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We got this press release through the other day and were a little freaked out by it. Who would do this we are not sure- the only way we can see someone jumping on board with the idea is someone looking to truly freak their ex our with no notion of shame.

Read on -

Want to win back your lover this Valentine’s Day? Then the biggest Jumbo ‘Take Me Back’ card in the world - from personalised gifting company Snapajack.com - should be top of your shopping list this February 14th.


The card, which helps you declare your undying affection for a lost love, is just one of the amazing items available from the new Snapajack Valentine’s Day range.


No-one does bigger Jumbo cards than Snapajack.com – they really are the BIGGEST and the best quality available anywhere in the world and even come delivered in their own envelope and box!


And BIG is, after all, beautiful.

And with ‘personalisation’ being the hottest buzzword in gifting right now, you’d be foolish to ignore it.

Send your former beau, or belle a unique personalised Jumbo Card, with a message that means something to just the two of you – for £9.97 for a gloss card almost half a metre tall, and turn your unrequited love into a new adventure for both your hearts.

There are lots of other designs to choose from so all you need is a photo and a personal message to create the ‘wow factor’ this Valentine’s Day.

Finally, whether you have a Valentines or not you can get truly excited about the upcoming day and get a little bat shit crazy about it by ordering -


If you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day, why not share the buzz and create some excitement on the way to the big day with a personalised Chocolate Countdown Calendar from just £5.97?

Personalise your message asking for a loved one to be your Valentine, or build the excitement counting down with some fun, romantic messages along the way. Choose from 7 or 24 day options and you can deck the calendar with images and your own personal messages inside the secret doors.

Just head to www.snapajack.com and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own personalised cards or gifts and get them delivered straight to your lover’s door.

When you order from www.snapajack.com your gift will be produced with care and with the support of world-class technology and print expertise and delivered to you within five working days.

The London Underground has always been a great place to have a little mess around with the signage - the font and styles are very easy to copy and manipulate. But there seems to be a trend now more than ever to mess with them.

Below are a collection of new signs and stickers spotted on the underground, many of which speak directly from public opinion when it comes to over crowding or the stress of the commute.

Which one's your favourite?

fake-signs-in-london-underground-026 fake-signs-in-london-underground-025-500x299 fake-signs-in-london-underground-020 fake-signs-in-london-underground-018 fake-signs-in-london-underground-015-500x323 fake-signs-in-london-underground-010 fake-signs-in-london-underground-009-500x333 fake-signs-in-london-underground-008-500x613 fake-signs-in-london-underground-007-500x375 fake-signs-in-london-underground-006 fake-signs-in-london-underground-005-500x333 fake-signs-in-london-underground-002

What would you do if a screaming, puking possessed baby popped out at you from an unattended pram? Run for your life? Well that's what most people do.

This brilliant bit of advertising for Devil's Due is doing the rounds and it's pretty funny viewing.

Anyone with a phobia of babies though probably should turn away now as this won't help.

Comedian Steve Kardynal has made us smile a couple of times now with his Chat Roulette offerings of song covers but this Maria Carey Christmas rendition is a real festive treat.

Singing/miming All I Want For Christmas Is You, it's all we have come to expect from the Youtube comedian.

As always the best thing about the performance is the reactions of the watchers.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

See Steve's version of Wrecking Ball here.

The guy that made us all start to like 'Call Me Maybe' after his sparkly rendition on the random online chat website, Chat Roulette has struck again, this time with his own version of Wrecking Ball. It's nothing short of brilliant.

Having made a makeshift 'wrecking ball' that seems to hang from his ceiling, Steve Kardynal shocked and delighted fellow Chatroulette users as he licked his sledge hammer, writhed around on his sofa and eventually got naked on his home made wrecking ball.

Good Effort.

See Greg James' effort here.

Or the Nicholas Cage edition here.