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The name Stephen Webster is synonymous with fine jewellery – some forty years in the business has made him the go-to guy for timeless designs that scream sophistication and luxury. This summer his pop-up exclusively for men arrives at Harrods, looking to reestablish the relationship between men and this unique art form that has so long been dominated by women. On a sunny Saturday afternoon of LFWM, we headed to Mayfair for an exclusive preview.

Strolling around the Stephen Webster showroom at 130 Mount Street, gin and tonic in hand, was nothing short of divine. Surrounded by the books and artworks that inspire him, mirrored walls and plush carpets, his new menswear designs were showcased in glass cabinets, separated into collections.

Celtic-inspired crosses and chains, accented with emeralds, sat across from his Beasts of London themed designs, featuring glowing ruby red eyes. Each collection was the perfect combination of exquisite design and menswear aesthetic – beautiful depictions of aggressive bulls and roaring bears become signet rings; chainmail weaves itself into dark bracelets and snakes slither into supple black belts.

Always one to experiment in combinations of his jewellery talents with other objects, a cabinet in the far corner of the room contained chefs knives featuring animal textures and elements visible in the jewellery, as well as vape pipes encrusted with intricate jewelled details.

Describing menswear as the fastest growing category in the sector, Webster sees this first dedicated men's fine jewellery boutique in Harrods as the antidote to years of distance between men and these finer things in life. And as we stepped back out into the midday heat of London's streets, we couldn't agree more. With LFMW turning five this year, the buzz in the presentation had been about how refreshing this season has been with new additions, such as Webster's, to the schedule – we hope to see it as a permanent feature in the seasons to come.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot

Allumer's jewellery showcase at LFW this season took place at a rooftop bar at ME London Hotel. Models posed for a photoshoot against a stunning backdrop of the city skyline. With models wearing all black, the delicate pieces stood out and stole the limelight.


Allumer comes from the French, 'to light up,' which is exactly what the brand aims to do - light up people's lives. The collection is dazzling, colourful and a hit with celebrities. The show attracted the likes of Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson and Andy Jordan along with TOWIE star, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Founder Natasha Leith-Smith is a conceptual designer who was inspired by her mother, a gemologist. Natasha's success began after she made a bracelet for a friend at Vogue who blogged about it. She then received orders from Harvey Nichols and is now stocked all over the UK and US. The brand is said to be the Rolls-Royce of friendship bracelets.


Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @Sunna_Naseer

Images: Zoe Lamb |Fashion Week Photographer|


Lovely ring designers Kat&Bee are giving you the chance to learn some of their trade secrets and get to grips with making a piece of Kat&Bee jewellery of your very own! You can now try your hand at creating some one off pieces in the Kat&Bee style, including the large skull ring, flower and bead rings, stackable chain rings and the single wrap ring.

Throughout the month, Kat&Bee's Founder Kat Barry will be running a series of intimate workshops from her studio in East London, that will cover how to make her four signature style rings.


Groups can book together for an alternative to a Friday night out or a fun Hen do activity, or book your one on one classes to really hone your skills!

Find out more here.

nose jewelleryIf you want to keep up with the SS and AWs this 2015 then you are going to need to get yourself a bit of jewellery that dangles somewhere strange. Wether it's from the middle of your nose, your thigh or your feet, they are all options. Your best best is something gold, possibly with a couple of small stones on it and you should look like you've stepping right off the current catwalk and onto a wonderful beach where you are being shot for a look book.... in smoggy London. Yey!

New at WEST L.A. for SS15 are three unique women's jewellery brands that can solve all your strange jewellery positioning needs. All three labels, LUV Aj, Vanessa Mooney and Vidakush hail from the sunny west coast in L.A. bringing a touch of individuality in each collection.

