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Yep, it looks as though all you non trinket wearers are in for a shock in the coming months, its all about the things you can attach to yourself... necklaces, bracelets, beads, rings and so on. 'But I don't wear jewellery' I hear you cry, well really then in that case, you need to start. There is a lot of great stuff around for men, and I'm NOT talking about the fake Pete Doherty inspired rosaries in River Island or the tarnished metal varieties of some of Topman's offerings. It is hard it seems to get men's jewelery right but if you know where to look and what you are looking for it gets a bit easier.

First and foremost if you have not worn jewellery before or tried it and realised it wasn't for you then here's how to start.

Pick an item that's close to your own style. That is if you normally wear check shirts and skinny jeans you don't want to be going for heavy biker rings from the Great Frog, excellent as they are.

Start gradually. Start with something small and unobtrusive to get used to the whole jingly jangly affair.

Don't wear anything that you could see a footballer/Essex boy (think This is Essex) wearing, sorry guys but a fair amount of that is the height of tack.

Finally when you find your inner love of adornments don't overdo it. You'll end up looking like meatloaf or a mis-guided hippy, we don't want that for you.

So now that you have our thoughts on that matter below are some options for you to consider.

Birds Foot From Phillipa Holland

claw mens jewelery
Seven London Tigers Eye & Sterling Silver Ring, ASOS

Snake Spine Bracelet by Neomi Klien, Beyond the Valley

Feather Necklace from Topman

feather necklace

Below is a selection of jewellery from designer, Jordan Askill which is now on sale exclusively at Dover Street Market. Jordan Askill is an Australian designer who previously worked for Ksubi and Dior Homme and has won many awards for his interesting designs which take references from the nostalgia of youth, fine jewellery methods of the past, and the world around us. Jordan Askill is avaliable from Liberty and Matches.