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Fancy kicking off your Thursday afternoon with the new track from Plan B? Then click play on the video above.

Lost My Way is the latest track to be taken from Plan B's soundtrack for his new film iLL Manors and deals with issues of gangs and street living in London.

Due to premiere next Wednesday iLL Manors is the directorial debut from the rapper who is other wise know as Ben Drew. Following six different stories that all cross over in one way or another iLL Manors is illustrated through it's soundtrack with each of the stories being represented by a different song.

Lost My Way is the second track to be taken from the film and is another rather angry sounding tune with a really catching chorus. Impressively it's been produced by Al Shux who has worked with Jay-Z a number of times.

Give it a listen above.


Here's the brilliant looking first trailer for Plan B's directorial debut, iLL Manors.

Starring Nathalie Press, Riz Ahmed and Dannielle Brent iLL Manors is based in London's Forest Gate area and from what we can see in this trailer it stars Plan B as the stories narrator.

The film centres on six inter-linking stories all taking part in different parts of the area and each is represented by a different rap song written and performed by Plan B himself.

iLL Manors looks like a typical British look at gang culture in London concentrating on people who are products of their environments and how they cope when that environment is a rough place to live in. We've re-watched the trailer a couple of times now and we're really liking what we're seeing and judging from the review quotes that pop up we're not the only ones.

Speaking to NME recently Plan B said that the film was a 'hip-hop musical version of Crash' but went on to assure fans that the film wasn't strictly speaking a musical 'none of the actors start singing or dancing or anything' he joked before going on to explain that even still the film is very driven by music.

The iLL Manors soundtrack is due for release on 25th June and Plan B will be touring it this summer when he'll be playing seven live dates in forests across the UK.

iLL Manors is expected to arrive in cinemas at around the same time.

Plan B has released the official video to his first single 'Ill Manors', from his forthcoming album 'Ill Manors', which is also the title of his directorial debut, released on May 4th of this year. This video is one for everyone to watch, if not to see the incredible talents of Plan B and his ability to master and combine a number of genres; but also, to see his very strong opinions on the current UK government. Without giving too much away, this video features a lot of violence, interspersed with images of  Mr. David Cameron in animated dog mess. Controversial to say the least.

Ben Drew (Plan B) says that the video is a comment on the contradictions of our world. He is not condoning the riots or violence, but he is highlighting that we need change in our country and that the Tottenham riots were a result of a problem. Read more on his statement HERE. He's bold and we love it. This video is helping to bring the cause of the riots back into the public spotlight, so that we can get to the root of the problems within our society.


Eloise Smyth is about to become a household name. She plays Jodie in Plan B's much hyped, upcoming directorial debut Ill Manors. To be released in cinemas nationwide in May 2012, Plan B's film is a tale about gritty London life.


The musician (real name Ben Drew), has already hand picked Eloise as a special mention, whenever he speaks about the film. We predict big things for this little lady, who at the fresh age of just 17 years old,  is due to appear in two feature films already. (The other being Love Bite, which is also to be released this year.) Watch out for this face on our screens a lot in the future. Eloise has passion and drive; she wants to be big and we've no doubt she's going to be.

Check out Plan B's first release from the Ill Manors album, which will accompany the film. A dramatic infusion of strings and attitude. Click HERE.



listen to plan b's new single, ill manorsPlan B is back with a brand new single, iLL Manors and you can give it a listen below.

iLL Manors is the first new music we've heard from the rapper since he released his 2010 album The Defamation of Strickland Banks and anyone who's been a Plan B from his earlier material will be glad to hear that this track sees him going back to his rap routes.

The single, which was debuted on Zane Lowe's radio show last night, will be available to download from 25th March and shares the same name as Plan B's new album and film which are both due for release in May.

Due to start  Riz Ahmed, Nathalie Press and Dannielle Brent iLL Manors will see Plan B aka Ben Drew taking on the role of director in a film about six inter-linking inner city London story lines that are all represented by a different track and all come together in the end. The film is due for release on 4th May.

Take a listen to iLL Manors below...

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