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Designer Jamie Wei Huang’s SS18 collection, “Dew”, was inspired by the fragmented recounting and retelling of personal experience. It was a concept drawn from Huang’s reflection on her own traditional Taiwanese culture, and captured by the beautiful, hesitantly accumulative piano piece which instigated her show.


The story began in stripes. Blues, pinks and greens growing in depth and vivacity with each piece, a gradual solidifying of colours to correlate that of re-emerging memory; the punctuation of bold reds, yellows and cobalt in the shoes and accessories, providing those colourful splashes of certainty which continue to emerge throughout the collection.

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Huang’s Spring/Summer designs favour easy-fit clothing; wedding dresses and jumpsuits tying into her signature style of elongated silhouettes with a focus on creating contemporary fashion for the modern woman.

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The concept of construction was apparent in the rough-cut hems, sewn on pockets and undisguised use of zips, drawstrings and metallic rings which both decorated the pieces and acted as functional elements of the designs.

Creative cut-outs were another standout feature, with gaping knees and bare-backed jackets building on the impression of fragmented recollection, while asymmetric designs alluded to the inevitable incompleteness of memory.

Denim-look fabrics, and the brave contrasting of colour-block socks with easy slip-on sandals concluded the collection with a sense of layered individuality, promoting self-expression through contemporary fashion.

Originally from Taiwan, Huang graduated from Central Saint Martins College in London in 2012, launching her designer label Jamie Wei Huang to great critical acclaim in 2013; winning both the “Designer For Tomorrow” award, and the “Elle talent Award” for her AQ14 collection. Huang’s designs are now sold internationally in luxury retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Dover Street Market, David Jones Sydney and mimma ninni.

Words: Scarlett Sangster | Fashion Week Press | @scarlettgracehs

Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts

Jamie Wei Huang has taken the fashion world by storm since graduating from Central Saint Martins Art and Design College launching her brand soon after in 2013. She has a long list of achievements to date, winning the award of “Designer for Tomorrow” in 2013, the “Elle New Talent” in Taiwan and for her SS15 collection she was given the “Vogue Italy International Scout” award. With all this in mind she is certainly one to watch.

In a packed out Freemasons’ Hall what was expected was a combination of conceptual ideas with more modern shapes, and she most certainly did not disappoint. The collection named ‘Nymphomaniac’ is centred around the designers strong belief of seeking inner-self through her work. This collection is all inspired by the film Nymphomaniac, hence the title, giving the impression Jamie wants to break society presumptions of what women should be, and instead focus on their ‘deepest desires’.

jamie_wei_hunag_model_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts jamie_wei_hunag_london_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts jamie_wei_hunag_london_model_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts jamie_wei_hunag_aw15_fur_london_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts

Heavy metal music played in the background as women with dishevelled hair and make up walked down the catwalk wearing a mixture of textures and fabrics, juxtaposing typical feminine and masculine styles. This entire collection is based around the contrast of these two sides, starting with dark hues, leather, fringing and metal chains slowly moving into more neutral tones as the music softened, with furs and sequins making an appearance.

jamie_wei_hunag_aw15_rock_london_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts jamie_wei_huang_pink_london_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts jamie_wei_hunag_aw15_details_london_fashion_week_whos_jack_london_rosemary_pitts

This is a collection most certainly for the modern woman with a lesson learned from each piece - eventually you must come to peace with your subconscious and embrace your true being.


Words: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam

Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|

Jamie Wei Huang’s SS15 collection showcases the killer combination of the conceptual ideas and the modern silhouettes.

Inspired by the concept of human existence in the urban environment, Metaphysics explains the nature of who we are and the place where we are living in by exploring the characteristic of modern women and translating into her latest collection.

_MG_7352 _MG_7371edit _MG_7328

While the music blasting loudly in the background, the models stormed into the runway with simplistic yet refined tailoring. From neutral colours like white to stronger ones such as navy blue, each design showed its casual look and silhouette contrasting with the high-quality materials like silk jacquard, leather and Napa sheep skin.

_MG_7387 _MG_7394

   _MG_7389 _MG_7364

From dresses to high-cut skirts and pyjamas-like outfits, this collection also has a lot of sport elements such as basketball shorts however they are added up by a twist of formality in the big city like jackets and suits while the use of accessories such as metal rings, chunky shoes and belts decorating on shoulders and bags gave a fun and casual vibe in contrast.

_MG_7348 _MG_7349 _MG_7383

With the minimal hair and makeup, this collection gave us a true combination between the simplicity and the elegance of life – two sides of the coin that perfectly portrayed as one by this talented designer.

Words: Sopida Rodsom | Fashion Week Press | @PongSopida
Photos: Prexa | Fashion Week Photographer | @prexactly