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Without a doubt trees add something a little special to a home. A nice tree provides an impressive focal point that only gets better as the years pass. Plus, of course they are also good for the environment, your health and the value of your home.

If you have enough space, it really makes sense to turn to a firm like The Tree Center to find one to plant. But, before you do so, it is important to do a little research. If you do not do so, it is all too easy to make the wrong choice. You do not want to end up with a tree that becomes a problem a decade or so down the line.

Here is an overview of the main things you need to consider when buying a tree for your property.

Local rules and regulations

In some parts of the country, the planting of certain types or sizes of trees is prohibited or restricted. So you need to find out what the rules are where you live and comply with them. The last thing you need is the expense of taking down and removing a large tree when your local council suddenly starts applying the law.

Your neighbours

It is also wise to think about how the trees are going to affect neighbouring properties. Just because you can plant trees that will grow to 50ft or more at the end of your garden does not mean that you should just do so. If they block your neighbours light you could still end up in court. Having a protracted argument with your neighbour is never pleasant. So, it is best to think things through and be considerate when choosing which trees you will plant.

The look of the trees at maturity

You also need to understand how big the tree will grow to and how it will look once mature. This will ensure that you do not choose a tree that becomes too big for your garden. If you do not do this the tree trunk could end up partially blocking your driveway or pressing up against your shed.

The tree’s root system

It is also important to take account of what is happening beneath the ground. Most trees have massive root systems that reach out far beyond the canopy. You need to take account of this. If you do not do so, you can easily end up planting a tree whose roots spread into the foundations of outbuildings, even your home.

The cost of maintaining your trees

All trees need some form of maintenance, some more than others. You need to understand what work has to be done, how often it needs doing and how much it is likely to cost. If a mature tree needs cutting you will have little choice but to hire a professional tree surgeon to do the work for you. Doing it yourself could be dangerous. If something were to go wrong the chances are your insurance would not cover you for any injuries or damage caused.

We have discovered Mila Home Fragrances this week and we're not going to be turning back in a hurry. With a focus on lovely colours and really lovely, perfumed scents and scents that last as well- Mila should be one of those home staples that you just 'have' constantly.

They will make working at home more enjoyable, a bath even better (some come with complementary bath oil), wafting around your home feel like you're in a spa - they are just great. And the bonus? They even scent the air whilst not lit to an extent - leading to an even longer home life.

Mila candles start at £38 have have a really long burn life. They also do bath oils and diffusers.

scuro-candle-pack chirra-candle-pack




WJ friends, A Great Little Place, has recently released a collection of wonderfully illustrated London prints. From bright and bold, tribe affirming North, South East and West posters through to hand illustrated, brilliantly detailed, pop up renditions of London's best kept secrets and most iconic landmarks.

The range is sure to be a great present option for any hard to buy for Londoner.


For those who may not be so aware of Great Little Place, it is the home of a crowd-powered collection of the world's most charming and unusual places. A great source for lesser known London visiting locations.

There are five different print styles that have just been added to their 'Shoppe' focus on London, including the "Drop Cap" series which has four different prints for North, South, East and West London. The greatest little places in each of these areas have been captured, by hand, in a bold and beautiful drop cap. Check out one of the Drop Cap prints here. These are perfect for Londoners who simply love where they live!

There are other great London prints available, and ones that will appeal to people across the country, too

If you order one by Monday 22nd December, it will arrive before Christmas.

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We are in a bit of a cushion frenzy in the office right now - after acquiring a new sofa and having a lack of cushions to add to it we've been scouring for the best options and finding the world of cushions online pretty exciting.

The great thing about cushions is that they don't take up too much wallet spend yet they are a great way to really make a difference to a room, sofa or chair when it comes to design and a bit of colour!

Incase anyone else is hunting for cushions at the moment we though we'd share our findings and lustings.


1. Into the Wild Cushion £34.95, made from soft faux suede and available here.

2. Pegasus Cushion, £21.00 made from 100% cotton.

3. Gold Chevron Cushion. Gold shiny zig zags on a thick cotton £21.00, cushion from Let's Go Hme.

4.Embroidered Dachshound cushion, Etsy, £38.50.

5. Blue palms from House of Hackney at £65.00. Find it here

6. Welsh Tapestry Linen Cushion, £36.56. Etsy