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Just like butterflies emerge from their cocoons, we too emerge from our winter coats into the bright days of Spring and Summer ever year. While the butterfly is usually interpreted as a symbol of fragile beauty, Rocky Star's SS18 collection has stated thoughtfully that it is actually the new motif for confidence, fearlessness and more than ever, individuality in style. It was an ever-present reminder of the nature of the new season as it also flowed through each piece, appearing within the stunning prints and helping to inspire strong silhouettes.

Statement sleeves have been at the height of our wardrobes for the past season and Star makes the successful bid for them to be an even bigger part of our style in SS18. Voluminous angular sleeves are juxtaposed by delicate ruffling and layering that becomes reminiscent of exquisitely graceful yet tough wings.

The stunning Indian influences that Rocky Star has signed throughout his previous collections this time come in the form of intricate patterns and gorgeous head-pieces.

Boho style pieces featuring pretty floral appliques are given an added sparkle to truly channel the nature meets City vibe.  Flowing dresses channel a timeless elegance while shorter hemlines and edgy cutouts breathe a contemporary party soul vibe. It is these contrasts that let's Star expertly crave his signature styles into his collections, while still catering to different women, with different attitudes towards fashion and life.

The natural colour schemes of greens, browns and reds are enhanced by vivid blues and pinks. Likewise it is the clever direction of the neon blue eye-shadow that ties in the idea of not being afraid to try bold colours.


While some pieces may be slightly more red-carpet ready than others, Rocky Star has shown that everyone can and should be experimentally incorporating colour, pattern and sparkle into their new season style. The talented designer has created a collection of contrasts that social butterflies will love as they step into the next exciting new chapter.


Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press| @londonellagram

Images: Mel Williams| Fashion Week Photographer| @mvwphotographer

There have been so many great fashion moments in music, it's easy to see why Parsons educated Ge Yu has found inspiration there for her second collection for her brand Annderstand to be presented as part of the London Fashion Week calendar.  Reminiscent of the military stylings of the garage rock revival in The Libertines, the gold brocade and fringing was out in force but softened with sensual velvet and blush hues.

The brand was only launched in 2016, and it's clear that Yu well deserved the attention of the fashion world as one of China's top emerging designers.  This collection mixes classic masculine tailoring with edgy cutting - such as a tulip hem on a smoky grey water wave mohair overcoat - creating a clean cut silhouette that would be as appropriate for the office as it would be at an after show party.  Feminine detailing from the black heart shaped buttons on an otherwise severe shift dress to the peekaboo glimpse of a black mesh bra under a leopard print coat which was created in collaboration with London designer Misa Wu presents an overall sense of a woman who can confidently command a room with her mere presence.  Yet she remains approachable and unafraid to take up a place in the sweaty front row of an underground gig for a band that no one's heard of... yet.

A military cape combines rigid gold embroidery with luxurious navy velvet and black tailored shorts while a neatly tailored white trouser suit creates a sophisticated yet unique look with its zip detailing.

A smart and slick suit is given the Mick Jagger treatment with silver fringing and fluted sleeves while a pyjama style gown is slashed from collar bone to waist then from hip to ankle, presenting a daring take on contemporary London style.

A sheer and shimmering green bomber jacket stands out as a nod to current trends but with the raw ingenuity that makes Annderstand a brand to keep a close eye on in the future.  Effortless in the way it intertwines rock 'n' roll sexuality with loose fitting, comfortable separates, the collection is wearable for the day-to-day yet demands the spotlight as only a true rockstar can.

Words: Niki Rooney | Fashion Week Press | United Agents

Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photograph | @amiecharlot

A swathe of reflective silver fabric hangs over the white runway and a tray table of tropical cocktails sits patiently to the side. Welcome to Point Blank SS17 - 'Dive In.'

If the name wasn't a big enough clue, the diving, palm tree and paradise motifs opening the show certainly give it away. Watery blue tie-dye prints mimic the ripples in the fabric above and models walk down in colours suitable for the hottest of climates.

Turquoise metallic palm leaves on pillar box red backgrounds glint in the light - almost blinding. If I could have torn my eyes away from the spectacle in front of me, I would have grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag.

There's a strong poolside, holiday vibe going on with swimwear peeking out from sweatshirts and bermuda shorts. The models move at a leisurely pace, as if wading through water with wet-look hair coiling around their eyes. Slow, soothing music sets the pace and together with the models' nonchalant expressions and futuristic design, transports you to another world where these eclectic ethereal creatures reside.

A sugary pink dress slashed with white lace comes out and the brand's eye for interesting cuts makes an appearance. With backgrounds in both fashion and architecture, this design duo are experts when it comes to silhouette and form. Their aesthetic plays with clashing textures and materials and often blends luxury elements with that of street wear.

