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The name Stephen Webster is synonymous with fine jewellery – some forty years in the business has made him the go-to guy for timeless designs that scream sophistication and luxury. This summer his pop-up exclusively for men arrives at Harrods, looking to reestablish the relationship between men and this unique art form that has so long been dominated by women. On a sunny Saturday afternoon of LFWM, we headed to Mayfair for an exclusive preview.

Strolling around the Stephen Webster showroom at 130 Mount Street, gin and tonic in hand, was nothing short of divine. Surrounded by the books and artworks that inspire him, mirrored walls and plush carpets, his new menswear designs were showcased in glass cabinets, separated into collections.

Celtic-inspired crosses and chains, accented with emeralds, sat across from his Beasts of London themed designs, featuring glowing ruby red eyes. Each collection was the perfect combination of exquisite design and menswear aesthetic – beautiful depictions of aggressive bulls and roaring bears become signet rings; chainmail weaves itself into dark bracelets and snakes slither into supple black belts.

Always one to experiment in combinations of his jewellery talents with other objects, a cabinet in the far corner of the room contained chefs knives featuring animal textures and elements visible in the jewellery, as well as vape pipes encrusted with intricate jewelled details.

Describing menswear as the fastest growing category in the sector, Webster sees this first dedicated men's fine jewellery boutique in Harrods as the antidote to years of distance between men and these finer things in life. And as we stepped back out into the midday heat of London's streets, we couldn't agree more. With LFMW turning five this year, the buzz in the presentation had been about how refreshing this season has been with new additions, such as Webster's, to the schedule – we hope to see it as a permanent feature in the seasons to come.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot

To celebrate the first birthday of Ted’s Grooming Room’s Lancaster Place store, Ted is generously offering free ‘Cut A Long Story short’ haircuts worth £28.50 on a first come first serve basis all day on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The Lancaster Place store reflects Ted’s love of the shining stars on the silver screen and encourages every man to feel like a suave movie star from Marlon Brando to Paul Newman. With their genteel manner, perfectly coiffed quiffs and impeccably stubble, Ted has always been struck by the style and grace of movie stars and TV heroes. Ted believes the modern London man should settle for nothing less than star quality.


Entering into the minimalist aesthetic of the foyer of St James’ Market and being whisked up in a lift to the rooftops of London for Lou Dalton’s AW17 presentation was a fashion week first for me. In my experience, fashion seems to favour street level; industrial carparks, sultry underground dancefloors or tiny tucked-away rooms, where everyone clamours to see the scene. As the lift doors opened, revealing another bare, brand-spanking new space, only a disco beat indicated that there was an event happening somewhere in the building. But of course, as I followed the sound of the eighties soundtrack around two corners of the open-plan floor, I remembered that Lou Dalton needs no dramatics – her clothes do all the talking.

Lou Dalton #1

One of the few female designers in a menswear world, Lou Dalton’s shows have become a firm favourite of the LFWM schedule, mixing fashion with function in the best way. And her AW17 collection is no exception – the vibe was distinctly chilled, with models lounging around on boxes, instantly showing that the clothes were as comfortable as they were eye-catching.

Lou Dalton #4 Lou Dalton #6

Designs were simple – loose trousers and shorts, relaxed jumpers and classic trainers. Colours, too, were taken from that classic autumnal palette, with navy paired with tan in colour block patterns, along with warm whites and creams. Flashes of rainbow shades kept us on our toes though, appearing through scarves, shoes and occasionally whole suits against the soft white walls.

Lou Dalton #3 Lou Dalton #2

Texture is where Lou Dalton really struts her stuff – I’m yet to see an AW menswear collection from her that I don’t instantly want to steal for my own winter wardrobe – and next season, that means fleecy soft jumpers and bobbled knitwear.

Lou Dalton #5 Lou Dalton #7

As I called the lift to take me back down to earth, I  couldn't help but admire the atmosphere that Lou Dalton's clothing creates – it's relaxed and calming, and at the same time looks so damn good. If there's a secret to designing menswear, she certainly knows it, and it keeps us coming back for more.

Lou Dalton #9 Lou Dalton #8

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photography|@tegan.photography


It is clear that Nigel Cabourn's collection epitomises British heritage, particularly inspired by the attire worn by the British military. The collection resembles what a soldier would wear in the early 20th century. This look and idea was accentuated by the models who modelled the clothing looking confidently.


It is clear that in pulling off the Nigel Cabourn's collection, one must be confident. There was a distinctive theme in his presentation shown by the colour’s which consisted of mostly browns and khaki greens.  I'd say that overall the collection is smart wear but also clothing that one can easily be worn in the woods.


Although inspiration has clearly been taken from fashion in the 40s and 50s era, there is still an evident modern feel to the collection. This contrast is what makes the clothing line very unique, simultaneously the clothing caters to both young and older men. Despite this the collection maintains its modern feel with one model wearing a snapback, a navy bomber jacket and a denim shirt printed with different patterns. His collection is divided into three different parts: Authetic, Lybro and The Army gym.


Simplicity is key with Cabourn’s collection, from the colour’s to the style of the clothing. Less is most definitely more and as displayed in the collection, extremely chic. Additionally, to add to the clothing, Cabourn’s pairs them with accessories such as backpacks and little satchels, to go with the theme of war. As well as having bags, a very important accessory is clearly the head wear. There are a selection of hats that complete the entire collection.




In all, if you want to be bold and daring then Cabourn’s collection is the right place to start.

Words: Elizabeth Abbey | Fashion Week Press| @Elizabeth9422


Bulrleigh Gentlemen's Club pop-up on Soho’s Greek Street from 17th – 21st Movember.

This coincides with the launch of their Burleigh Gentlemen’s Club Moustache Mug of which they will be donating 10% of the proceeds of sales to The Movember Foundation. 

The Burleigh's Gentlemen's Club will give men the opportunity to emphasise their new tache with a wet shave from the in-house barber. Then they can head over to the in-house photographer to record their new look. And why not get the full Gentleman’s experience and get your shoes shined too?

I have attached some further information for you below. The pop-up supports a great cause (in style!).

BGC BGC5 Burleigh London shoot107 (1)