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seagullA restaurant somewhere in the Westminster borough in London had intended to serve seagull to its customers thinking it was ok until it was told otherwise by the council.

This was just one of the weird phone calls the Westminster Council received out of it's 1.4 million calls a year. The council have released a list documenting the strangest phone calls.

These include:

There is the man who asked the council to travel to Dubai to collect his lost wheelchair.

The person who wanted the telephone number for the speaking clock.

A man who asked what the “s” stands for in “Mrs”.

A woman that wanted to know how old she was.

A woman that wanted to know the directions to a foot clinic she had a booking with but didn't have a name or address for.

A women who asked if the council could please remove all porn from the internet.

A lady who wanted to complain to trading standards because she suspected the “designer” handbag she had bought for £10 from a market stall was fake.

It seems like the stranger calls are coming from a few more women than men and we're not sure why that is but we would suggest that everyone have a little look online for the answers to questions at the same time as looking up the number for the council and you may avoid being put in a list such as this.

Meerkats-watch wimbledon

It seems that it's not only us that gets interested in tennis balls and green grass when Wimbledon comes around, meerkats love it too!

An Oxfordshire zoo has found a novel way to foster its meerkats’ inquisitive nature — letting them watch tennis on their very own ‘Meerkat Mound’.

The zoo has teamed up with subscription-free satellite TV service Freesat to install a screen and Freesat box in its meerkat enclosure, giving them access to all the free sporting events of the summer.

What started as an experiment, to see if TV could lengthen the meerkats’ attention spans, has become a week-long festival of free sport as the animals have become fascinated by watching re-runs of tennis rallies and court action. It’s proved so popular with the meerkats that the zoo is now planning on screening the Wimbledon matches next week.

The meerkats are taking full advantage of free sport viewing via Freesat this summer.

Paul Gilshan, Marketing Director for Freesat, said: “I think it’s safe to say that this is a first for Freesat. We’re glad to see the meerkats have been kept entertained and can catch all the tennis action they want to.

“It goes to show that anyone – human or mammal – can enjoy the thrills and spills of live free sport with Freesat this summer, whether it’s from the comfort of their sofa or their enclosure.”

A spokesperson for the Zoo said: “Meerkats are known for their inquisitive nature but they also have short attention spans – something we wanted to look into further. It turns out that tennis has really captured their attention, so much so that we’ll be showing them Wimbledon next week and they can even perch on their very own Murray Mound!”

This new restaurant in Kilburn didn't think their name through too thoroughly before creating their sign.

Clearly there was a lot of pointing, laughing and photo taking as this restaurant changed its name just a few weeks after opening. Poor guys - clearly had to fork out for an extra sign that wasn't quite so 'suggestive'.

What other places in London should really change their names?

Uranus restaurant uranus to oranus


Grumpy Cat gets film deal

There is no stopping the film industry these days in snapping up what's going down well and the latest of these snap ups is none other than grumpy cat.

Grumpy cat, the feline with the grumpiest face ever was first released to the world when he went viral after being shared on Reddit. The internet fame didn't change this cats mood though, he remained permanently pissed as he continued to rocket to cat fame in 2012.

Hollywood production company Broken Road are behind the deal which will see him work with Todd Garner, whose past work includes 2011 comedy Zookeeper and Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill.

Grumpy cat's face looks that way due to feline dwarfism - poor little thing. We're guessing the movie producers hope that this is not grumpy cat realising his dream and therefore cheering up!

The general consensus is that a family comedy based around this this little man would be a hit and we agree.


If you needed something to make this sunny morning even brighten then it has to be this - cats as male pin ups.

What better than to see the equivalent of a posing male model in a cat? We could scroll through this site for hours but our favourites so far have to be David Beckham and R-Patz.

Quite how the cats can be so perfectly attuned to the model poses we don't know but it's certainly our favourite site this week.

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