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The theme of Sankuanz’s SS 2015 collection may have been "square", but the designs were fun and free.

The industrial setting of the show, which was held at Victoria House, matched well with the monochrome start. Loose t shirts and shorts adorned with black cartoon prints and Chinese characters gave no hint of what was to come.

Prints inspired by 1940s Russian prison tattoos injected a rebellious attitude into the monochrome palette.

sankuanz_lobster_hands_kawaii_manga_zebra_print_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack       sankuanz_coat_all_white_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack

Longline jackets, reminiscent of 18th century tuxedos, were contrasted with the models’ flashing grills - an update of the hip hop staple.

sankuanz_giant_hands_kawaii_manga_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack       sankuanz_skeleton_hands_kawaii_manga_zebra_print_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack

Colour gradually made its way into the collection as the catwalk progressed, in the form of bright shorts, but before it was introduced in a much bigger way, the colour palette reversed from white with black detailing to black with white prints.

Models with incredible manga-eyes makeup took to the catwalk accessorised with giant oversized hand-painted skeleton hands and lobster claws. Here the cartoon influences were most obvious.

sankuanz_crab_claws_kawaii_manga_zebra_print_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack       sankuanz_all_white_catwalk_show_london_collections_mens_ss15_spring_summer_15_sponsored_by_GQ_rosemary_pitts_whos_jack


Sankuanz’s SS 2015 collection is definitely one for the cool-conscious, sport-style-loving man. The loose shapes, hoods and bomber jacket details helped give a new dimension to sports luxe.

This was a LCM debut and the first show outside of China for the Sankuanz designer, Shangguan Zhe. He’s definitely given London something to talk about.

Words: Alannah Francis | Fashion Week Press |@AlannahFrancis1
Photos: Rosemary Pitts | Fashion Week Photographer | @rosemarypitts_

It was easy to forget the early-afternoon world outside once the lights dropped in Victoria House today, as Kwok set the scene for what could only be likened to a secret midday rave – models stomping to a filthy driving bass, illuminated by a light display that would leave epileptics running for the hills. Overall, the effect proposed what could only be assumed to be a creative nightmare for photographers, but for us journalists, it made for raw, goosebump-inducing fashion. It’s clear that Kay Kwok isn’t messing around this season.

We left 2014 at the door – despite all its new promise and novelty – to be wilfully plummeted into Kwok's futuristic vision. Said vision honed right into surrealism: transparent perspex neck pieces, hologram glitter - think '2001: A Space Odyssey' with a hint of drag glam and we'll be on the same page. Whilst the general colour palette revolved primarily around monochrome; the pieces that could be deemed as 'out-of-outfit' (referring to that appendage), were definitely something out-of-this-world.

Factor in a few graphic-print oversized garbs that could only be described as monk robes on acid, and I think Kay Kwok has thrown just about enough at us to handle without a party bag of psychedelic pills.

Check out the Kay Kwok  profile on the London Collections: Men webpage.

Words: Ebony Lauren Nash | Fashion Week Press | @Ebzo
Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts_