So music videos have been getting good again. From Gangnam Style to Wrecking Ball, whether or not you are a fan of the content, it's nice to see a bit of inventiveness and controversy injected back into what was a stagnant medium. But this new vid from DJ Snake & Lil Jon is...well, see for yourself.

While it's definitely NSFW, it's not in the same league as misogynistic works like Blurred Lines. Basically, it's a super weird video in which penises, breasts and bums take on a life of their own, leading their owners on a mad dance that sees them smashing through floors and going all out to hump and grind everything in sight. It's one of the funniest things we've seen in a long time.

The track is called Turn Down For What, and the video manages to elevate it from a basic club banger into something that you won't forget quickly. Be right back, we've got to watch this again.