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One of our favourite online retailers has teamed up with London based designer, Markus Lupfer, on an affordable leather collection.

The range includes a selection of printed dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses in a colour palette of black and navy.  The designer said the collection is “contemporary, fun and easy-to-wear, a combination of separates that go right through from day to night.” Perfect for the busy working girl.

Markus Lupfer said that the printed leather is new for the brand as he wanted to something fun and fresh! He also felt it was great way to reach a different cliental.  Take a look at the preview of the collection launched on the 12th November.



It is a wearable, apparently affordable and edgy collection to hit ASOS for the “fashion conscious girl who likes something contemporary and wearable but with a unique slant.”  Not only that but the designer has revealed that the skater dress is his personal favourite, along with the printed jacket being a very popular piece within his office. He’s hoping to please the designer customers and ASOS customers simultaneously.  I’m certainly sold!

Humour, knitwear and a slightly bonkers presentation at London Fashion Week - these are  the key things which encapsulate Markus Lupfer as a designer to me. In the past he has transformed models into weird animals and let them loose on the audience among other fantastical things, so I was excited to go along and see what he was doing this season. The presentation was hosted in the The Vinyl Gallery, a stark, industrial location hidden away at the back of Carnaby Street - a perfect setting for the futuristic weirdness to come.

At the very back of the gallery, a bizarre set had been built in the form of a cartoonish sea with a bath tub boat / space vehicle floating in the middle. The models walked among the waves like strange space mermaids blowing bubble guns at each other, wearing silver tops layered over pastel blue shirts dresses. They looked like a crew of space cadets on incredibly chic adventure.

The rest of the collection was displayed on rails for the audience to browse through - A Lupfer collection would not be a Lupfer collection without his trademark humorous knitwear - this season in the form of light pink jumpers with the word, 'LOVE' boldly written across the front of it in grey sequins. There were also soft pink jersey tops with cutesy diamond ring motifs and mint green jumpers coated coated in sequins. Sequins and jewels were the staple adornment across the collection giving each garment a slightly more dressy feel.

I devoured a glitter coated cake and walked around the presentation with a sense of child like bewilderment. I felt like I was taking a walk through a very cool sci-fi convention or had somehow ended up in a party scene from an art house movie. This feeling is what Lupfer is all about - a whole world beyond just the clothes. This is perhaps why his clothes have gathered quite a cult following across the pond in the US. Owning a Lupfer jumper is like having a kitsch collectible - a little bit of the designer's playful world.

All in all, I found it light and fun, ever so bonkers and tongue in cheek. Fashion should be fun. Thanks Markus for keeping it that way.

Faye Heran

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