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There's a new dog based internet sensation getting everyone talking this morning, Maddie the female dog who's become the queen of canine planking.

These pictures of Maddie perfectly balancing on things like bikes, shopping trollies and horses have been captured by her owner Theron Humphrey who has been posting the pictures over on his blog Maddie On Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs And Physics.

Apparently Maddie loves to stand very still so placing her on usually hard-to-stand-on object was an easier task than perhaps most dog owners would have. Maddie, who lives in the Redtick Coonhound in America is now set to travel around the country to meet her fans and to pose on other funny objects.

Pictures: Theron Humphrey / Rex Features

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If you've ever considered not following your gut instinct and asking someone you thought was a bit crazy out on a second date then you need to read this.

The ever brilliant Buzz Feed have posted a series of text messages sent to a poor bloke who dared to make plans without consulting a guy he's been on just one date with. Entitled This Is What Crazy Looks Like the texts have got everyone talking including New Zealand radio show Fletch and Vaughn (take a listen to what they have to say about it below) and so we thought we'd share it with you.

We've posted the first batch of texts below but head here to see the rest .If this isn't reason to not go on a date ever again we don't know what is...

this is what crazy looks like text

this is what crazy looks like textthis is what crazy looks like textthis is what crazy looks like textthis is what crazy looks like textthis is what crazy looks like text

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We've heard of multi-tasking but this could well be taking it too far. These new jeans mean that you too far from your computer.

These new jeans are known as the Beauty and the Geek and have an inbuilt keyboard, mouse and speakers built into the upper leg of the fabric. Developed by Dutch design company Nieuwe Heren the jeans allow you to control your computer literally from your lap via wireless technology and there's even a backpocket to hide your mouse in.

Costing £250 the jeans aren't cheap but before you start working out a budget so you can afford them, they might not even make it onto the market with one of the designers revealing 'The whole project is too complex and we don’t have enough money right now to get it ready for the market.' Brilliant.

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Annoying neighbours. We've all had them and we've all wanted to tell them what we really think of them. Well now thanks for a new website you can vent your anger, anonymously.

HappyPlace.com allows people to upload notes to their noisy, annoying, thieving neighbours and some of them are absolutely brilliant. Among our favourites is a note asking neighbours to not throw their cigarette into the garden as 'the cat crawls out at night to smoke them' and one reading 'PLEASE do not feed the pigeons THEY DO STUFF'.

Check out some of the funniest ones above and head over the website to check out the rest/upload one of your own.

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From breaded cats to food on dogs head we're loving all these ridiculously brilliant pet related websites we're stumbling across at the moment. On this one a man posts pictures of food on his dog. From a fried egg to lettuce and tacos there's nothing this man wont place upon his doggy pals head. Check it out here.

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