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Alighieri Jewellery

Alighieri is a collection of jewellery inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’; each piece corresponding to one of the poet’s 100 poems. As the pilgrim journeys through the realms of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, he encounters mythical creatures, scraggy landscapes, and terrifying demons. Inspired by his odyssey, the designer Rosh Mahtani imagines these characters in gold, wrapped around her neck, and weaving their way through her fingers, as she reads.  We love the ideas behind this jewellery and that it's bang on trend with large semi precious stones and light yet overarching gold holding them all together. It's going onto our 2015 things to watch list for sure.

London-based, Rosh Mahtani studied French and Italian at Oxford University. Upon graduating in 2012, she was inspired to create gold jewellery born from the literature she had studied: Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in particular.She spent two years learning as much as she could about the industry: interning at Harpers Bazaar, as an assistant to fellow designer Estelle Dévé, as a visual merchandiser at AVENUE 32 all the while, dreaming of her collection and creating it by night. With no formal training, and a vehement obsession with the idea of melancholy and imperfection, Alighieri was launched in late 2013.She wanted to create a brand that is firmly rooted in literature and travel that tells a story of whirlwind adventures, battered creatures, scraggy landscapes and passionate mistakes. She is always interested in collaborating with other writers, designers and artists.

The TearDrop Collection

The current collection, The Teardrop collection follows the journey of a traveller-girl; in flight from a non-descript something, in search of an elsewhere. Constantly fidgeting with her rings, attempting new combinations, she often ends up exactly where she began.  Each piece is akin to Dante’s characters - battered, imperfect, and a little bit melancholy. Distressed wings have endured battles; evil eyes have been cast; and gilded teardrops are washed up on the shore.  

Alighieri Jewellery x SUITCASE Collaboration

Suitcase Magazine and Alighieri Jewellery have teamed up to create a capsule of travel essentials. The three pieces are designed to be the ultimate pieces you need on your adventures. Featuring a St. Christopher's pendant- the patron Saint of travel, to bring you luck and courage; a set of three everyday stacking rings in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold plate; and your knockout meteor ring, for impromptu occasions when on the road. All the pieces are imperfect, slightly weathered from their odysseys, carrying stories and secrets, always in pursuit of the next, with you.

Click this link to view the Alighieri x SUITCASE Video


MAIOCCI jewellery


MAIOCCI, The Swiss brand, based in Zurich features an exclusive jewellery line and a signature clothing collection.

This beautiful Jewellery is hand made in Europe. It features statement Crystals in a myriad of stunning colour combinations. For SS15 key colours include spring flower tones and candy sweetness, aqua, light topaz, berry, deep green and blue with accents of vibrant orange, acid green and yellow. This season the brand also features a statement gold collection and new pieces such as earrings, rings and stunning new shapes.

Every season MAIOCCI presents a collection of dresses and separates featuring simple geometric lines and shapes. Fabrics and textures come together in eclectic mixes to create one of a kind pieces. Both the clothing collection and the jewellery reflect Crina Okumus’s, the creative director behind MAIOCCI, personal style. A young, feminine, strong and confident woman with international allure.

Prices from £55 available from www.maiocci.com

020 7629 4633 

Lily Kamper, fast becoming our favourite jewellery designer has brought out two new iconic pieces from her AW14 collection the ‘Lo’ pendants. Constructed from unusual monochrome marble resin and rubber. The Lo pendant is a statement piece and conversation starter.

Lily’s pieces are unpredictable and unexpected this season, using a diverse range of colours, shapes and forms all devised in the designers trademark futuristic column shaped structures.

The structures are hand dyed and come in a number of different colour ways including these if you are new to the designer.

New to her AW14 collection Lily is using precious stones as a new addition though set upside down so that the points of the stones are visible. There is also a gold column in this collection that we are already lusting after.

The ‘Lo’ pendant is £418.50 and available at Liberty’s.

Lily Kramer IMG_0511 IMG_0449 (1) 2

Lily Kamper’s unique, eye-catching jewellery designs have earnt their place instantly on the top of our Christmas list to Santa.

It's no wonder her designs have caught the attention of leading figures in the industry and she has just secured retail listings with London store, Liberty, alongside the website Young British Designers. 

Lily creates hand-made pieces that reflect her love of unusual material combinations and designs that embody modern luxury. Mixing decadent materials such as emeralds and sapphires with hand dyed perspex she creates stunning and unique jewellery.

Her jewellery reminds us of the special stones in Fifth Element - probably one of the reasons we warmed to it instantly.

You can find Lily's jewellery here, prices start at around £80.

Lily Kamper jewellery