Vidakush has got everyone's attention with silver septum clips, amazing floral inspired foot chains and jewelled thigh chains. Vidakush can be seen on international bloggers such as the effortlessly cool @mstr_of_disguise and one of the Songsters, Dani Song - @songdaniLUV AJ features a small edit of chunky gold and rose gold necklaces as well as delicate statement hand chains, while Vanessa Mooney ranges from earring sets, headpieces and and a great silver layered necklace. Below is more about each brand:

Luv AJ:

Designer Amanda Thomas started her accessories line in 2005 once her after-school obsession parlyed into her own line of accessories. After a chance encounter with a buyer at Fred Segal, they picked up the entire line for their stores and by the age of 16, LUV Aj was officially created.

thigh jewelleryAs a recent grad from Otis College of Art and Design, Amanda has learned from the best, interning with clothing designer Rachel Pally, celebrity fashion stylists Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley, and the lovely ladies at the online magazine Who What Wear. These opportinutites have inspired Amanda to pursue her love of jewellery and eventually expand Luv Aj to boutiques across the world, leading to its popularity among starlets and clients such as Kim Kardashion, Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port and Nicole Richie who admire her signature heavy-metal spikes and layered chains.Amanda continues to expand Luv Aj and hopes to adorn the whole world in her bad ass bling.

Vanessa Mooney:

Vanessa Mooney is a brand built upon the musings of its namesake founder. Established in 2009, Vanessa Mooney is a product of all things creative - primarily inspired by the fluidity that lies within different art forms. Initially unaware of the industry, Mooney exists as an eclectic muse, creating accessories that draw exceptional influence from a multitude of eras, revolutions, and walks of life. Driven by a sense of artistic wanderlust, Vanessa Mooney is a brand that is for every woman - regardless of style and influence, she can find herself within the Mooney aesthetic. From vintage sentimentality to sophisticated simplicity, Vanessa Mooney accessories encompass the electric dynamism that lies within imaginative fashion. With an ever growing following embracing her designs including celebrities like Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lopez, Lily Allen, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Megan Fox and  Emma Roberts, Vanessa Mooney may just be the one to watch. Handcrafted, often intricate, always unique and ever imaginative; Vanessa Mooney is a brand, a lifestyle, a state of mind.


feet jewelleryVidaKush designer, Rhianna Cooper, graduated from CalPoly SLO in 2011, with a degree in international business.  She got her start shortly before graduation selling jewelry on the Venice Beach Boardwalk where many of the pieces were designed.  Drawing influence from Indian, Ancient Egyptian, and Native American culture, the line is an eclectic mix of Bohemian meets Rock n Roll with a bit of something for everyone. The name derives from two parts, Vida means life in Spanish, and Kush is what the Ancient Egyptians used to call gold.  VidaKush as the name is meant to convey the message "Live Gold".  The "Live Gold"  motto expresses that no matter the day, or the circumstance everyone deserves to live beautifully, lavishly, and to always feel their best. LIVE GOLD

All the jewellery is now available in store and online at http://www.westlaboutique.com/accessories/jewellery

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Dutch stylist launches original jewellery collection from Cyprus

LIMASSOL – Mother-of-pearl chips that were used between 1890 and 1920 in casinos all over the world have found a new use as an original piece of jewellery. Decorated with diamonds and dangling at a golden necklace the chips are the heart of the new worldwide jewellery line Ninety80, which Dutch stylist and designer Gaby van ‘t Hart has launched from her residence Limassol in Cyprus.

Ninety80 was be released officially online just before Christmas with the launch of it’s webshop www.ninety80.com, but had already gathered a lot of fans on Facebook. They applaud Van ‘t Hart for her creative ideas and designs.

The most eye catching jewellery are the casino chips made of mother-of-pearl, a natural material that comes from shells. Nowadays chips in casino’s are made of synthetic materials, but around 1900 they were made of pearl-shell. ,,I came across such an old casino coin at an antiquarian and he told me they were made like this a century ago,” says Van ‘t Hart. ,,I decorated it with diamonds and pimped it up to be a personal piece of jewellery. People responded so enthusiastic on it that I decided to explore this further.”
Since then the stylist buys antique casino chips from antiquarians all over the world to use them in her jewellery line. Every chip is different so every piece of jewellery is unique.

Formerly Van ‘t Hart owned her own fashion label in Holland. She has had a passion for jewellery since childhood. ,,I was always playing with my grandmother’s jewellery. That’s where the love originated and it has been a part of me ever since,” she says. Because she was born in 1980 and her grandmother died in 1990, her international jewellery line was named Ninety80

The antique casino chips are decorated with two point diamonds and are attached to an 18 carat golden necklace. Furthermore Ninety80 distinguishes itself from other collections by designing original jeweller made from gold and diamonds on a silver surface. Van 't Hart: ,,This way prices of fashionable items don’t have to become sky high, but you only have to pay for what you literally see.”