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We here at Who's Jack London love a bit of Random Impulse, so we were more than happy when Jovel agreed to give us a little insite into this top five favourite parts of London, and the places he can't live without. . . What could be better than this?

Random Impulses' latest single (video above) is due for release on June 3rd! Get watching, and grab a copy for yourself.

1. Konoha Studios - Finsbury Park
My own little home studio where I've recorded all of my demos. This studio has seen a good amount of talent come through the doors - from Tinie Tempah and Wiley to Ed Sheeran. I named the studio after a the village that one of my favourite anime characters 'Naruto Uzumaki'  lives in.  I couldn't go on without this place.

2. Yildiz restaurant - Blackstock Road
North London is renowned for it's Turkish cuisine, and Yidiz is one of the best Turkish barbecue places around! Every main dish comes with rice, THREE types of salad and bread. Lamb ribs are definitely the top dish! Add some fried kalamari and halloumi and you're on to a winner.

3. Forbidden Planet

The BEST place to get my anime fix, figurines, mangas, DVDs, it's all here! I remember getting my very first anime VHS from here, it was a twelve part series called  'guyver - bio booster armour.' I was about 11 and had to beg my dad for a full 20 minutes.

4. Clissold Park
Guitar practice is a LOT less frustrating when you're surrounded by beautiful greenery. Growing up this was my local park, so there's tons of memories here, this was where I had my first propper kiss too haha. They've even got goats, deer and tropical birds up in there!

5. Metropolis Studios
My first time in a proper fully kitted out studio, and where I've recently recorded my debut album. While i learned just how much more goes into making a song complete as opposed to just banging out a demo in my home studio. I also met some really awesome people here like Jimmy Paige and Rihanna. That was an amazing experience and I'll never forget that place.

rent prices in LondonLondon rent prices are going through the roof prompting young Londoners to either opt to live at home with their parents or to flat share well into their 30s.

Over the past few years rent in London has gone up eight times faster than the average salary which is obviously going to cause major problems.

The demand is partly fuelled by the buying market as prices here are steep also forcing more people to choose to rent - which is silly really as with borrowing rates super low its far, far cheaper per month to buy.

The Standard reported that :

"Last month the average monthly rent in London stood at £1106, a rise of 7.9 per cent in a year and the highest level ever recorded, according to the latest Buy to Let Index from lettings agency network LSL Property Services."

So what to do?

Well, here are some of our suggestions :

Live on a house boat - you may have to change your moorings pretty often but you'll be central enough and bills are cheap. Plus you can buy your own boat for around £40,000 - that's a loan rather than a mortgage.

Get a camper van and borrow a wealthier friends parking permit - get a parking permit for a borough from a friend that lives there and simply choose your roadside abode. It may be a little pokey but your living expenses will be peanuts.

Set up a tent in the park - this will obviously just be a summer option and you will have to be crafty to avoid park patrols that might try to move you on. However what a lovely summer home it would be - just watch out for  any drunks left in the park after hours or tramps that may find your cosy tent rather appealing.

Refurb a disused public toilet - you know - those ones under the road that some have turned into bars, clubs or coffee shops. No one uses them anyway so who would notice? Get your DIY on and make it a home.

Get a live in job - become a nanny or a cleaner or a cook or run a pub and get your home for free!

Heard of the Kray Twins?
How about the Elephant Man?
Maybe the Asylum and a different kind of Jack altogether?


Mr Ripper and his macabre compadres are an East End institution, all playing a starring role in the rich history of this corner of London and now providing the inspiration for a brand new performance festival set in the heart of Whitechapel itself.

We at Who's Jack are definitely fans of the unusual and this up and coming performance event is right up our (Ripper) street. Leaving tired ghost walks and pub stops behind, One of Us is set to breathe new life into old tales and unite artists and performers in a brand new and totally immersive experience. From listening to the guilty conscience of London’s most notorious killer to the contemplation of human relations and a distorted look at mass murder and hanging, there is something to satisfy the sinister and the psychological as the audience will be led from room to room in a Georgian townhouse through different eras and a whole host of morbid fantasies.