To close the show there are two shimmering silver outfits juxtaposed with sporty, striped inserts. Something that doesn't sound like it should work but oddly does. This is what Point Blank are all about. Challenging the norm and creating something you've never seen before with artistic brilliance. No wonder this design duo were picked up by Fashion Scout.

I predict Point Blank to sit firmly on the fashion radar after such a brilliantly blinding show.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Ellen Offredy | Fashion Week Photographer | @ellenoffredy

Ones to watch_LFW_14

Freemasons’ Hall was bursting with talent at the Fashion Scout showcase Ones to Watch. An illustrious panel, including Fashion Scout’s founder and director Martyn Roberts, Ones to Watch’s stylist Rebekah Roy, fashion writer Tony Glencille, and the British Fashion Council’s Kendall Robbins, selected four up-and-coming designers whose names you need to know now. Take note, because they’ll soon be popping up everywhere.

Ana Ljubinković 

Models walked down the runway looking like futuristic flight attendants in pastel uniforms. Although the designs came in cookie-cutter shapes, the craftsmanship was anything but. Ljubinković is not only a womenswear designer, but she is also an artist, which would explain her impeccable attention to detail. She is based in Serbia and showed her first collection at Belgrade Fashion Week. She stormed London with a cute kitsch army, all of them armed with perfectly preened bubblegum peplum skirts, zigzag sleeves, and peekaboo cutouts.

Ones to watch_LFW_01

Ones to watch_LFW_02

Ones to watch_LFW_04

Ones to watch_LFW_03

Anissa Aida 

Sticking to a clean palette of crisp blues and whites, Aida drew upon her Tunisian background and Eastern fashions for her inspiration. Functional sandals and breezy fabrics were designed to beat the heat and look stylish while doing so. Roomy bags and backpacks complemented the minimalistic styles, as did woven conical hats. I thought structure and comfort were mutually exclusive in a garment. Aida managed to combine the two to create a completely cohesive, modern whole in the form of her collection.

Ones to watch_LFW_09

Ones to watch_LFW_07

Ones to watch_LFW_06

Ones to watch_LFW_08

Ester Kubisz 

Kubisz has taken a well-known and well-loved pattern, the pinstripe, and turned it on its head. She was driven by the corporate world we live in and the way we lust after wealth. Male and female models took to the runway to demonstrate the unisexual nature of the collection. Frayed and fringed clothing items deconstructed the normal image we hold of a professional in professional attire. There was something American Psycho about the looks, in the way that they appeared slightly unraveled, slightly unhinged, like any one of us could become at any given moment. Wear Kubisz’s designs to work (or anywhere really) and it’s a given that you’ll stand out from the masses of other corporate drones. Stick it to the man.





Billie Jacobina

From the oversized septum ring, to the light up trainers, to the models’ icy white locks, Jacobina’s collection was loud and proud. The designer works with textiles in unconventional ways and the result was unmissable. It was hard to know where to look as these sea creatures emerged from the deep, deep depths from where they’d been hiding. Swaddled in hot pink fur and layers of jewel-encrusted protection, they were specimens I wanted to examine, and emulate (perhaps in moderation).

Ones to watch_LFW_12

Ones to watch_LFW_10

Ones to watch_LFW_11

Ones to watch_LFW_13

Words: Laura Rutkowski | Fashion Week Press | @Laura_Rutkowski

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Press | @eloisepeachey



Despite being an hour late on Friday evening at Freemasons Hall, the electric atmosphere was tangible. Naturally I was being impatient, but after being warned that every minute past the expected start time was another minute worth waiting, thankfully the Pam Hogg AW15 show undoubtedly delivered.


Known famously for keeping the glam rock movement alive, legendary Scottish designer Pam Hogg did not disappoint with her new collection. The models walked down the runway to the sound of the late David Bowie filling the packed hall, indeed Hogg’s collection consistently paid homage to Bowie.


The collection included various pieces made from denim, velvet and a heavy amount of latex. Lilyella, daughter of All Saints singer Melanie Blatt walked down the runway to cheers from the crowd donned a denim lingerie set which was heavily accessorized with metal studs and spikes with a headpiece and leather gloves to match. This was for sure the most iconic outfit of the collection. Catsuits made from latex and sheer with star detailing over the breasts also stormed the runway, one that stood out for myself was a catsuit made from velvet in a bright orange colour with latex star detailing.


With injections of bright colours and eccentric designs throughout the new collection, Hogg yet again undoubtedly has brought punk-rock to London Fashion Week in a typically exciting, rebellious fashion.


Words: Harmony Youngs | Fashion Week Press | @harmonyyoungs

Photo: Phoebe Fox | Fashion Week Photographer | @_PHOX_