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Balloon animals have appeared in many carriages on the London underground and no one is quite sure of the identity of the man who put them there.

The balloon animals, like those made by children's entertainers were added to certain tube carriages yesterday on the northern line.

Julia Boggio tweeted: "Man just came onto the tube, put up loads of balloon dogs and then sat down to read a book."

The balloons lasted on the tubes until they were removed by cleaning staff.



Running alongside some of the London  Underground are other tunnels, tunnels that were used a decade ago to ferry Royal Mail from place to place in London.

These separate trains have not been in use for years but now plans have been put on the table to open them up as a tourist ride and exhibition.

The BBC reports -

"Mail Rail was approved by an Act of Parliament a century ago, and during its heyday its driverless trains carried 12 million postal items daily on the line stretching from East End's Whitechapel to west London's Paddington. But it was mothballed a decade ago."

To make the ride possible the project still needs to raise £2m from sponsors by March to secure further Heritage Lottery funding.

Fingers crossed it goes ahead as it would be a brilliant addition to underground London tours.

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It seems as a city we like bright colours that perk up the grey around us. The London Transport Museum has deemed this poster the favourite tube poster of Londoners.

The poster is by Horace Taylor and was made in 1924, after a vote of more than 40,000 people on which tube posters were their favourite this one came out on top. The poster is the favourite from a shortlist of 150 designs chosen from the Museum's archive of more than 3,300 posters to celebrate last year's 150th anniversary of the Tube.

The scene depicted is of the escalators as Londoners go out of an evening into the west end.

Museum director Sam Mullins said: "We’re delighted that so many people participated in the Siemens Poster Vote which reinforces the view that our poster collection is one of the best-loved collections of graphic art in the world."

Get ready for cool (perfect timing as our hot summer ends), larger Central Line trains - they are being introduced today - have you need on one yet?

There are 53 trains being introduced to the Circle and Hammersmith and City lines. The trains have an extra carriage on them meaning they can carry more passengers and will replace the 40 year old shorter counterparts. The new trains also have wider doors and walkways as well as air conditioning.

From now through to 2016 191 new trains will be introduced, more over the Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines but also for the District and Metropolitan lines.

Image : Evening Standard

Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs

Trust the London Transport Museum to pull out all the stops to celebrate our beloved Tube’s 150th birthday. And why the heck not, it’s an age to be proud of.  They are celebrating with a fascinating exhibition of 150 posters which have chosen by a panel of experts from their 3,300 archive – blimey! The selection features some well-loved and big name artists such as Man Ray, Paul Nash and Alfred Leete and represents the range and depth of the Museum’s collection.

Not only do the posters tell the story of the London Underground, but also of graphic design and London itself. With a wide variety of artistic styles from typographic experiments to scenic watercolour landscapes, the posters also depict and trace the fashions and anxieties of Londoners throughout the century, all split into six themes: Finding your way, Brightest London, Capital Culture, Away from it all, Keeps London Going and Love your city.

There will be plenty of iconic posters on display that visitors can recognise, and even more that will delight, baffle and intrigue even the most avid of Tube buffs out there. The public will be able to vote for their favourite poster in the gallery and also online in The Siemens Poster Vote – the most popular poster will be revealed later in the year.

The exhibition was unveiled earlier this week and will run until 27th October, 2013. Definitely worth a stop.


by Roxy Mirshahi