Fancy making it a night to remember? Come down half an hour prior to the theatrics and enjoy a drink in a Victorian themed salon before being treated to a grisly take on everyone’s  favourite sitcom as our televised ‘friends’ are seen in a whole new light.

There will be 3 performances over both Saturday 9th March and Sunday 10th March, with slots running between: 6-7pm, 7:30-8:30pm and 9-10pm. Tickets are available in advance and on the door subject to availability, so get yours now to avoid disappointment. We’ve already got ours so we’ll see you down there for a quick bevy before the nightmare begins.

For more info on what to expect, check out the official Facebook and follow the One of Us twitter for updates.

With Valentine's Day just gone, it's easy for single Londoners to question their love life - and whether they're in the right, or wrong, city for romance.  In this week's Big Debate, Joe and Charlotte argue it out: is it hard to find love in London? 

YES, says Joe:

Is it hard to find love in London? Yes, obviously. No need to even use that pope joke to illustrate the point.

Let’s look at the statistics. There are over 8 million people living in London and more than 15 million if you include the wider metropolitan expanse. Let’s assume that you only have a proclivity for one gender, which means you can instantly cut the eligible group of suitors in half. It’s also safe to guess that you want to hook up with someone who is A) Over the age of consent and B) Born somewhere within a decade of you.

According to the 2011 census exactly 25% of inner London’s population is between 25 and 34 years old. You can add another 10% if you want to cast the net a little wider and go for anyone older than 18. So again assuming you’re only going to be targeting half that group, you’re looking at over 1.4 million potential partners.

That’s a healthy slice of prime relationship material right there. But I’m not saying that that’s a good thing. Quite the opposite. It’s such a ridiculously overloaded smorgasbord that you’ll never reasonably be able to sample all it has to offer and actually find a morsel worth clinging onto. And bisexuals have it twice as bad.

For people who live in a one horse town, on the other hand, it’s much simpler. You’ll happily settle for the horse, because the pool of potential playmates is much smaller.

That’s not to say that people in London can’t get laid. We’re just as happy to exchange fluids with one another as the rest of humanity. But it’s difficult not to wonder whether you can really have met ‘the one’ in a flurry of booze and sweat, because surely with so many other people out there, you’d be mad to stop looking after a few minutes of genital mingling.

But most of all it’s hard to find love in London because it’s an emotional trick played by your body to make you reproduce. Some think love is as solid and tangible as a brick wall, but in reality it’s more like jelly; delicious in small doses, but also quite childish and impossible to grasp firmly.

So go speed dating, flirt at the office and accept invitations to awkward couple-oriented dinner parties where you’re forced to engage with the only other single person, like hollow-eyed veterans of some awful war. It’s tough out there in the big city, and you’re more fragile than you think.

NO, says Charlotte:

I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard someone excuse their (lack of) love life with the words, 'but it's hard to meet people in London'.  You mean to tell me that, in a city with over 8 million people, and the highest proportion of singletons in the UK, there's no one to go out with?

Too often people, women in particular, expect Mr or Mrs Right to roll up, knock on the door and invite them on a date.  But it's easy to wait for someone else to make the first move; days eventually turning into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and before you know it, you're back at Christmas dinner, being asked all over again by nosy relatives 'why are you still single then?'

To find love, one must stop being so fatalistic.  It's about taking charge of your destiny and circulating; going to interesting places, spotting attractive people, and plucking up the courage to say 'hello.'  And goodness knows, Londoners are spoilt with opportunities to mingle with members of their desired sex.

Just think of all the dating nights on at venues such as the Book Club, and even 'Slagbox' - 'the single's night for people who don't like single's nights.'  If the concept of engineered romance makes you quiver, simply joining an exercise or activity class will do the trick - and allow you to sell yourself to your target market.

It's self-defeating to say 'it's hard to find love in London.'  It's a cop out that prevents people from going out and making things happen themselves.  As with most things in life, finding love is about exploiting opportunities and taking the initiative; and London is the perfect place to do so.

Image: www.eslhandouts.com