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Marvel is doing a good job with the trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron so far, because they aren't the usual spoiler-filled promos we're used to today. Instead they're a collection of disjointed but undeniably cool clips of action, laced with some mysterious dialogue from main characters. And because Marvel doesn't really need to promote the plot of the film to make people come and see it, it has license to keep things from us up until the last minute. In that respect, it is the Apple of the movie industry.

In the movie the superheroes from the first film are pulled back together again to take on a rogue artificial intelligence that Tony Stark inadvertently sets loose on the world. And somehow this will involve Stark facing off against the Hulk in an over-sized version of the Iron Man suit, which is featured in this second full trailer for the film. Fun!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out in the UK on April 24th.

American Sniper
From the gritty rodeos of Texas to the sand-blasted streets of urban Iraq, American Sniper adapts a story of modern warfare in a way that’s visceral, violent and unerringly tense. In conjunction with the tragic course of the true events on which it’s based, it makes for a powerful film; one willing to tarnish the glamour of military service without taking away from the people who put their lives on the line.

Bradley Cooper is utterly in command as real life Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle’s early years are dealt with quickly in the opening scenes, and he has soon moved from playground punch-ups to cowboy antics, then on into the military, spurred by patriotism and the unquenchable desire to protect his fellow man. He meets and marries Taya (Sienna Miller), and is promptly deployed to provide sniper cover for the troops as the ground invasion of Iraq begins.

Over a series of tours, Kyle becomes a living legend thanks to his deadly accuracy and selflessness on the battlefield. But he finds adapting to family life in the eerie interim periods between the action very difficult, which threatens to tear his fledgling family apart. Yet more mental turmoil is caused by thoughts of the comrades he doesn’t manage to save, although he seems to lose little sleep over the enemy blood spilt.

Also in play is a plot involving an equally dangerous sniper; a former Olympic medallist from Syria who’s working for Jihadists. He and Kyle become embroiled in a long term game of cat and mouse, with the Americans setting up a task force specifically to take him down, along with his equally elusive bosses. This allows for many meaty action set-pieces, although director Clint Eastwood doesn’t manage to knit these together with the calmer moments particularly well. And while some attempt is made to highlight the ridiculousness of the conflicts in which Kyle was involved, the film is not quite brave enough to bring the full brunt of criticism down in any particular corner, which feels like a missed opportunity. Kyle is just another weary warrior chucked in the grinder, with no hint at who’s turning the handle.

American Sniper can’t help but conclude in a way that leaves the audience with a deep sense of sadness. And while there are elements which lack polish and feel rushed, it still manages to be a gripping epitaph of a man whose desire to be unambiguously heroic encountered the realities of war and remained largely intact.

The Voices is a cross between Psycho and Dr Dolittle. A pitch black comedy about a seemingly normal man who ends up committing a series of murders, egged on by a talking cat with evil intentions and a dog that's trying to put him back on the path to righteousness.

In this official trailer you'll see the conundrum faced by leading man Ryan Reynolds, whose mental instability manifests itself violently and in stark contrast to his nice guy persona. Anna Kendrick stars as his living love interest, while Gemma Arterton seems to be having fun playing a decapitated head that continues to torment Reynolds' character from beyond the grave.

The Voices is scheduled for a UK release on March 20th.

The New Year is here, and with it, fresh new horrors are emerging. Demonic is the latest spirit-summoning film, presumably laced with jump scares, that wants to terrify cinema audiences. And the official trailer gives you a taste of the ghostly goings-on it will feature.

It stars emerging middle-aged hunk Frank Grillo as a police detective charged with investigating the mysterious deaths of a group of people who were dabbling with the dark arts. But are there actually evil undead spectres going on a killing spree, or is it a more straightforward case of murder?

Demonic hasn't got a release date as yet, but will be out in the UK at some point later in the year.

Zombies. The pop cultural phenomenon that can't be killed. Tougher than pirates. More deadly than ninjas. And impossible to ignore at the cinema or on TV.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is an Australian zombie flick that, like its trailer, is packed with blood, guts and good-humoured expletives. It sticks to the standard zombie script in that its heroes are the survivors of an undead apocalypse, but mixes things up by endowing one of the characters with the ability to control the zombie hordes.

While there's no UK release date yet, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead will hopefully make it to our shores in the next few months, whether in cinemas or via on-demand streaming.