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honest burgers open in sohoIf you live around the Brixton area there's a good chance that Honest Burgers is one of your favourite eateries and now the restaurant is expanding by opening the doors of a new Soho base.

If there's one thing us Londoners love it's our meat and when it comes to good quality burgers it doesn't come much better than Honest Burgers. Unlike several pop-ups and new openings this year they don't come with a side order of gimmick. Instead they purely believe in the simplicity of delivering the best quality burger possible. It's for that reason that they've built themselves up a reputation strong enough to spread their wings to Central London.

If you're expected something visually spectacular this isn't the place for you because at this restaurant simplicity is key. Each burger is served in a toasted glazed bun with an accompaniment of house chips with rosemary salt with the meat being sourced from The Ginger Pig who specialise in rare breeds of animal. There's no add ons, no fancy decorating and definitely no experimenting with weird flavours, it's just straight down the line traditional burgers maker which I think we can all agree makes a nice change.

The Soho restaurant can now be found at 4A Meard Street, W1F 0EF.

meat London an insiders guideAs our obsession with meat as a capital grows some clever people have brought out a book that;s going to play it's way right into our bellies, Meat London : An Insiders Guide.

Meat London has all the information you are ever going to need (until a load of new stuff opens up) on where best to find meat wether that be in a restaurant, butcher or market.

If you love meat, you're going to want this book. It is handily split up into sections which cover Restaurants & Pubs, Street Food and Butchers and covers all budgets. The book also looks at seasonality of your chosen animal and talks a little while on supply of meat and provenance also.

Illustrated throughout with colour photographs of both the food and establishments included and with an introduction by food writer Thomas Blythe, Meat London: An Insider’s Guide is the perfect book for the casual restaurant-goer, the enthusiastic home-cook, and the dedicated gastronome.

Available now on Amazon for £7.56.

Tobacco cocktailsWhatever will they think of next? As the race continues to be run to find the newest alternative thing to eat or drink the latest that has come in front of us is both tobacco and meat cocktails.

Of course, we live in London and this means that having a resurgence in cocktails will only be enough for so long. Give it a year or so and you're going to get things like this popping up in the bid to have the biggest cocktail bar selling point.

The latest of these two are the recently launched tobacco cocktail menu at Barts in Chelsea and the soon to be opened Meat cocktail bar at Shaka Zulu in Camden.

The tobacco reasoning is thus - if nicotine is put into the drinks the smokers will have less need to disappear outside every 20 minutes to smoke. And it could work, but will they be nice? We have yet to sample them so afraid we can't vouch but feel free to pop down there yourself and report back.

The meat side of things is interesting given that a bloody mary really doest go well with a bit of bacon on a fragile morning after. Shaka Zulu are also of course kings when it comes to making meat and so who better to take this on.

We'll be popping to the opening of the Shaka Zulu bar later this week so we'll be able to report back.

In the mean time get those taste buds ready for a new flurry or strangely tweaked cocktails coming towards you from all angles and the trends catch on.

Shaka Zulu, The Stables Market  Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8AB
020 3376 9911

Barts, Chelsea Cloisters  87 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DW
020 7581 3355

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gaslight grill londonJust yesterday we told you about new meat based restaurant The Tramshed and today we've heard news of another meat obsessed venue that's opened it's doors in London, The Gaslight Grill.

Based in Battersea the restaurant describes itself as a steakhouse and Victoria gin palace which by anyones standards can only be a good thing.

Found around the back of the popular bar Lost Angel The Gaslight Grill is decorated in dark wood furniture, paintings of Victorian men and stylish drapes hung from the huge skylight which is situated in the middle of the restaurant.

They serve up potted Sussex Crab, mixed platters, grilled venison, steaks and other typical grill foods as well as their home made and infused gins and their open now so make sure you go and check them out.