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Ember Yard, the fourth venue from Salt Yard Group, is delighted to welcome steak restaurant Flat Iron for a one night pop up on Tuesday 7th October. The menu will feature ten different cuts of Dexter breed beef, from Flat Iron’s very own herd in Yorkshire, offering guests the opportunity to try some rare and lesser known parts of the animal.

The 34 month old pedigree Dexter selected for the event has been on a bespoke finishing diet of barley, molasses and beer for the last nine months and will be butchered in Flat Iron's restaurant on Denmark Street. Located on Berwick Street in Soho, Ember Yard specialises in Spanish and Italian methods of cooking over charcoal.

Chef director Ben Tish and head chef Jacques Fourie of Ember Yard have worked with Flat Iron to experiment with a variety of techniques such as smoking and grilling to prepare the unusual cuts of meat. Dishes include: a selection of grilled cuts of Dexter beef, served with beef dripping potatoes and smoked butter; and slow cooked short rib and shin with wild mushroom polenta and cavolo nero.  For bookings, please contact Ember Yard on 0207 439 8057 or email info@emberyard.co.uk.

Ember Yard

60 Berwick Street
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Flat Iron love a challenge. They also love great beef, so when they had the idea of roasting a whole cow 'hog roast' style, and the gang at The Ship in Wandsworth said they would be up for hosting, they couldn't really not do it.

Turns out when you move from pigs (50kg) to cattle (280kg) you have to beef things up a bit. 40 hrs cooking, yep, 7 ton of sustainably sourced hardwood, yep, custom welded steel spit with 2 five foot cartwheels. It hasn't been done in 30 yrs but they managed it. We were pretty impressed. see the video below.

OX ROAST from FlatIron on Vimeo.

Flat Iron Cleaver hunt

This year will mark Flat Iron's second Easter in Soho and that means the return of their brilliant idea - the Easter Cleaver Hunt. Once again they've hidden 100 charm-sized mini cleavers in the shops, letterboxes and sock drawers of their neighbours in Carnaby Soho.

The hunt starts on the 18th April and runs to the end of April. Your reward for laying a hand on one of these is nothing less than a meal for two for free!

Swing by with one of the mini cleavers if you find one and get your free meal for two! This excludes any of the specials and you will have to pay for drinks… can’t say fairer than that.

Flat Iron will be running this offer until the end of May 2014.


flatiron-butcheryThis is a pretty cool opportunity to make beef at home like you have dining out. The Heifer 92 Flat Iron Butchery Demonstration will teach you all you need to know - not the cooking but the butchering. So if any of you foodie enthusiasts out there like to butcher your own chunks of meat this is one for you.

Being held this Saturday (18th May) at 9.30am you will have the chance to witness the butchery of a very special cow (sounds a bit morbid doesn't it). This cow has been very well looked after with two summers on good meadow grass until its untimely end that has seen it dry aged since the 18th April.

Flat Iron say that this is now some of the best tasting meat they've encountered. This is special beef, raised by the inimitable Farmer Charles up in North Yorkshire.

The butchering will take place at Flat Irons Beak Street restaurant this Saturday and if any beef fans and butchery enthusiasts are keen to see how then now's your chance. The demo will be run by Charlie Carroll, founder of Flat Iron, and Struan Robertson, head butcher of soon to open Notting Hill butchery, Provenance.

Provenance will offer traditionally butchered meat personally sourced from passionate producers, often working with rare and traditional breed animals. The shop is set to open its doors on 26th June. (Provenance, 33 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU).

Fans of beautifully flavoured beef will want to keep an eye on @flatironsteak over the next week as there will be offeres of limited numbers of each cut as and when they’re butchered, starting with Rib Eye, Brisket, Short Rib, Underblade Fillet and Flat Iron.

Places are limited so email  PRESS@FLATIRONSTEAK.CO.UK fast if you want to go. First come first served.

flat iron easter cleaver hunt

Flat Iron are getting involved in Easter today with the Flat Iron Easter Cleaver Hunt.

We all love an Easter egg hunt, old or young and that's why we are loving Flat Irons's Eastery effort. As a bit of fun for all the beef lovers out there Flat Iron have hidden 100 charm-sized mini cleavers in shops 'round our bit of Soho.

The hunt starts today (Wednesday 27th) and runs over the Easter weekend, and your reward for finding one of these little beauties is nothing less than a meal for two for free!

If you are lucky enough to find one of the mini cleavers you can bring it into Flat Iron in Soho some time in April and claim your free meal for two.