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They want to keep it funny, not be sell outs and make their own decisions, including say 'F**k ' as much as they damn well please.

Maximus Thor is a kid who gets dubbed over by his uncle whilst miming the script his uncle has written and it's so good. You can find their kickstarter project here.

They have 13 days left and need to double their dollars in that time. This show needs to have more episodes for sure although why they insist on titling their Youtube episodes so strangely I don't know because they're not easy to find because of it.

Anyhow - spend your afternoon watching these if you're board at work, decide you want a son just like Maximus, then give them a little bit to help them out.

Great stuff.

Here's an example:

Metro rush crus

It could be you! Do you read the rush hour crush each day in the Metro and wonder if that person is talking about you - or wonder how long it takes for the team to come up with them each day in the office?

Well now you can have a go yourself with the Comedy Central Metro Talk Rush Crush Generator.

Now you can flick through the different crushes and see if there is one there that speaks to you then fantasise all through lunch about who your admirer might be.



Ginsters is celebrating ‘everyday moments of manliness’ through a nationwide social media campaign, running from 7th March for three weeks. Designed to complement the recently-launched ‘Feed the Man’ advertising campaign, men and women are being asked to share images of their (or their partner’s) everyday achievements via Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #FeedTheMan.

Whether it’s erecting flat pack furniture without reading the instructions or undoing a jar lid another man has failed to undo, Ginsters is calling on men and women across the country to share these often humorous moments of domestic heroism.

The UK’s leading sandwich and savoury pastry brand will select an ultimate winner from the entries and reward them with a holiday for two worth £1,500 – plus the winning man will be championed on the back of Ginsters’ delivery vans.  Two lucky runner ups will also get to see themselves on the side of a van.

For the duration of the campaign, Ginsters will reward entries from fans that share the most impressive and humorous acts of manliness. The funniest or strangest entries will receive a personalised ‘Man Badge’ to commemorate their achievements, with the best of each day being awarded the honour of Legend of the Day.

Chris Parkinson from Ginsters says: “From lugging twelve bags of rubbish out to the bins, to knocking out a dent on your car door by hand, ordinary men of Britain are reinforcing their manly status with simple but mighty acts of heroism. We’re celebrating and rewarding these daily displays of machismo – and as the provider of satisfying savoury pasties, slices and pastries, we’re also fuelling more moments of manliness.

More information on the #FeedTheMan competition is available on the Ginsters Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ginsters


If you wonder whether celebrities read the horrid Tweets some people send them the answer is, they do if they are on Jimmy Kimmel.

In this bunch of celebrities reading and reacting to their mean Tweets we see Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Murray and more read out mean things that have been sent to them and as always - it's damn funny.

Watch it below.

Fancy dressing up Ryan Gosling? Secret Santa may be long forgotten but this is surely a gift that keeps on giving for anyone with a Birthday coming up?

You can become Ryan Gosling’s personal stylist. The Ryan Gosling paperboy is the perfect way to get your Gosling Fix. Complete with a range of outfits from Drive to Notebook, You’ll be sure to have plenty of fun dressing and undressing your very own Gosling.

This activity book is ideal for those with a creative or dirty mind, whichever suits!

The Ryan Gosling Paperboy costs only £6.95 from www.prezzybox.com

Dress Ryan Gosling book 12284_2