the other day they streamed new track Octopus but it left us feeling pretty unfulfilled and if we're honest made us worry slightly for the quality of material that will be on the new album. That said we know the band put on an excellent show so this will be well worth tuning in for.