Hawkes Mulled Ginger BeerDon’t waste time mulling over mulled wine, rejoice and raise a glass of Hawkes mulled ginger beer, the alternative hot tipple.

Ingredients (based on serving 12)

·       2L of Hawkes’ alcoholic ginger beer

·       1L of cloudy apple juice (still)

·       1 large cinnamon stick

·       1 whole nutmeg

·       1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

·       Add 100ml of Dark Rum (optional)

Method: Pour Hawkes’ alcoholic ginger beer and apple juice into a large pan and gently heat. Whilst warming up, gently add orange, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. Bring to a simmer and reduce heat if serving from pan or pour instantly into soup kettle. Serve in a glass tankard.

 Find Hawkes online here.