Brit denim brand Lee Cooper have a new campaign, entitled The Makers, Lee is championing four rising talents within creativity all of whom are from Lee Cooper's home ground of East London.

As one of the UKs original denim brands, Lee Cooper has been crafting clothing in East London since 1908. Thatʼs over a century of making classic denim and workwear. Carpenters, musicians, barbers, chefs, bike mechanics, artists – weʼve dressed them all.

This year, Lee Cooper is proud to present the next generation of makers: Clara, Alex, James and Alice. Four young creators who continue to refuse the shortcuts of modernity; who share the time-honoured art of working hard, of rock ʻnʼ roll, of learning their craft, of making their own way, of putting their stamp on the world.

These are the young men and women who, in the words of Arthur OʼShaughnessey, are the music-makers, the dreamers of dreams, the world-losers and world-forsakers, the movers and the shakers.

A painter, a jeweller, an audio designer, an illustrator – the four of them are the latest in a long and vibrant lineage of Lee Cooper makers which includes the likes of Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and the Rolling Stones. Drawing on their heritage, they represent the future of their respective crafts. And we are proud to dress them in the classic denim and workwear that we have been making for over 100 years.

Meet the Lee Cooper Makers.

The Makers are:

Alex - an audio craftsman

Alex Bradley is an audio craftsman. While he still continues his own projects as a musician, he is best known for designing, producing and creating/executing the audio for everything from 30 second idents and installations to feature film scores. His client list includes the hallowed likes of Dazed Digital and One Little Indian.

Alice - a painter

A graduate of Londonʼs Chelsea College of Art, Alice Mendelowitz paints unique spaces: perfectly geometric, bright, harmonic, hypnotic. Inspired by her fascination with the way people react to their environments, she recreates snippets of these interactions in paint and actual spaces, creating new environments that donʼt actually exist: almost illogical, but warmly welcoming nonetheless.

James - jewellery designer

James Tannerʼs jewellery stands at the intersection between the technicality of Art Nouveau and the weight and form of his craftʼs heritage. Originally trained as an illustrator, his work in antiques and silver-buying and his love of fashion have led him to this obvious destination. And we are very grateful for that.

Clara - an illustrator

An illustration graduate from Londonʼs Camberwell College of Art, Clara Lacy creates elegant characters and subtle worlds of astonishing detail. Drawing inspiration from the realms of science and nature – everything from the very concept of evolution to the birds in the trees around her – her pencil drawings have a unique and magical quality.

If you want to watch their videos you can find them here.