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Three things News LondonThis Sunday gone a man defaced a painting by Mark Rothco in the Tate. The man who did it has been named and has spoken out to papers but has not yet been found by police. Vladimir Umanets, the man who claims to have defaced the artwork spoke of himself as a new Marcel Duchamp, the French artist who signed a urinal and called it art in 1917. (here).

Lady Gaga launched her new perfume 'Fame' in Harrods on Sunday and was greeted by boos from fans that had waiting up to 5 hours to see the star. She refused to walk the length of her 'black carpet' and spent less than 5 minutes outside giving fans any of her time (here)

Don't drink any cocktails that have liquid nitrogen in if you want to keep your stomach. A girl has had to have her stomach removed after having a bad reaction to liquid nitrogen in a cocktail that caused a perforation in the wall of her stomach. (here)

lady-gaga-fame-ad-600x450-600x450More news from Lady Gaga this morning as the popstar launches her first perfume and an industry first in perfume.

The fragrance is called Fame and was earlier reported to smell like blood and semen (yuk). Now it turns out from all reports that it will smell like an expensive hooker... oh... much better.

What is interesting about the fragrance though is that it is the first perfume to be a black liquid. And before you think, 'well that's just stupid it will ruin my clothes' Gaga has thought of this and the liquid has been designed to turn clear once airborne, which unlike smelling like a hooker, is very, very cool.

See the first advert for the perfume above. It is due out in September when we can all have colour changing liquid that makes us smell like hookers - Joy!

LADY GAGA JOINS CAST OF MOVIE MACHETE KILLSLady Gaga has decided that her latest career plan will be to act. She has landed herself a role in the new Robert Rodriguez film, Machete Kills, the Machete sequel.

Robert Rodriguez tweeted this picture of Gaga yesterday all dolled up as her character and according to the director she is doing pretty well in her new career choice. Gaga's character is called La Chameleon and she will star alongside the likes of Charlie Sheen (who plays the plays the US president), Mel Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez in the film.

Gaga also took to Twitter and wrote : "Yes its true, I will be making my debut as an actress ln the amazing MACHETE KILLS BY @RODRIGUEZ IM SO EXCITED!!! AH! Filming was insane. (sic)"


thedarknessDarkness are back together and ready to bring out a brand new album in the shape of Hot Treats this August.

The band has had the rough old ride that tends to come with too much hype and success at an early stage. Their first album, Permission To Land in 2003 went straight in at number 2 and brilliant Christmas song and success followed.

However with album number two, One Way Ticket To Hell And Back (2005) things started to go a litte downhill a little rapidly. Lead singer Justin had drug issues and the band were finding it increasingly hard to get along.

Justin Hawkins was admitted into rehab in 2006 and all sorts of strangeness followed. It was initially announced that Richie Edwards, the groups bass player would become the new lead singer of a band that everyone knew was all about the tight togged Justin and Justin himself tried to go solo with some very strange whale sounding material.

Back to present and the band have got over their differences and drug addictions and reformed with all the original members to give us news of this new album and tour dates. This will be the bands third studio album and will be out on the 20th August,  produced by Justin and Dan Hawkins along with their long-time collaborator, Nick Brine and mixed by Bob Ezrin.

Old Darkness fans need not worry about a new sound either, Hot Treats will be full of all the multi-platinum rock riffs, pop hooks, infectious choruses and balls-out stadium anthems that you know and love the Darkness for (we are told).

Darkness are currently touring Australia and then heading to the US. The return to Europe for the festival circuit and then have the pretty impressive spot of main support for Lady GaGa on her Born This Way Ball European tour.


lady gaga for men in black 3Here's some news we didn't expect to hear any time soon... Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Tim Burton have all signed up to film cameos in Men in Black III.

Despite the fact the latest film in the Men in Black franchise started filming a fair few months ago its director Barry Sonnenfeld has decided it's never too late to add cast members with Gaga, Burton and Bieber all signed up to appear in the film.

At the moment there isn't any word of if they'll appear as themselves or if they'll play characters in the film.

Whatever they end up doing it wont be the first time that celebrities have appeared in the films the likes of Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Martha Stewart have all previously appeared in the films.

Men in Black III will be released on 25th May.

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