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2019 marks 500 years since the city of Havana was founded. In this auspicious year, a London pop up experience is celebrating in the quintessentially Cuban way -  with live music, salsa dancing, and rum. Having launched in late 2018, Last Nights Of Havana brings the distinctive tastes, sounds and spirit of pre-revolution Cuba to Tobacco Dock and is the perfect place to pay homage to this legendary city.

Originally known as Villa de San Cristobal de La Habana, 1519 was the year in which Havana was founded by Spanish settlers, making it the seventh village of Cuba. This city, which buzzes with music and is rich in colour and culture, is celebrating by restoring some of its historic building and planning a huge programme of parties, cultural events and concerts. Last Nights Of Havana will run for a limited number of nights this Spring, allowing Londoners to enjoy a taste of these celebrations.

A celebration of rum, jazz, dance and decadence, Last Nights of Havana brings the glamour of pre-revolution Cuba straight to London's Tobacco Dock. Guests can dance the night away with professional salsa dancers and enjoy live jazz from Cuban-born band Sambroso Sambroso, while sipping on delicious rum cocktails and munching authentic Cuban street food.

IMG_3636Our winners had the best time last week with Havana Club and Hoxton Hotel Holborn making simple Mojitos in the homely surroundings of Hox Holborn's Apartment.

If you weren't one of the winners not to worry! You can still get on board with the Mojito making at home - especially this afternoon as we have a little bit of sun back on our side!IMG_3635

Find the oh so simple recipe below and find Havana at all great Supermarkets.IMG_3634


Squeeze the juice of half a fresh lime into a glass & add two teaspoons of white sugar.

Stir with a spoon or swirl the glass around until the sugar is dissolved.


Tap two whole fresh mint sprigs on the back of your hand to release the fragrant

aromas. Fold the mint & place in your glass. Gently muddle (press) the mint a few

times with the end of a wooden spoon.


Fill the glass with ice. Use your Havana Club Tres Años bottle cap to pour four caps

of rum over the ice, then top up with sparkling water.

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Havana cllub competition who's Jack We love London, so much to do and see, so easy to meet people, go to bars, grab a burger… it’s all go go go. But sometimes the best things are the simple ones, the ones you look forward to making and doing your way, in your own home.

The fry up on a Sunday morning, the bottle of wine (and your pjs) waiting for you after a long day at work and even - though some may disagree - that perfectly made cocktail on a Friday night when friends are ringing on the doorbell.

You may argue that cocktails are hard and the answer is yes, some are, but there is one cocktail that doesn’t take a fully stocked drinks cabinet, far flung ingredients in the fridge and an expert wrist action - the Mojito.

Ready to be made with the simplest of ingredients and just to your taste whether you prefer to go heavy on the sugar, mint or Havana Club and you can almost do it with your eyes shut. Which is obviously all the better if you’re at home with a BBQ or entertaining and want to be able to hold a conversation rather than a concentration marathon.

Which brings us to the important part - WJ London have teamed up with Havana Club to bring you a home away from home Mojito experience. Gather a few friends, have a quick master class in Mojito making and enjoy a relaxed evening of Mojito creating and drinking in the homely surroundings of the kitchen at the Hoxton Holborn on the 1st of September.

How to get your name on the list for the evening? It’s easy - just tell us what simple thing you love that is only right at home with the hashtag #simplyhearthome. 5 Winners will be chosen at random on the 28th September with each winner able to bring 3 friends with them to the evening and if you’d like to brush up your mojito skills in the meantime, you can find a handy ‘how to’ video at the Havana Mojito hub.

It’s that simple.

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