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Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) has gone from a window cleaner and freak show star to BF of Lady Gaga,  Nicola Formichetti‘s new muse and the face of Mugler!

He's covered in body art and I'm told his lifelong ambition is to slowly turn himself into a walking corpse! His inspiration for this was the George A Romero’s Living Dead movies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  At 25 the Canadian has spent around £4,000 on tattoos and is still not finished.

Terry-James Lynch

Rick in the new Lady Gaga "Born This Way" video

Photography Mariano Vivanco

Creative Nicola Formichetti

Model Rick Genest


Welcome to the horror show. Charlie le Mindu's autumn/winter 2011 collection was a staggering mix of the erotic, the grotesque and the glamorous; a cataclysm of white lace, velvet and trailing lengths of horse hair.

A packed audience, including Daphne Guinness, clothed in a combination of East London garb and fashion extremities gasped as models dripping in fake blood and brandished with graffiti walked down the catwalk to a sound track of pig screams and heavy bass.

The collection saw an array of head dresses such a giant white eagle and gas masks swathed in translucent plastic and lace. The show left the audience in raptures of applause and discussion, it was hyperbolic, shocking, fashion with real bite. A welcome antithesis to a rainy Sunday at London Fashion Week.

Ella Davison

Una Burke's stint at London Fashion Week saw the designer preview her A/W '11 range with a short film screening alongside an exhibition, the former remaining the Freemasons Hall 'til Wednesday 23rd February (A.K.A.fashion week's mens day).  The film centered around a red headed model and lasted no longer than ten minutes. With elements of Lady Gaga and Natalie Portman circa Black Swan, the fragile female shakes and trembles around a bedroom before making her way down a staircase. When she reaches the bottom the music switches and suddenly she's in-what appears to be-a clinical esc hallway, with five strangers in white surrounding her. They laugh, she collapses and the film finishes.

Projected onto a white screen in a grand hall at Freemasons, pieces from Una Burke's collection sat to the sides of the screen alongside black and white stills, while a mannequin was situated at the back. Made up of bondage esc leather piece, black and brown cuffs and 'body armour' were well received by the (primarily) gothic visions around the room.

Zoe Whitfield

A fair amount of slagging has been going off around the net saying that Lady Gaga's new single, Born This Way is simply a rip off of Madonna's Express Yourself.

We must say that Madonna is not someone you want to rip off, especially if you like to be as individual as GaGa does. The video for the track is due to come out the same day as the Grammy Awards are happening and it will be interesting to see what sort of spin will be put on the track, woe betide any 80's references. The two tracks, it's hard to deny from where we are sitting, are massively similar, and much the same to when Diana Vickers came out with the very Red Hot Chili Pepper sounding My Wicked Heart the public has quickly lashed back. Maybe we can put it down to GaGa having a bottle of wine to the track Express Yourself whilst writing Born This Way and getting all Bridget Jones on us and thus this is the outcome.

However, with the Lady Gaga, Express Yourself / Madonna, Born This Way argument it would be surprising if it was done on purpose. The woman that has gone to enormous lengths to be sure to remain as individual as possible surely wouldn't be so stupid as to rip someone off that much? Especially a Queen of Pop! Would she?

Lady Gaga seems to be putting the backlash down to the fact that  people want her to fail or at least that's what she revealed in a recent interview given to Anderson Cooper also stating that all her drama and persona was purely created to stay in the public eye saying, "That's what everyone wants to know, right? What is she going to look like when she dies...when she's overdosed on whatever they think I'm overdosing on? Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar."

Maybe then this is a cunning rouse by the lobster phone hat wearing popstress to begin a demise by causing a load of  stir with an incredibly similar track to another.

As expected whole load of Madonna Vs Gaga mash ups have landed on You Tube so you can make your own mind up.

The next James Bond film has been hanging in the balance for some time now but filming has finally been scheduled to be released in November 2012. The 23rd Bond film will see Daniel Craig returning to play 007 for the third time and Sam Mendes will be taking to the directors chair. Rumour has it that the scrip has already been written by regular Bond writers Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan and it is also rumoured that Lady Gaga will be recording the films theme tune.