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Katy-Perry-proactiv advert bannedAn advert featuring pop singers Katy Perry and Justin Bieber has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Although there's many people who probably believe that there's a million reasons to ban Bieber and Perry from our TV screens this particular move comes after the two appeared in a 'misleading' advert.

The advert is for skin care brand Proactiv (you know the ones!) which feature the stars talking about how the brand saved their skin from spots. However the adverts have now been banned in the UK because the two talk about ingredients that aren't featured in the British version of the product.

Another one of Proactiv's adverts that you may have seen before is the one starring Made in Chelsea's Gabriella Ellis. Sadly this one hasn't been banned because it was made featuring the right information.

Emotional devastation, unrequited love, unrelenting loyalty; it's all in a day's work for the true Belieber.

Take a look at the above photo. These three girls have finally reached the pinnacle of their teenage lives - to meet their idol, hero and inevitably their future husband. Justin Bieber.

Why then, do they look like heroin smugglers about to board a commercial flight?

What could it possibly be about another human being that inspires such inescapable anxiety and emotion among teenage girls? So much so, that it gives them the appearance of someone with a small bag of drugs rammed up their bum?

Mass hysteria and excitement caused by pop stars is no new thing. The Beatles and Elvis caused similar terror stricken panic by simply exiting an aircraft or walking into a building. What has changed, however, is the means of communication between the once distanced fan base and their elusive heroes.

Since the advent of social networking, a new super elite fan structure has emerged, one complete with clever names such as The Beliebers or Directioners or in some cases through the horror of having to choose, The Belectioner. Or something like that.

Through Twitter, Beliebers can profess their love and worship their god, praying and hoping that he might catch one of their messages. The aim being, to turn this discourse into meeting and embracing the J-Dawg himself.

For three year old Cody, this dream came to fruition after a hilarious Youtube clip emerged of her, tear stricken at the tragedy of her unrequited love for Bieber. Chat show host Jimmy Kimmel hooked it up and the next thing she knows she's being spun around in JB's arms, all thanks to a video camera and Youtube.

This method of viral communication combined with the generally open nature of Twitter means that fans now have a chance to bridge the gap between distant admirer and full on physical contact. As you'll see in my compilation of favourite Belieber moments above, when this theory is visualised, it's basically identical to the terrifying trailer for Cloverfield.

From the adorable Cody, all the way through to a girl that is so disturbed and exhausted by the whole thing that she has to resort to drinking water to survive, it really is an ordeal.

It's this ordeal that ultimately causes these teenage girls to act so erratically around their idol when they finally meet him, in their eyes, a deity that has been kept from them by some evil force.

That said, it's an ordeal that most Beliebers seem to be proud and happy to go through. As far as role models go, Bieber seems a pleasant and modest lad, keen to go the extra mile for his fans. He's also abundantly aware that they are largely responsible for his massive success.

After all, it was Youtube that got him to where he is today.

lady gaga for men in black 3Here's some news we didn't expect to hear any time soon... Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Tim Burton have all signed up to film cameos in Men in Black III.

Despite the fact the latest film in the Men in Black franchise started filming a fair few months ago its director Barry Sonnenfeld has decided it's never too late to add cast members with Gaga, Burton and Bieber all signed up to appear in the film.

At the moment there isn't any word of if they'll appear as themselves or if they'll play characters in the film.

Whatever they end up doing it wont be the first time that celebrities have appeared in the films the likes of Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Martha Stewart have all previously appeared in the films.

Men in Black III will be released on 25th May.

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justin-bieber-hallmark-cardsNot content with just creating a female perfume after dominating the hearts and charts for almost every little girl in the world Justin Bieber is now set to collaborate with Hallmark for a run of greetings cards.

The first official Justin Bieber card collection is now on sale in Hallmark nationwide. Oh the joy!

There are 48 different 'everyday cards' (they need to appeal to the masses of course) and prices range from £1.60-£6.27.

So what's on these Justin Bieber cards you might ask? The designs range from complex song lyrics, such as 'U Smile' and 'Baby', to the more visually stimulating lights, pop-up displays and photo inserts.

You can stop reading now and run to the shops.

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It's not often that you'll find us writing about Justin Bieber, in fact until today we thought we never would but we wanted to show you these new pictures of a beaten up Bieber taken from a shoot with Complex magazine.

Young singer Bieber has been beaten black and blue (although we assume it's just clever make up) for the 10th anniversary issue of Complex. The pictures of Bieber were snapped by Tony Kelly and accompany a piece about the singer which sees the magazines editor Joe La Puma getting a glimpse of his life as they travel between France and Miami together. Check out the shots above.

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